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My sticky lamb ribs are my family’s
all-time favourite. No party should be without them. As soon as I start thinking
about making lamb ribs, I get hungry. Succulent and packed full
of flavour, they’re easy to make and even
easier to eat. I start by adding one kilogram
of ribs to a pan of water. I like using lamb ribs because
they are lovely and tender and they don’t need
that much cooking. A lot of the cooking will happen
in the pan, and then when I’ve got the glaze on,
they’ll be in the oven, out of the oven and in my mouth. Bring to the boil, then simmer
for 45 to 50 minutes. So while the lamb ribs boil,
I’m going to get started on my sticky sauce. Heat 10g of soft light brown
sugar with two tablespoons of honey. So I just want to cook
that until it just starts to bubble and the sugar has dissolved
and it’s going to start becoming this lovely amber colour. Then put in three tablespoons
of Worcester sauce, three of soy sauce and the same
amount of balsamic vinegar. See, that’s what I love
about cooking. Sometimes you can just throw
your entire contents of your cupboard into a recipe
and it just works out. Remove from the heat
and stir in garlic powder, ginger powder, ground
coriander and chilli flakes. Those spices, as soon
as they hit that hot caramel, they’re going to start infusing,
so what you don’t want to do is have it on the heat and burn it,
so take it off, add your spices and now,
like, that smell… Mmm! You don’t need much. As it’s cooling, it’s starting to
stick to the side of the pan. You know what that means. That is going to stick to your ribs! While that cools, drain the ribs. So the ribs are cooked now, all they need is that lovely sticky
glaze. So I’ve got my tray and I’ve lined
it with some paper, because as much as I love the sticky
glaze, it does not like your ovenware. They’re looking a little bit sad
at the moment, aren’t they? Oh, wait! They are going to get
so dressed up for this party, you won’t even recognise them. Then cook in the oven at 200
degrees for about ten minutes to dry them out and crisp them up. Now all they need
is that sticky glaze. This is the best bet. The lamb ribs are lovely and soft,
from simmering away in the water and now, because they’ve been in the
oven, they’ve got that lovely crisp top. Not looking so boring
any more, are they? Right now, the kids
would be all over this. They’re like, “Oh, can we just
eat it? It’s cooked, right? “We can eat this, right?” I’m like, “No, come on, guys,
patience! “This is going to taste even
better in ten minutes.” So whenever I make ribs, I always,
always make more than I need because I have to account
for the fact that little fingers are going to eat some before they
even make it to the party, and I have to account for the five
that I will eat before the party, and then it’s about feeding
the guests, so lots and lots. Pop the ribs back in the oven
for another ten minutes, basting halfway through. And for the garnish, finely chop two
large spring onions. I like to cut them on the wonk,
a little bit slanted. I think that makes them look
a little bit prettier. And then I’m going to chop
up a big red chilli. And then I’ve got some fresh
coriander, as if those ribs needed dressing up any more. Oh, look at those! Oh, they smell so good! The ribs are hot and sticky and I know that the meat is soft. My mouth is watering! This is what parties are all about. Just to finish it off,
I’m going to sprinkle it with some sesame seeds and then I’m
going to do some spring onion… ..some chilli… ..and then lots of coriander on top. Look at that! Sticky, sweet ribs. You better get here because these
are going to disappear fast. Deliciously sticky ribs. Make lots because, believe me, your guests will be asking for more.

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  1. Instead of boiling and later throw away the water I would steam with half onion and garlic cloves (6 to 8). The left over water can be saved as stock used for veggies.

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