Narrated D&D Story: How The Monk Saved The Party From TPK With His Mighty Fists

[Channel Teaser] How The Herculean Monk Saved the Party from
TPK With His Mighty Fists Our DM does levels by XP rather than milestones;
also, our group often has players coming in and going out. As a result, the party was not always equal
in level. At this particular time, the party was made
up of four players: Cannibal Lector, a 4th level Barbarian, and
1st level Fighter Goliath. A wild guy who often has crazy plans but usually
knows when to cool it. Winoan, a 1st level Paladin Half-Elf. Seems somewhat timid on the surface but puts
on a brave face when others are in danger. Solis, a 3rd level Monk Aasimar. No-nonsense and lives for the fight. Will risk it all to protect both his friends
and his livelihood. And myself, Tiso, a 3rd level Rogue and 1st
level Fighter Halfling. A cheerful rogue who isn’t one for thievery. In battle he will not hesitate to kill but
never drags it out. We also had an NPC Elf girl named Mina who
we met in a previous quest with us. She was a 1st level Rogue with an unknown
number of levels in Fighter. Also, Solis was sworn to protect her as his
character’s reason for even being present was because he was serving as her bodyguard
at the moment. At this time, we found ourselves trapped in
a small area that had been cursed by vampires that made an external fog linger around a
few towns and cities that made it. So, if you tried to leave the area, you would
turn to ash. This fog had been lingering for about a decade. At the moment, Winslow, the leader of a guild
of vampire hunters and researchers, had us looking for the journal of a woman named Corona
who is believed to have escaped somehow. Various investigations had led us to a black
hut in a place called Ruin, a former city left in shambles after many vampire attacks;
and eventually, its true name was lost. This black hut was believed to be the former
home of Corona. Upon entering, the place is very clearly in
very poor condition. While it is mostly empty from several past
lootings, there remain dark vials hanging on the walls and a few rugs and chairs. At this time, a calling stone given to me
by Winslow begins blinking, so I answered it. He informed me that he believes that some
of the vampires are tracking us down and that we might be in danger. He also says that he is sending a team of
all his best men, including the guild’s champion, Brutas, to investigate the matter. After relaying this to the party, we continued
looking around for a little bit; Solis noticed a trapdoor peeking out from under one of the
rugs. “Hey! There’s a trapdoor over here!” Solis said. We all rush over to see and indeed there is
a trap door. “Who would like to do the honors?” Solis asked. “I got this.” Tiso said, bending down to open the door before
realizing it is locked. “You guys know I am not that great at this
kind of thing but I will try.” It is at this moment that the DM informed
me that before I even start, I notice that it is in fact, a magic lock. All of us roll Arcana and surprisingly enough,
only Cannibal succeeded. Our DM then explained how Cannibal recognized
the arcane markings from his years of mercenary work, and from deep in his memory recalled
how to dispel it. I then roll Sleight of Hand and get a nat
20, opening the lock with ease despite my lack of proficiency. We then all look down the hole and just see
darkness below. Solis pulled a stone from his pack and cast
a light cantrip on it, and then dropped it down the hole. It only falls about 10 feet before landing
on a wooden floor. We all climb down and find ourselves standing
on a very creaky wooden floor. The first thing that caught our attention
is that there is a vampiric envoy chained to one of the walls. For those who don’t know, a vampiric envoy
is basically like a lesser vampire. They are significantly weaker than normal
vampires and are basically mindless, usually taking orders from full vampires. It is quick to start hissing at us, but it
is clear that it has been trapped here for a long time and is incredibly weak. “We should just kill it. This is just cruel.” Tiso suggested. “Shouldn’t we like, interrogate it first
or something?” Cannibal asked. “Sounds like someone forgot that envoys
can’t speak.” Tiso reminded him. Cannibal then kind of just shrugged and attacked
the envoy. DM does not even make him role for hit or
damage, saying that in its feeble state, anything could kill it. With that done, we turn our attention to the
rest of the room. Winoan put his attention on the creaky floor;
meanwhile, my attention is on the vials stored in this room. They are filled with dark liquid just like
the ones upstairs. Filled with both curiosity and stupidity,
I told the DM that I would like to dip the tip of my cloak into a vial. He responded by saying that as expected, my
cloak comes out simply wet with the fluid. Like an idiot, I then stated that I wished
to lick this fluid off my cloak to find out what it was. My mouth is immediately filled with the taste
of blood. I spit it out and immediately began chugging
a vial of holy water, terrified. Right after this happens, Winoan rips a weak
board out of the floor and we learn that below this floor is just an empty pit — who knows
