Narrated D&D Story: The Gray Necromancer’s Antics Gone Too Far? The Party Finally Makes A Move

[Channel Teaser] The Gray Necromancer’s Antics Gone Too Far? The Party Finally Makes A Move This is part two of Astoshan’s story, the
Gray Necromancer whose character is a shade of gray just like its title. If you haven’t watched part 1, do watch that
prior to watching this video. The link is in the description. Beyond this are all spoilers. As we already know, Astoshan’s party were
already fed up of his ambivalent actions at seemingly the most random of occasions. What else does the ruler and wielder of the
Undeath have up his sleeves next? Let’s find out. The story of Astoshan, the Gray Necromancer,
does not end with the Sleepless Watch. After the events of the attack, the GM decided
he wanted to make things a bit more clear when it came to the undead minions of Astoshan. He splits them into two groups: The Undead
and the Deathless. The Undead are more of the traditional undead
minions, the mindless undead brought back by dark magic. The Deathless are more like the “Sleepless
Watch” soldiers, the ones who volunteer their bodies and souls to be brought back. It allows their souls to stay connected to
their bodies, and they are effectively intelligent undead not under anyone’s control. The act of Astoshan raising the Deathless
was neutral since they agreed to it first, however because of their consent being required
it makes raising Deathless significantly more difficult. They are also not technically undead, allowing
them to fall under Leadership instead of forcing them to require Undead Leadership… and since
they are intelligent they can bring their friends! Therefore, this allowed Astoshan to raise
two separate armies that fall under both Leadership and Undead Leadership. This has allowed him to accumulate an army
of the Undead and Deathless nearing 1000 soldiers, and then stack on top of that, his mindless
horde and the bags o’ skeletons. The party has very much so gotten used to
constantly having an army on demand, allowing them to easily take on large scale warfare
without the need of city’s aid. Astoshan’s player has to miss a few games
because of other plans, however the party wants to continue on… the struggles of a
D&D group arise! The GM and Astoshan discuss the plan of how
to continue the story while still including Astoshan… and their neutral evil grins spread
across their face as they formulate an idea… and our story begins. The party travels eastward to deal with some
bands of raiders pillaging, raiding, killing… basically being a nuisance as raiders do,
basically non-viking hordes. Astoshan has been a tad more motivated than
normal, busying himself with hunting down and killing mages, and naturally taking their
bones… and covering them in runes before storing them in a dungeon. The party is quite disturbed by this, as this
is a bit dark for even Astoshan. They know that the horde of undead had a purpose,
but they’re not too sure about this… but none of them really want to ask either…
so they just ignore it. The party continues their hunt of the raiders
and encounter one warband outside a large town, and so they sit down and strategize. They figure that two Deathless companies should
be enough support, and so they portal in the “Endless Crusade” and “Scorched Sons”…
they were once enemies when alive, and have turned into major rivals in the undeath. They are constantly at odds and trying to
out-do each other, proving their superiority and all that standard stuff. The party decides to send them each around
a flank, after making sure their face coverings are down… as most towns and cities simply
don’t think being saved by the undead is a good thing… how rude of them! The party works their way down the middle
road towards the square, taking down hill giants, casters, and raiders with various
player classes. Astoshan raises the giants and sends them
out of town, as they’ll scare the locals right now. Never mind, he can always use them later. The party finally makes it to the square and
meets up with the two Deathless companies; the Sons made it there first so they naturally
get the bragging rights. The Jarl is found so the Dwarf moves in to
go one on one, and just barely squeaks a win against the Jarl. After the duel the rest of the raiders are
either captured or they attempt to run… and the runners quickly become target practice
for the rivalry between the Sons and Crusaders. The captured are dragged into the square to
be handed over to the townspeople… well except for one of them. Right before the villagers make it to them,
Astoshan calmly walks into the middle of the crowd of the captured raiders. He deadpan stares at the one covered in bones
and totems, and simply walks up to him, grabs his head… and drains him of his life in
front of everyone…everyone flips out as he drags the corpse through his portal while
being flanked by the Deathless… closing the portal behind him. The party immediately begins to race back
to the city with the permanent portal for the Sleepless Watch. The Paladin and Druid are saying they were
right all along and making sure to shoot as many “I told you so” looks to the Dwarf
and Ranger. When they finally make it back to the city
everyone says that nothing seems to be wrong… that makes them worry even more. They race to the barracks and search… no
Sleepless Watch, even their equipment is gone. They decide to search the Crypt and they find
the portal still open, and after preparing some of the anti-undead stuff, the Paladin
storms in first, followed in second by the rest of the party… running directly into
the back of a stunned Paladin as they do so… the dungeon was completely empty. The party find tracks leading north, and they
storm after them… it’s really hard to miss the path of plant-based death and footprints. The terrain becomes very snowy as they run
north into raider territory… encountering buildings that are burned and destroyed…
but no bodies can be found. They continue to follow the trail northward. They fight off the wildlife… but no. No raiders… and over the next few days this
