Narrated D&D Story: How The Party Actually Tried To Get My Character Killed In Game

[Channel Teaser] How the Party Actually Tried To Get My Character
Killed In Game I’ve been playing D&D for a decent while. just two years, nothing too special. But during those two years I have never felt
so betrayed than in this game. For a few months I had been scrolling around
a discord LFP server and found this new game with the 5e system, since it’s the one I
am comfortable with. For the first session I was a few minutes
late which I felt kind of ashamed of, especially since I always said in the discord server
“I’ll be on time”, but to my surprise the people in the voice chat seemed really
nice and understandable. We start the game. We all introduced our characters: we had a
human sorcerer, human fighter, human paladin, and an elf — it was either a wood elf or
eladrin, I can’t remember. Then there was a bard, and me being a half-elf
drow variant rogue. I’ve always wanted to play a rogue but in
every group I’ve played with there was always at least one. I felt like this time, it was my chance to
try it. When in game our characters met, my character
got a few “odd” looks from both NPCs and some other PCs, especially the bard, which
I fully expected since drow in general don’t have a “good name” and my character in
general looked a little “shifty”. During our games I was kind of an intelligence
gatherer, feeding important info to our party plus more. I never believed in “Lone wolf rogues”
so I always told my party what I’m going to do, with what I hope to accomplish. I told my party EVERYTHING, since I wanted
to earn their trust as both a player and a reliable character. While in combat some of the other players
seemed to almost always mistake me for a full-drow, saying, “Don’t you have disadvantage on
that! We’re in sunlight!” and me and the DM
always had to remind them that I’m only “half-drow” and they don’t have Sunlight
Sensitivity. Fast forward a few sessions, at this point
we were level 5, and we discovered that the sorcerer has some draconic heritage and some
half-dragon is trying to kill him. This half-dragon managed to ambush us with
some wolves while we were trying to sleep in our camp, but we left the bard on watch
and he spotted them. He managed to warn us in time. When combat started we were not doing well,
bad rolls all around. The fighter even chipped his sword on his
3rd nat 1. With some quick thinking I used the Darkness
spell. Half drow gets it as feature at 5th level
and used it to our advantage to run, but unfortunately we had to leave most of our gear behind, at
least the stuff that wasn’t on our person. When we thought we lost them, to my surprise
the paladin described himself grabbing me by the collar and trying to lift me up, saying,
“What sort of magic was that huh!? You practice dark magic?!” I tried to reason with him saying stuff like
“Look, apparently, most drow can do that, and apparently I can too. Hey man, the last thing we need to do is fight
each other. Get a grip!” After a long conversation the rest of the
party wanted to have a private voice chat while I scouted ahead to search for any more
danger or a nearby town or shelter. In between sessions I get messages from the
DM, each making him sound a little bit worried about something. He asked things like “What’s your alignment
again? Neutral Good? Really?” or “Hey man, what’s your AC and
HP? Oh… Okay…”. Fast forward a few sessions we were again
fighting the half dragon again in a town square, but this time we were prepared and a little
bit stronger and had an NPC who was “okay” in combat. Long story short, we won, but during that
fight I went down taking too many hits from some archer. Meanwhile, the bard keeps on casting Healing
Word on either himself, the fighter, or paladin. I didn’t want to be rude and ask for healing
so I just waited. Alas, by the time combat ended I almost died
— two fails but 3 saves on my death saves. Instead of trying to heal me or popping a
potion in my mouth the party decided to interrogate the basically dead but barely alive half dragon. The sorcerer spoke: “Why are you trying
to kill me?! Who sent you?!”. However, the half dragon was basically drowning
in his own blood and the DM tried his best to do an impression of it, his last words
were, “I… He… Drrra… Drrra…” and then he died. During this time the DM had our NPC put one
of my own healing potions in my mouth, waking me up to see the party gathered around a corpse. The paladin says, “Drra?… is he talking