how deep. Shortly thereafter, Solis and Winoan find
a secret door into another room. The floor in there appeared even more rickety,
but there is also a table with a book laying on it. Winoan stepped into the room but a small part
of the floor gave way and his leg got stuck. Solis then made his way into the room and,
once back on sturdier ground, grabbed the book before helping Winoan. As this was happening, the calling stone blinked
again and I answered it. Winslow informed me that the party he sent
out to investigate, including Brutas, are all dead. Furthermore, the vampires likely know our
location and are apparently particularly interested in me. He asks if there might be any reason why and
I inform him of the vial of blood, but that it had also barely just happened. He then reminds me that in the 10 years it
has operated, the guild as a whole has only actually managed to kill two vampires. I begin relaying this to the party when we
all hear a lot of commotion and shouting from upstairs and we are all freaking out. We all decide to hide and everyone succeeds…
except Cannibal who rolled a 2. Not a moment later, vampires burst in and
immediately cast a fireball at Cannibal. Because we are not that far away, Mina and
I are also both struck. We both succeeded our dex saves but Cannibal
does not, taking a hefty 22 damage. Mina is also knocked out from this blast as
she was missing HP from a previous battle still. The floor then, of course, collapsed under
us from this explosion. Cannibal and I both fall, as do an unknown
number of vampires. Solis sprouted his Aasimar wings and attempted
to catch Mina but failed. He then attempted to catch Winoan and succeeded,
placing him by the exit ladder before flying down after us. Cannibal, Mina, and I all land far below with
a mighty splash. I have a mere fourth of my HP left; Cannibal,
while having quite a bit more, is unconscious anyway due to some bad rolls. As I started swimming to shore, I spotted
Mina on the shore with an envoy creeping up on her. At this time, Solis arrived and was able to
spot Cannibal floating in the water and dragged him to shore before spotting a full fledged
vampire creeping in the shadows. Around this time, I am basically crapping
my pants because Mina is down, Cannibal is unconscious, Winoan is not present, and I
am critically wounded, and we are about to be attacked by a full fledged vampire, an
encounter I was fearing even if we were in top shape. I am terrified that we are about to have a
TPK. Roll Initiative. Well, Solis and I did… first was me, then
the envoy, then the vampire, then Solis. I load a wooden stake into my crossbow and
fired a bolt directly into the envoy; this at least pulled its attention away from Mina. I also used Second Wind and healed for 9 HP. The envoy then attacked me and thankfully
missed. The vampire then attacked Solis. Nat 20. The vampire viciously sunk its teeth into
Solis, but he is unfazed. As an Aasimar, he is a holy being and thus,
resistant to such evil powers. Solis briefly looked over at Mina’s horribly
injured unconscious body and then back to the vampire. “I am sick and tired of all these god-damn
vampires in my god-damn plane of existence,” Solis growled. Nat 20. He threw a wooden stake into the vampire’s
chest and punched it. Also, his wings are still out, which grants
him bonus radiant damage. Flurry of Blows – He got another two hits
in, driving the stake in further. The vampire is not down yet, but it took some
heavy damage. Around this time, up above, Winoan, not wanting
to abandon his friends, safely climbed his way down. He saw the fight as well as Mina’s unconscious
body. He rushed over and dumped the few HP his level
1 Paladin self can into Mina, saving her from death. It is my turn again and I decided to take
a risk and pull out my rapier and jumped at the envoy, and managed to get several good
hits in. I am fully expecting to get hit right after,
but instead the envoy charged at Winoan after spotting him healing Mina. Poor Winoan is taken down in a single blow. The vampire then attacked Solis again but
missed. Solis retaliated with another attack and a
flurry of blows. Hit, Miss, Hit. Cannibal woke up, and the DM told him that
he will be able to act after Solis next turn. Now it is back to me, I lunged at the envoy
with my Rapier again and narrowly managed to finish it off with a sigh of relief. The vampire again tried to attack Solis, but
again failed. Solis then once again attacked as well as
using his final Ki point to do a third Flurry of Blows. He rolled to hit:
20, 18, 20 With a screech, the vampire fell to the ground. “You may think you have defeated me, but…”
it snarled. The vampire began mumbling some sort of incantation
but, before it could finish, Solis punched it in the jaw, snapping it out of place. With that final blow, the vampire fell limp. Solis single handedly beat a vampire to death
with his bare fists. Taking on a vampire single handedly! Pretty epic to say the least. Have you ever managed to kill a creature in
spectacular fashion? Please let us know! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel,
All Things DnD. Our next video will be posted in 2 days, so
stay tuned for more amazing Dungeons & Dragons content!