is all they find… and after two weeks they finally catch up to the horde. Astoshan and his Deathless battle with a large
horde of marauders in a large open snow field, multiple raider tribes banded together to
fight back against the twelve companies of deathless and the undead giants. The tribes tripled Astoshan’s numbers and
were very well aware of it, and the party debated on what side they should join… that
is until the Dwarf realizes that the undead horde is nowhere to be found. The party turned just in time to see the snow
around the battlefield come to life as thousands upon thousands of undead claw their way out…
instantly surrounding the marauders on all sides, and the Deathless lower their weapons
and charge… and the party decides they’re better off sitting this one out. The battle quickly ends as the marauders are
overrun and Astoshan simply walks through the battlefield healing undead and killing
enemies with his AoE spells. After it’s over the Deathless form an outer
perimeter as the undead mill about inside, and the party sets up camp, taking watch shifts
throughout the night. The Paladin feels something wrong with the
land but isn’t sure what it is. After exactly 24 hours after the battle all
the corpses of the raiders stand, and the forces begin to march again, the Deathless
still formed around the undead to hold them in, and they move north again. The Paladin identifies the feeling as the
land being Cursed Earth… whatever Astoshan is doing, it is important enough to him to
curse an entire mile radius of land around the battlefield… permanently. The party follows the army for another day
until they stop, all of the undead being directed towards a large city at the base of a mountain,
wasting no time and heading for the gates. Giants fling bags packed full of skeletons
over the walls, and the Deathless stand guard around them. The rest of the party goes against the Dwarf
and decides to stop Astoshan before he destroys an entire city… even if they are raiders. The Dwarf still believes this is all for a
good reason. They prepare themselves to charge through
a weak point in the army… but are caught off guard when the Deathless simply part to
let them through. The party quickly make their way to the Necromancer
in the middle, finding him watching the undead swarm the city. He is… much different than when they last
saw him… as he is now covered head to toe in bone armor inscribed with black runes. He has four skeletal arms grafted to his back,
giving him the appearance of a bone spider. Each arm holds a black sapphire in its hand,
which the Paladin (who has been doing his research on Necromancy since Astoshan left)
knows they are Soul Bound. The party goes absolutely wild and demands
to know what is happening, prompting one single and calm phrase from Astoshan:
“Repaying a promise to some old friends” The party moves in and begins to fight the
Necromancer, and while Astoshan is not exactly built to fight solo he has some rogue undead
around to help. Everyone aside from the Dwarf panic as the
Deathless charge in… and the Dwarf also isn’t surprised when they blast straight
past and charge into the city. The party tries to fight the Necromancer without
hitting any of the Deathless, as they had gotten to know them well. Astoshan fights very defensively, only healing
and dishing out enough damage to keep from getting surrounded. The Paladin destroys each of Astoshan’s
Soul Bound sapphires one by one, each one releasing the soul of a raider spellcaster
and weakens him. The party finally bring him down but the city
is already completely destroyed, and as the party decide what they’re going to do, Astoshan’s
cohort Barumet comes back from the city with a company of the Deathless. The Paladin isn’t too sure of him as they
never really see him, but he simply bows to them and opens another portal. A massive crowd of Deathless dressed in civilian
clothing make their way out, all covered in wounds from axes and spears… the last of
which are skeletons that were once from a small village… obviously they have been
dead for a long time. They all give their thanks to the company
and make their way to the city. Less than a week pass and the city has pretty
much been entirely repaired. The party learns that all the civilians’
towns had been destroyed by raiders and most of them had died during the raids. During the party’s travels Astoshan had
asked Barumet to travel the land and raise all the towns that had been destroyed by the
Raiders, making them a promise of a second chance and a new home where they could one
day rest at. The party decide to attend Astoshan’s funeral. The entire city attends the funeral in the
town square, and the Sleepless Watch were the color guard for the procession. When they reach the center of town they stop
and set the lidless coffin in the middle of the main road… and two of the skeletons
from the old village make their way to the coffin… and as they kneel by it… it starts
to glow with holy energy. Only the Dwarf knows what’s going on. He’s the only one who cared enough to talk
to Astoshan to know what his ring familiar Buhone could do. Astoshan shudders and pulls himself upright. One of the old skeletons reaches out and embraces
him, and he returns it. For the first time had the party seen his
face when it was cold and emotionless. His voice had changed, he sounded alive…
and he was crying… he simply said, “It’s okay mom, I’m alright” OMG what in Dwarven beard happened? Did the Gray Necromancer just resurrect from
his bony casket? Or is he, like his legions of Undead and Deathless,
immortal to some sense? Were you still rooting for him when he went
into battle with his party? Confession, I almost CRIED. Or did he truly cross the line this time? Heck, crossing lines is something he has always
been doing. And raising the zombies, that too. Not to mention that he himself might have
transcended death. A scary thought indeed… Hope you all liked the video as much as we
did making it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and
theories in the comments section. Do subscribe to our channel, All Things DnD
and stay tuned for more amazing Dungeons & Dragons content.