about… Drow?…” and the paladin points his sword
at me, saying, “I knew we couldn’t trust him!” Being legitimately confused, I said, “Um… What?” The whole party had an argument about who
sent this half dragon and it somehow got pinned on me. I tried to defend myself but the players kept
saying, “We cannot trust him! He always sneaks around and keeps secrets!” “What are you guys talking about? I’ve told you guys everything I know.” “Um, you 100% do NOT tell us everything.” That last line kinda made me felt frustrated. So I described to everyone how. I take out my shortswords and daggers and
threw them down on the ground and simply walked up to the paladin, and say, “If this doesn’t
earn your trust, you ca-” Literally before I can finish he rolls to attack. Well… shit. He missed and combat started… again… The other party members joined in and I assumed
they were going to try to stop the paladin. Nope! They were trying to “stop” me. I was up first and so I picked up my shortsword
disengaged and did a dodge action. Long story short, it was a 4v1 odds against
me and I was low on hp. I somehow managed to survive by just dancing
around them with Disengage and took dodge actions as my action. I DID NOT want to kill another PC, even if
they were trying to kill me. Lucky for me, my AC was decently high and
I could block most attacks with the Defensive Duelist Feat I took. But I knew I couldn’t survive any longer… After seeing all odds against me, the DM steps
in. He says the NPC is joining initiative and
describes how he reaches into his bag and blows a loud horn, then steps in between me
and the rest of the party, trying to reason with them and explain how I would never do
such things. Now, a little backstory on our NPC. Well, he was apparently a former captain of
the guard, and the horn he blew was to call for reinforcements. Only I knew this since I remember him telling
us and, judging by the way how the others didn’t really care, they don’t remember. On my turn the DM says: “You get inspiration”. Bard: “What? Wait, no, I don’t give him inspiration!” DM: “It’s a DM inspiration, not bardic;
he can reroll a dice if he wants now.” Sorcerer: “That is not a thing! You made tha-” DM: Quotes the page number on both the DM
Guide and Playershand book. Soon after, I get a message from the DM: “I’ve
had enough. Kill them.” I honestly didn’t want to do it but I attacked
the paladin first. He went down in one hit thanks to the sneak
attack and since no one took time to heal themselves, and the fact that the bard used
his last two spell slots on himself and the sorcerer, everyone was pretty low on hp. Some town guards came into the scene, demanding
everyone to put their weapons down. The fighter refused and was unceremoniously
butchered. The sorcerer and bard didn’t put up a fight
and got arrested. DM says, “End of session… I want to talk to the 4 of you in another
voice chat…” I was… so… confused… The next day I saw that in the discord the
4 players were not there. And the DM messaged me, explaining that the
human players all knew each other each playing Chaotic/Lawful Neutral and suspected that
I was some sort of evil person since in the fighter’s backstory he was literally stabbed
in the back by another rouge, the sorcerers parents were enslaved by drow, and the paladin
hated any “dark magic” and vowed to destroy any and all of it. Thinking I had some dark magic in me, they
were plotting to kill me and even convinced the bard to get in on. The DM tried to convince them to not do it
and they said they wouldn’t, but did anyway. He also said the half dragon’s last word
was supposed to be “Drajin” which was the sorcerer’s father and didn’t think
anyone would misunderstand that as “Drow”. The DM apologized, saying he should’ve told
me sooner or did something sooner and said he is going to make things up to me by “rebooting”
the campaign with new people. Which I am still playing today. Wow. It sounded like a group of bullies wanting
to ruin a game for someone else. There is roleplaying and being mean. At least now the player is in a better group
and isn’t trying to get killed for no reason. Please let us know what you think and comment
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  1. I think this is the first D&D story like this I've heard where the DM actually intervened. Really wish that was a more standard response when the party starts to bully one of the members.