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  1. Have you ever managed to kill a creature in such spectacular fashion? 🤔

    Make sure to catch our next video after 2 days, around 1:45 PM EST (6:45 PM GMT)

  2. How come there are so many stories about Aasimar? Is it just coincidence, or do Aasimar players generally have epic tales surrounding their characters and backstories? I think it's the former, but I'd like to hear some our your stories about the children of Mount Celestia.

  3. Yirbel lives!! What is it with players drinking or eating random things?? Our sorcerer did the most bizzare of drugs. Got got so high once he ended up in a different dimension

  4. Haven't watched the video yet, but I'm going to TLDR bet that the monk achieved video title by punching something. =P

  5. Recently my party which has a Tobaxi rogue, a Tiefling Warlock, a Changeling Bard, and me as a Minotaur Paladin face a sick young dragon. It made its home under a pyramid, close to an alter to Tiamat. Our party went to investigate a river that dried up recently and was hired to figure out why since most of the guards never came back. As we entered the lair, our tobaxi went on ahead sneakily. When it turned a corner at the end of a hall it growled at what it saw. A dragon looked right back at the tobaxi, and without hesitation or relying the info back to us, the tobaxi sent out an arrow towards the dragon. Had to roll initiative. It was a red dragon and said that " it could see us coming", we thought we could reason with it, and figured we could since it was sick. Coughing up magma and spitting it down a hole it was laying by. We need information. But no… I took the point position, and got a reward of fire for my efforts. We were level 3 so I failed the roll and got sent down to 4 hp. The bard was behind me on my right the tobaxi still behind cover of the wall and the warlock far back. Bard and warlock got hit to, but succeeded the roll. On my next turn I used all 'lay on hands' on myself and yelled to surround the dragon. Tobaxi could not completely flank dragon due to some piles of debris in the way and almost got a bite from the dragon. The bard stayed at its front. And I was able to flank dragon on his left side. Warlock stayed afar shooting cover fire. On my turn I was able to roll a nat20. In which I ran up the dragons back, his head turning to see what was on top of him. All he got to see was a Maul slamming into his face. Hit him with an attack and smite. 45 damage barely getting all his hp he had left. My first ever dragon take down! Although we had numbers and he was sick, winning is winning. Hopefully next time we get more info on what's going on though. The alter had a red scale we removed it and the waters started flowing again for all the cities and animals that are reliant to this body of water. It was fun, took back head to city, supposedly a guy can make weapons out of it.

  6. Step 1.walk up to your hated enemy
    Step 2. Raise your fist like im doing IT right Now And prepare to UNLEASH YOUR BURNING FURY UPON HIS UNEXPECTING FACE!!!

    Well I, Cato Sicarius would rather go into cat stance like this And…
    STEP 4. I CAST FIST!!!

  7. I did actually, I'm in a long standing campaign that's an entire party of Drow, we're trying to get to the bottom of a deadly plague rampaging our world. I'm playing a young drow alchemist, so.. lots and lots of potion shenanigans and bombs! We get to one city, and are ambushed by rogue guards, the whole city is in chaos from this. The fight draws on, and eventually it's my turn. My character has low dex and terrible rolls sometimes, so he often goes last.