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  1. Beautiful reading, the tone was spot on and edits made it from a greentext to a gorgeous tale.

    If anyone has any questions about anything, I've got answers, time, and entirely too much information!

  2. So..Grey Necromancer is considered 'evil', but his comrades-in-arms (except for the dwarf), who consider themselves 'good' but are persistently waiting for an opportunity to betray him.

    Finally do when he is about to destroy the nucleus of hordes of bandits that have been killing Innocents for months and kill him.

    Great 'heroes'.

  3. This dude isn't evil. He isn't even neutral in my opinion.

    He's chaotic good – he'll use whatever powers he has at his disposal to do the right thing, regardless of what you, or the rest of society, think about him doing so.

  4. Never liked suspicious people. The Paladin should be given a negative buff for injustice he partook in doing. The Necro was murdered with the Dwarf and Ranger being less in guilt as per their doubt yet still engaged In the treachery.

  5. You know lawful good paladins always make me angry they always assume they know more than everyone else and to them it doesn't matter how useful something can be if it's evil it deserves the smite

  6. I believe that Astoshan is doing what's right. He avenged the innocent and gave them another chance. He avenged his parents… (cries) Fuck.

    What's the song name, btw?

  7. Finally a good written necromancer! And the player and DM are splendid to throw over most of the party like this. To blow their hypocracy into their faces like this! God damn it! I got shivers!

  8. Quite frankly, I feel like Astoshan was doing what needed to be done while upholding a promise. I don't think he was doing anything wrong. The paladin was pretty ignorant AND arrogant. I think that the dwarf was right to trust Astoshan. I don't think there was anything to worry about. If Astoshan was a member of the party and helping the party and innocent people out at every turn, there is literally no reason to doubt him. I don't even see him as gray. He leans towards good, not evil. Raising violent people and monsters from the dead to serve isn't evil. It's poetic justice. Plus, he allowed for there to be deathless that were free of mind to serve in his ranks voluntarily instead of just making them undead. If you really think about it, a necromancer is just a different type of healer class. Lol

  9. Hmmm, yeah that was a bit more aggressive but he still gets neutral point from me! Heck what do you even do to challenge a portable with a portable army at their disposal? Ratatatatat….Yirbel lives!!!

  10. They were raiders, he followed his code to the end, and repaid his promise. He didn't go too far, or not too far… He did exactly what he does. Punishes those who take life, and respects the fallen innocent.

  11. Can i get more meta info on Astoshan my group are starting a pathfinder game in a couple weeks and i would like to make a character as a tribute to him he sounds like a character that would be right up my alley

  12. I would have cried again if you actually told the whole story instead of cutting it down to get closer to the ten minute mark.