  2. PvP conflict can be great. If the other PCs had reasons to dislike or mistrust OCs character, that could've made got some good roleplay.

    But in those situations, they should've talked things through OOC to make sure OP was still enjoying himself. And it definitely shouldn't have ended with them trying to kill him. Thank God the DM took his side.

  3. My party acts like, even though they weren't following my character, they knew everything "bad" my character did and, in character, treated my character like shit. I proceeded to say they were racist because my character is brown lol.

  4. Lol when ypur thoughts turn you to play out of alignment. How quickly then turned evil.

    Edit: in 3.5 most of them would have lost alignment and the paly would have lost his abilities maybe even the bard it would depend on the DM.

  5. Unspoken rule of DnD : Never backstab the party or a party member.

    Frankly speaking this is why backstories should be known to each of the players but not each of the characters and even why session 0's are incredibly important to see if the team dynamic is lending itself towards a negative or positive tone.

    Pity that the full effects were felt too late though. Props to the DM for taking responsibility, and to the Player for being the adults in the situation.

    This genuinely made me irritated at the human party members.

  6. There's nothing wrong with player rivalries or fighting or even PvP, AS LONG AS EVERYONE HAS AGREED TO IT. I had a great experience with it in my first campaign, but me and the other player has both agreed to it and made sure the other was comfortable with it beforehand. Nobody should have to deal with bullies like this, it's bullshit and I'm sorry this guy had to.

  7. What happened to Selana I need to know! You promised part three. I wanna know if Bagle ever catches up to her and if so what happens?

  8. The whole time I'm thinking how dickish most dm's I read about online are, but this dm seriously proved me wrong about him. Skal to him!

  9. It's a shame when people try to punish players for playing a rogue, 'because are rogues are evil'. Especially when someone is playing a good rogue that's not a loner.

  10. Hey, I've been wanting to start playing dnd, but I find it overwhelming just trying to put a character together because I don't know many of the ins and outs of different classes, can anyone help?

  11. Happened to me once, but as a barbarian who got nice roles they failed, basically the party i was in was consisted of mainly rp players who hated fighting but me and a rogue loved both, i went with a nice Nordic tribesman, i fought people who insulted them and all of that, anyway they started ploting to kill me and the rogue, they killed the rogue when i wasn't there, then they ploted to kill me, they were a bard, a sorcerer, another bard and a monk, i was berserker and lucky me i got 2 nat 20 in both my attacks which led to me killing the sorcerer and a bard in the first turn, i hated killing a pc, i ve never done it before so i called for a truce, cuz obv i would kill the others without the monk's ki, they tried to backstabbe me by calling the guards on me, but lucky i had good relationship with some sailors cuz i partied with them, well needless to say sadly i had to drop them down, to avenge the rogue who was pretty nice (a trickster).

  12. Seems normal to me. All this betrayal, would be a nice touch if it was actually planned in the story, but that would be a bummer for the betrayed, which is not the point of DnD.

  13. Everyone is like "das bullying! The story is supposed to be fun! :("

    But all those people did was roleplay the characters they created. They had reasons to hate the Drow dude, so they did.

    The game being "fun" isn't more important than sticking to the characters you made. That way of doing things just results in cookie cutter, bland and predictable stories and characters. Like you know, party members meeting at the tavern and then trusting each other for no reason at all, on some kinda quest to save the world. It's just boring.

    PCs not hating/killing other PCs, just because they are PCs is the equivalent of targeting someone's character because you dislike them out-of-character.

    The person really at fault here, is whoever let the Drow dude create a Drow character, without telling them about the problematic backstories of the party members. And, I assume, that'd be the DM. At least assuming that they didn't come up with those backstories after the whole ordeal. Giving them benefit of the doubt

  14. Best. DM. Period.
    This is why I always leave an NPC in the party. Never know when the players are going to be total idiots or jerks.

  15. Man, I would just love to have my Hexblade mixed in with these yahoos. He's actually a pretty decent guy on the whole, but "Dark Magic" is his entire MO.

    They would absolutely be trying to kill him, but well… to put it simply, he is a character that has outlived several others and survived two TPKs. His damage output is great, he's unusually tough for a Warlock, and he's more slippery than a greased eel. And honestly, he's just really good at messing with people.

    It would be great fun to repeatedly make a joke of their idiotic murder attempts.

  16. Poor thinking on the Paladin's fault; lead by action and moral integrity. Not hauling some reputed half-drow by the collar, like some judge, jury and executioner. Also, cause and effect not connected. The rather poor down-side was character deaths / closure of the game / campaign. Not good.

  17. OPs party members sounded like a bunch of a holes. Sorry I've just never been a fan of people having secret backdoor gaming/scheming. At least it had a happy-ish ending?

  18. Good DM
    Players should have tried communicating out of character about situation. I get the feeling that other players were either way too into their rp or had something against the the drow player irl.

  19. yeah me and my group, anytime we get too into something or take something too serious, we immediately cut game for a second and figure out whats what so theirs no confusion, also, if their is meant to be a silent moment where one character doesn't hear another, we usually just have that player feign ignorance for the sake of role play and such

  20. Why don't people realize that questionable motives or behavior dont immediately justify outright hostility towards another pc.