    I miss my first bomb attack, I rolled a 2 to hit and it goes flying over his head. At my level I can attack twice with my bombs per action. So the rogue guard laughs at me, telling me how my aim is horrible. And I prepare my second bomb, one filled with Acid and chuck it.. Nat 20. It lands square in his laughing mouth as I explain.

    "TALK SHIT…" The bomb erupts. ".. Get hit…" Does critical damage, which for our DM, just means doubling the initial damage~

    One of my best moments, as the bomb killed the guard by melting his face off.

  8. Team effort, but I feel it counts. I entangled a Mindflayer with my level 1 character during a surprise round. And my team of 6 all level 1 managed to finish it off before it could act even once.

  9. Sadly I only started playing about 3 weeks or so ago (third session this Saturday), so I haven't killed anything in spectacular fashion yet. The story does make me feel a lot better about playing a Monk though, and I did manage to take out a "bandit" single-handed during my first real fight, so feeling good about that

  10. Yes… I killed 2 vampire lords solo… one was a vampire cleric, and the other was a vampire wizard. Took 4 turns but if you can get a quivering palm on a opponent with low con scores it's almost always instant death. Just reach your hand out and clench your fist twards the enemy and say a prayer to your god… something along the lines of " kavvak will feast on your soul vampire" or " when you see the devil in hell tell him Sylar says hello.. then apologize for the inconvenience"

  11. I actually want this story told. The time a ranger/paladin nearly killed a kraken single handedly.

    My character sisko firbolg lvl 20 lvl5 ranger lvl15 paladin.

    After a falling out with some of our players my character had been the only starting character to survive through the whole campaign but due to the dm having problems home wise we had to scrap it but to pave a way for some of my future characters for another campaign I was aloud to create my own characters legend who was able to travel across seas to make a homestead to have my whole clan of firbolgs moved due to imminent danger.

    On our final 2 days of travel we came to a pass of a storm, sisko not being the best with water due to his proficiency with more land based terrain and some issues.

    Entering the storm he slowly realized from the canopy of the ship that something very big was traveling in an ice storm hurricane, due to buffs to my vision (thank you ranger) I was able to see it barely in the water.

    When we felt the whole boat rock and myself barely holding on so not to fall out of the birds nest I passed my strength with an 18.

    After noticing that there was an impending doom i dropped from the birds nest myself and the rest of the crew noticed tentacles picking off our front 1 at a time.

    Me being a quick thinker remembered I had legendary armor with the horn of Valhalla after summing 7 soldiers to help me fight off the kraken tentacles and us being able to evacuate the rest of the normal fighters to the bottom cabins after they had been beaten and dwindled down to only now a 5 man crew including the ships captain.

    I then took out a wand of the follower summinging forth a shark to keep an eye on the kraken and to alert I started to make our captain move the ship close to some ice glaciers but before we could the kraken struck and almost demolished our ship and crew from the bottom moving to the top being launched into the water.

    As I had almost lost hope i had one more crazy idea, with my axe that I had been cursed to had a berserker feat and gave me 8 rounds of extra damage (pretty much super firbolg) I jumped into the water sending my shark to save the ships captain who had been sent unconscious and getting him to safety I turn on the monster in the deep.

    After bombing in and out of water for air barely making my con saves to stay conscious from drowning I took one last breath of air as my valkyries could no longer help me because they had been whipped out, I dove into the water not believing I was going to live.

    Making it to the kraken to try and finish this quickly i let myself be grappled and eaten, after taking a round to make a strength check to not get swallowed I used the last of my berserker demonic powers to chop my way through the krakens eye. Thinking I had finished of this beast I had been grappled yet again by a tentacle and my favorite character of all of the ones I created was dying he made one last prayer to his god to ask for strength, barely making the religion check i was given one more boost of strength just enough to break free of the monsters grip and dash moving to the nearest glacier to safety he passed out and went unconscious.