  13. 5:21 I've never played D&D but I'd like to imagine the Paladin and Druid kept announcing that they are shooting a "I Told You So" look at any moment.

  14. Am i just to dumb or does it jump from rebuilding the destroyed village to astoshans funeral without mentioning his Death?

  15. So you could say, that Astoshan's nickname could be Edith?
    Even in Death I Am The Hero

    Holy flerken flackin and Bahamut on High, that last bit was….heavy.

    He did all this….for his family, his home.
    That's why he was so distant, blunt, etc…he couldn't risk the effect of showing emotion or giving into it. He was determined to do what needed to be done.

  16. A beautiful story, great character and love how Ashtoshan kept most the others in the dark right up till the very end of his revenge, absolutely film worthy.

  17. The only good members of the party were the Necromancer and the Dwarf. And legit that ending made me cry. This needs to be book. And whomever made this character did wonders in making this character. 😢

  18. All good, but Astoshan did complete dominate the group, the purpose of roleplaying… Focus on delivering his story to his fandom! Oh, and what was that with the Paladin feels something wrong with the earth, but the DRUID is busy inventing carbon-monoxide blasting cars instead, or what???

  19. I actually teared up at the end when he rose from the dead. There was more dramatic energy in this video than the entire last season of GoT.

  20. Question: I’m a little confused on this. Why did the party kill him? He destroyed the raiders, and gave the innocent dead (who were willing) a place to love in peace. Sure he went off on his own, but the party wouldn’t have let him do it. Maybe it’s because I’m myself a little more towards the neutral side… but can someone please explain to me the party’s motives?

  21. I cried like a little girl dude. This story is epic. The lullabies to the little girl and the "it's okay mom, I'm alright" my eyes are still wet. Hahahaha thanks for sharing this amazing story.

  22. Eh, I have to say, I have no strong feelings one way or the other. The guy is still a jerk for his whole 'balance' BS though. Balance is for scales.

  23. "Only the dwarf knows what is going on. He's the only one who'd talked to Astorshan…"

    Well that's not a group who does a lot of communication, don't really want to join.

  24. I was always under the impression that paladins and good aligned clerics cannot be in the same team with a necromancer in the first place.

  25. Inb4 the local church steamrolls the undead city with "lawful good" paladins and clerics.

    This is so sad. Alexa, play "I'm Coming Home".

  26. Not sure why everyone hates him so much, like the dwarf I could tell he was a good person from the start. I don’t think he was ever really evil, but he most certainly did a lot of kind things for people. I liked him a lot, I somewhat relate. He was very respectful and everyone knows that the truth can hurt sometimes, he’s just quite honest

  27. This is really good because everyone seems to be really in character. I mean from the sound of it this group has been playing together for at least a year or two, probably more, and they are probably all very attached to their characters, as well as each other's. But, even so, the Paladin wouldn't be ok with a Necromancer and would be looking for a reason to kill him, even of the player didn't want to. That is some hardcore dedication.

  28. I really don't like the necromancer's player. I mean, I do get that you want an extra and an edgy dark character, I enjoy playing with such players and characters, but I think the DM was wrong for allowing him to do this. I really like a cool personal storyline and well-written backstory, but to make your backstory the main storyline of the adventure is extremely egocentric and self-centered. It can also be boring for the other players who simply don't want to follow another character's storyline. It was a try for originality and subversive expectations, but it was not worth it. The ending wasn't anything original, and, quite frankly, it is very clichéd and repetetive.
    I like the part 1, because it was still in measure with the other characters' backstories and motivations, but with this I think the DM and the necromancer's player went too far with wanting to prove to everyone how amazing and cool and edgy Astoshan really is.
    Also the antagonizing of the paladin really grinds my gears. The player was probably just playing his Lawful Good character and didn't want to play according to the necromancer's rules. The DM and the necromancer then basically punished him for RPing his character right when the sappy backstory was later revealed.
    However, as always, spectacular job with the narration and the art is great!

  29. As a player, I would have had to step away from the table for a moment, and congratulate the player and GM for a beautiful ending to the character. Film worthy.

  30. Astoshan is simply one of the most in depth and Real characters I have ever had the pleasure of listening to the stories of. I hope that when I can finally play D&D for my first time. I can have a character like him

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