  21. Great DM. I just don’t understand how a player and especially a group of players think turning on another PLAYER is fun.

  22. In a pathfinder campaign I had something similar my character had say a bad reputation due to an incident in his background and rumors spread by those who orchestrated the incident, well one of the pc's deside hey you know those rumors I'm gonna believe them, rather then the evidence that my Lawful neutral who in truth acted more lawful good, was pure gods damn evil, and attacked me twice, needless to say the rest of the party desided that was stupid, we managed to convince him it wasn't true, later on the player left then returned to the campaign desided he didn't like his second character so killed him off, and I'll be god damned if his next character didn't think I was the route of all damn evil, at that point my character's alignment had shifted to lawful good, kicker is I was an Aasmair with every Aasmair feat and a halo. Aside from the nasty scars both mental and physical he gain from the backstory incident and his rampant alcoholism. I tried to incharater convince his third character by telling them the truth of the incident but it just flew over their head, finally my Pc just gave up trying and ingnore them, in the final battle they went down and my pc revived them cause I'm nice like that.

  23. Even if a player is playing the big-bad, the least you can do as another player is play innocent and pretend they're not. It's funner that way, they get to do cool evil things, you get to do cool good things while fighting off their cool evil things, it's a good time, Jumping the gun and assuming another player is a villain when they aren't, and acting against them because of it is SO no bueno. I'm glad that DM was a good sport and figured out a way to break it up, both in and out of game, for the sake of his players.

  24. I've been a paladin in a party with a full drow who made a point of being shady at one point he was taunting people about him being a drow he was even wanted by the town guards then the dm got the dumb idea to have this mindflayer we killed give me a suggestion with its last action which made me suspicious of the drow so long story short I was fighting him in a trial by combat the dm made my god appear to stop things and put a mark of justice on the drow who decided to leave the party because he didn't want to deal with his punishment and make a new character that being said I think the players were out of line the paladin in this edition knows enough about magic to know there is no real evil alignments in 5th edition spells and several of the race can cast darkness the sorcerer should also know that they were most likely trying to conspire out of character to kill off the one players character and had they not died I would have stripped the paladin of his powers

  25. Roleplay is important but if it undermines the campaign and after not being able to find reason to suspect about a character trought the rules you kepp at it then you got a problem

  26. I have never Dm'd before. But if this occurred I would take it upon myself to have those characters be killed in horrific ways and have their influence follow them into other characters. You have marked all future games for fuckery.

  27. Get rid of a problem and gain some NPCs that can come back with a victem complex about all this and get stabbed all over again.

  28. Its a real shame. These characters arcs couldve been them overcoming their bias towards rogues/drow, or at least become accepting of him.
    How tf do they not know about dm inspiration?

  29. I applaud the DM for stepping in and taking action at the end, though it was a little too late IMO. I've had my share of PC versus PC action, and in the current campaign (Curse of Strahd) there was a point where my Rouge was not at all happy about being handily injured by the (mind controlled at the time) Ranger/Monster Hunter. Our DM stepped in and flat out said he's going to let things play out for a bit but he does NOT condone PvP kills. The other player and I know each other very well though so we assured him it wouldn't go that far at all and was resolved in-game without a single round of combat.

    That sounds like a group of 3 people who, quite frankly didn't like having someone else who didn't go along with how they wanted the story to play out in their narrative view, and bullied others to fall in step.

  30. The party tried really hard trying to make reasons to kill this player. While their characters backstories do give them wiggle room for this behavior it is not acceptable for them to try and kill him. It would have been much more reasonable to kick him out of the party because they can't stand having a half drow rogue who they can't trust.

  31. Actually have someone in a campaign I am playing and he is a troll in other games he has lost us powerful weapons destroyed story lines giving us not the best endings…recently he decided he will troll me a lot and the GM wasn’t having I’m a 7 foot tall human barbarian and he tried stabbing me in the d*ck nat 1 GM “you stab yourself in the d*ck it’s split in half” the rest of the party just walked away expect our wild sorcerer who stood over him eating a GIANT cookie watching the pc bleed out almost

  32. That's a good Dm. He admitted he should have stepped in sooner, did step in and take charge, and then made amends after instead of blaming it on the innocent party.