    After waking up on a beach with no gear no armor I feared for his life but alas my dm had bigger plans. Allowed me to go on one final quest of an escort mission to see if I could find my home stead.

    But that is another tale to tell maybe if this one is read I will make another post.

    Thank you so much for all of the content and binge worthy material, keep up the hard work

  12. I think this story is bs tbh, it seems like it's the script for a new movie, rather than a previous D&D campaign..

  13. I have a tale similar to this, but not as grand.

    I was playing a Tiefling monk named Journey in a Curse of Strahd campaign. During an overnight long rest, on my watch, a werewolf approached the camp. I managed to wake up our ranger, but could not wake up anyone else unless – per DM's ruling – I wanted to negate the effects of the long rest, as the rest of the party had already fought some other creatures approaching camp that night.

    The Aarakocra ranger was almost immediately blinded after a critical hit from the werewolf raked him across the face, meaning he had disadvantage on all attacks. Essentially, it was me vs the werewolf now.

    Over the course of the next few turns, I beat this thing to death with my bare fists, once I realized that my spear wasn't doing much damage. Journey was just high enough level that his unarmed strikes now counted as magical, meaning they did full damage.

    Only downside was that, during the savagery that blinded the ranger, the ranger contracted lycanthropy.

  14. Yeah it's not impressive at all that a MONK used his FISTS . A bunch of sub lvl 5s beating a Vampire though, that is impressive, but mostly just lucky given the tale.

  15. I had once a character in a game called "No Return" (it's German and as far as I'm aware there are sadly no translations for it (yet)).
    Her name was Talia and she was an owl mutant, meaning she was half human and half owl; she had wings and some feathers and above all: claws.
    These claws were somehow so strong that she mostly just fought with them instead of any gun or sword or axe. She was also very strong so an axe would have done immense damage if I used it right but I never did. I als think we miscalculated some of the stats because we were playing on survival (basically you get less points to distribute but also the enemies are not as hard. There are also two other modes I forgot the name of) and Talia was just a walking death machine.
    Anyways, at one point she and her group were in an zombie infested house and one of Talias friends got turned into one. He immediately tried to bite her but it didn't go through her thick skin.
    Mutants can have crazy mutations that don't even have to make sense with the animal you uhh "represent". So I got Talia some thick skin, on top some great armor (nearly the best in the game) and she also had great constitution, so even if the bite went through it probably wouldn't have made any damage. (Talia went first most of the time because bullets mostly just bounced off of her)
    The friend, now trying desperately to bite my arm, gets one apologizing look from Talia before she literally rips his brain out and then moves on to help her other friends.

    She later got killed in a tournament in the semi-finals because she got hit three times in the chest (a lethal zone, usually one good hit suffices to kill someone but she pushed through). It was kinda unfair though, because her buddy got knocked out and she was then up against two big guys, one with the sniper that eventually killed her.

    Talia was my first and up until now my greatest character, even though she wasn't perfect. She will forever remain in my groups hearts as the walking shield that could rip you apart but usually didn't because you were nice to her.

    PS: She once wasn't able to see the greatest sword in the whole game leaning against the wall right in front of her because I got a bad roll. Five minutes later she was the only one able to pick it up without loosing a finger (one of her friends lost part of his. He was our swords-guy XD).

  16. My first session I was a Half Orc Monk (Lv 3) in my first combat ever I punched a Hobgoblin Chief to death in 1 round with fury of blows. Not that impressive, but it was my first.

  17. I once had a Goliath paladin, we were level 1 and entering a dungeon for some delicious loot. We came across a giant rat, and seeing it as a cat sized vermin rolled a nat 20 and punt that fucker into the next dimension

  18. My favorite encounter with a vampire: We were fighting three vampires who trapped us in a room immediately after a stinking cloud trap went off. The poor sorcerer with the negative con spent the entire fight puking in a corner while a vampire bit into him. Another grappled me (the dwarven cleric) thinking it would get an easy meal. I went Rorschach shouting how they were trapped with me while casting spirit guardians. With my radiant damage I was outpacing anything their bites could heal.

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