  33. I'm so glad that had a good ending. Fuck those douchebags. Even if their character could have a reason to mistrust another character, that's as far as that should go

  34. We hear so many stories like this and I have to wonder maybe on occasion the OP is just being a douche and they try kill him out of annoyance

  35. Honestly i would have dropped a fucking bronze dragon on them, a dude that dropped he's weapons against 3 people to prove his innocence and those 3 people were his own party members?
    Guess what a bronze dragon in human form that lived there saw everything, have fun now…

  36. I can understand being suspicious of a half-drow rogue, and inter-party conflict can help spice up a game
    But that last bit there, where the group decides the guy gargling to death was a good source of info, and ignoring that the rogue threw down his weapons to try and ensure their trust is just dickish.

  37. paladin attempts to strike an innocent and unarmed person
    sometimes i miss the days of lawful good alignment lock for them because he would immediately lose all of his paladin features until he repented
    and from the sounds of it did not even attempt a detect evil

  38. Hmm, don't support the rogue in combat when it is close. Then refuse to give him aid afterward. Not one of them. And then look for a reason to jump the now weakened 'ally' and attack when he disarms. Yes a setup and a bunch of cowards as well.
    I can almost follow the rogues keep secrets all the time thing. Except this party proves why they would want to do that in the first place!

  39. Dm: Finish them
    Half-elf half-drow: I have the power of Dragons and Dungeons on my side! SCREEEE (I know it's the other way around)

  40. Kinda impressed at how the bard was so ignorant they didnt know the dm could give inspiration at a whim for things like rping.
    And thinking on it, while prob getting them all to move on was a good idea, a good way to punish them if they did kill the half drow would be to remove all the paladins powers for killing an innocent with such fervor and hatred. Dunno if thatd totally stop them but with most people i think itd give pause when the dm sits you down and explains how bad you messed up by being so hateful.

  41. A classic "oh but my character would do that" Gosh i hate those kind of jerks. The sad thing is that these people might be rly nice in real life, but take themself to serious in a game, especially when the rogue tries to avoit the lone wolve trope and is open with his deeds. There is always another way to play a conflict between the character than : "Lets team up and kill this dude" THAT is bad roleplaying.

  42. W̸̨̟̮̾ ̵̡̧̢̧̘̯̲̥͓̹̒̔́̀̔̈́̂̏̀̅͋̎͠͝Á̶̢̨̜̩̗̯̲͍̭͉̀̍͂͌́͆̒ ̶̨̲͚͉̯̱̣̟̙̼̲̘͒̎̿̌͝ͅͅK̵̨̪̺̘̘̣̦̰̯͌̔̐̃͆̎̓̏͗̿̽̚̚͜ ̵̡̭̦̩͚̋̇͋͐͛͗̒̓̐̾̋͐̀̕͠Ȩ̶̗͈̠̝̩͇͎̠͙̝̙͇̔͂͜ ̶͕̻͑́̍͝͝ ̴̡̛̫̱̙̙͖͈͔̼͖͍̝̍͋͆̀̚ ̵̛̛͈̲͉̺̜̉̋͌̅͆̌̍M̷̡̢͉̈͛͆́ ̸̢̬̗̯̮͖̙̥͌̈̿̑͒̒̏́̍̄̓Ë̷͕̠̯́͛̒͒́͌̀̏͆̏̕ͅ ̶̤͍̺̲̳̲̞̠͂̓̍́̀͒͑̊̂̓̍̈̚͘͝ͅ ̴͚̭̬̣̂͐̚̚͜͜ ̴̡̡̥̭̘̌́͐͛́̔̀̽̄͌͐̐̃̂͝Ȗ̷̫͖̈͝ ̵̧̳̼̦̖̹͔̘̼̞̩̌̾̈́̌̀̈̈́͗̾̃̆̏͝͝P̵̡̧̡̛̙͇̝͉̪̃̉̈́͌̏̽̑͑̕͠͠͠͝ ̴̡̲̙̜̬̺̭̫̱̗̺̾͑̍̈̅̈́̒̂̔̒̏̏̑̒͗ ̶̧̡̱̫͖͎͇͙̌̅̓̽̇͒ ̵̱̮̔͆̓̆̓̊̈̍̈͝͝ͅĪ̵̧̢͚̪̫̩̖͓͚ ̸̡̡̯̦̲̓̄͑̀͐͛͋̊͑͘͜͜N̶͇̙̩̫̤͛̈̍ ̴̛͉̪͌Ş̶̠̯͈̟̘͈͖̠̪̤͕̰̖̃͒̈́͂̂͒́̈́̒̀͘̕̚͘͠ͅ ̶̯̫̼͇̓̐̑̏I̶̲͍̞͓͈̬̭̭̋͂͐̅̐̾́́̐̈́͛̕͜ͅ ̶̪͚͉̣̭̞͚͎͎͇̜̝͍̉̎̃̄̔́͐̔̾͐̍͋͠͝D̷̪̟͙̯̹͕͋͋ ̸͙̯̙̠̪͌̄̿͛̔̎̀͘E̴̢͖̞͙͕̠͊͆͌̈̍̃͆̍̌̃̿̀

  43. I had a similar experience myself once before. I was playing a Kobold Wizard, and the others were playing a Human Monk, Kenku Rogue, Goliath Barbarian, and a Teifling Cleric.
    The Campaign was homebrewed, and our first task was to deliver a weird looking lantern, to a museum in a large city (The Lantern was obviously magical, and everyone knew it, but that's not relevant for the story now).
    We spent roughly 3 sessions in between getting hired on our first mission and actually finishing it. All the way through was hell for my Kobold Wizard.
    For context on my character, my Kobold Wizard was actually Chaotic Good as he was part of a tribe that helped build the Sewers of one of the major cities in the campaign, and worked with others races quite often, eventually doing a favor for a Wizard by collecting Spell Components for her and slowly but surely picking up Magic along the way.
    Now, back to the campaign. We entered a village where we were to stay the night as we waited for our employer to arrive. There was a few disagreements on who should sleep where at the inn/tavern, as 4 of us were all Races not exactly known for being good. But eventually Cleric, Barbarian, and Monk decided to share a room for a few reasons.
    1. Monk was Human and took a Magical Oath to do no harm to the unarmed.
    2. Teifling was a Cleric of Bahamut, the God of Metallic Good Dragons. So you know, being the Cleric of a Good Deity makes you trust worthy.
    3. Barbarian is a Goliath, honor bound to serve his tribe, who told him to go with our group as it would "make him stronger".
    That only left me and Kenku to figure things out, after a bit of debating, I ended up getting kicked out of the Inn, as Monk told the Inn Keeper "Let the Kenku stay, he's our servant like Kenku usually are." "And what about the Kobold?" "Who? Him? Eh, leave him outside. His Wizard Masted will probably find him." So my character got shoved to the curb for the night, at least I Prestitation to start a Campfire for warmth. Still, it pissed me off but it was the start of Session 1 and I didn't want to argue and ruin the fun. Besides, it was one time, how bad could it be?
    The next day, after we get the Lantern and are on our way, a little bit outside the City we were just in, we get ambushed by some Dragonborn Fighters and Sorcerers, all Level 1, claiming to be after the Lantern. We fight them off, but take a few blows ourselves from piss poor rolls. Cleric Heals everyone up except for me. I ask why and he replies "It is Bahamut's will, he would not want me to Heal such a lowly creature, such as yourself who slaves under the Dragons of Tiamot."
    That annoyed me a little, as my Kobold was a devoted worshiper of Bahamut in his spare time, as he hopes by doing this, it will prevent him from losing his way and turning evil.
    I go to the Goliath Barbarian and asked him for a Healing Potion if he had one extra, he did, but refused to give it to me cause my character was a Monster Race. Again, annoying, but whatever, Kenku can steal if right?
    Wrong, as soon as I asked, Kenku, outloud, repeated exactly, word for word what my character asked, basically asking to steal Goliath's Healing Potion. That instantly turned the other players against me, and the DM stepped in before Initiative could be rolled, saying "No PvP!" The other players complied, only if I was to be tied up.
    And so, I was, the DM had to reluctantly agree just to shut them up, but at least the DM was kind enough to heal me secretly without the other players knowing, just deciding to Deus Ex Machina it.
    Still, for Session 1 and a bit of 2 I was being dragged around on the ground, unable to get up due to my piss poor strength and -1 to it as well (Thanks WotC). Thank god the DM decided to end that drag fest, as I constantly took damage in combat, and no one would heal me, so the DM either had to basically play around me as I fail my strength checks, or heal me up with zero explanations.
    Anyway, this is getting long enough, so I'll speed through the rest.
    Session 2 was basically more of the same, alienating my character and no Healing, Session 3 was when it hit the fan. My Magic Missle misses my original target in combat, and hits Goliath for some pretty trash damage, like hitting an Elephant with a Marshmallow. But apparently, that was enough to enrage the Goliath, and everyone else after combat eventually ended, and then it started back up again as the PCs attacked my Kobold.
    As soon as the first Roll to attack me was made, the DM got up and told everyone to leave, Session Over.
    Now I still played through the campaign, but it was basically hard reset after Session 3 with some new players.
    Not sure what it was with the other guys, if they just hated the Monsterious Races or if it was some personal beef with me. Either way, I hope I never play with those guys ever again.

  44. I've watched so many dnd videos I really want to start playing. I I just have absolutely no clue where to start. And definitely don't want to get in a campaign with people like that.

  45. Similar story, the dungeon master did not like how I made a joke to eat leaves and rolled a 20, so later on we came across a dragon and I rolled first, which was a 15 +2. Sneak modifier, and still ended up dieing

  46. Whether this was bullying or not depends on whether they wrote their backstories after they learned what the other was going to play or not. If they did not, then they actually played their characters as they should have reacted.
    This, however, does not take away the fact that the DM did ask them to not kill him and they did anyway.

  47. That stuffs fine if everyone knows eachother, there is some kind of lead to the possibility of it happening and good communication. Then it can be cool this wasnt

  48. Only had this happen once. New player was literally told hes not welcome at the table because his first 5 actions were trying to kill the other players with poison.

  49. Party: "Don't you have weakness to sunlight?"
    Drow-man: "Not anymore! For you see, I was bitten by a radioactive human and gained humanpowers."

  50. This sounds like a bunch of people with very specific ideas of tropes, and little understanding of the system they're playing in…

  51. I once was in a campaign with some friends and we were playing fine for the first few sessions and then a new person (the best friend of the GM and started at level 3 while we were at level 2) and he was a chaotic evil sorcerer that hated paladins and guess what I was a lawful good Paladin of the god that the character hated. I joined a tournament and the sorcerer joined also and I won the tournament and when I won he then attacked me again and told the party he will pay them if he attacked me and the GM allowed it and I didn’t fight back and they were arrested and I confronted the sorcerer about it and he said I will not stop trying to kill you because I hate you. So I told him that let’s end this in a duel and I defeated him because my AC was high and the player thought that I just had a sword but I also had a bow and was skilled in it (thank you good rolls on my dex) and I killed the PC. The very next week the player shows up with a chaotic evil cleric of some orc god and he hates paladins and was aggressive against my character from the get go, the good thing was the campaign ended the next session because of the GM has personal stuff. The player said he only played evil characters because he can’t be evil in real life.

  52. I'm glad the DM was nice and that the player got into a good group at the end.

    I feel like the stories you narrate on this channel tend to be a cut above the ones I've seen elsewhere, so please keep up the good work.

  53. I wonder if anyone disliked this video because they didnt like what happened to the player. Some people dont know how dislikes work

    Great job on these videos and consistent content.

  54. “I’ve had enough. Kill them” best lines were never said by other DMs in similar situations… I wish I had DMs like that, but they always seen to ignore the agressor and stop my retaliation

  55. Geez. What a sh*tshow of a party. I've played drow before- I was a rogue, and the party cook! I think i was CG. But i play in person, with people i'm good friends with irl or who my friends know, not with total strangers. They know I can't play evil characters to save my life. Even as a DM I struggle with that. I fear my villains are too generically "bad guy" because I have so much trouble getting into their headspace to give them unique perspectives and behavior. i really ought to work on that. We've never had a pvp debacle quite like that, unless you count the time a character grabbed the powerful evil artifact we were trying to keep out of baddies' hands and instantly became like an evil demigod, killing virtually the entire party and becoming a recurring BBEG for years to come.

  56. so to summarize the backstories, one character doesn't like rogues, one doesn't like drow, one doesn't like magic. The narrator is a drow rogue who knows some magic. That seems… convenient.

  57. I recently just found you I haven't played D&D since 3.5 I've been more into games like alternity cyberpunk 2020 and some obscure ones like Starship Troopers RPG but I have been enjoying listening to your stories I don't have any interesting with myself but there is still plenty of time to get one

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