NASA Astronauts Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing On Board the Space Station

Greetings from the International Space Station. I’m NASA astronaut Nick Hague, along with my NASA crew mate, Christina Koch. As we conduct world-class research on this orbital laboratory, we are also celebrating the 50th anniversary of humankind’s most epic achievement. Apollo 11’s historic lunar landing and the first footprints on another celestial body by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. As we think back on this achievement 50 years ago, we remember the drive and sacrifice by the flight teams, engineers, astronauts and many others that allowed the dream of Americans landing on the Moon by the end of that decade to become a reality. At that moment, the world was one, awestruck by that accomplishment. We are in that time again as we approach the 20th anniversary of a permanent human presence on the International Space Station, working hard to return humans to the Moon in 2024 through the Artemis program. We’ve learned so much more about human spaceflight since Apollo 11. We’ve learned how to build laboratories in space. We’ve learned how to work and how to live in space, paving the road for future deep space exploration. The legacy of the Apollo program is enduring and will guide us on our future endeavors in space. So, on behalf of the crew of the International Space Station, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the 50th anniversary of that giant leap for all mankind as we look towards the next giant leap on our endless journey to the stars.

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  1. Happy 50 Anniversary ♥️

    I have always been interested in space. And have always wanted to work in NASA. But life changes and your opportunities changes. Am proud of what NASA and everyone who conducts the research has achieved. I support a hundred percent research in space. Let's draw the road for the next generation space exploring😊

  2. What do we have to show for going? Some moon rocks and videos of landing,walking? All the money and lives lost and we stopped going, we can't say we got anything from it other than saying we"beat Russia" to the moon.

  3. Going on 30 still waiting on something other than photos and poorly scripted videos. At least take a note from Canada and have fun with social media. I would love to see a real expedition with real goals though I will admit unmanned is safer, there's something to be said about humans on another actual planet.

  4. Still remember that day with great fondness, following every step of the most amazing human adventure ever. Congrats NASA ❤️🇺🇸💪🏼

  5. You could not make this up…Oh wait…Sounds at 90-95 decibels are where humans start to experience hearing loss from sustained exposure. We start to experience pain at 125 decibels and louder. 140 decibels and up can quickly cause irreversible ear damage. One of the loudest sounds ever recorded was NASA's Saturn V rocket, which registered 204 decibels.

    No ear protection system could prevent their eardrums exploding (imploding) then or now…..All the world is a stage.

  6. Haaaapppy anniversary to all the astronauts… past; present, Future… you all are my inspiration! 🌌

  7. Apollo’s legacy is holding us back. Republicans want those government jobs in their district and continue to waste taxpayer dollars. GO PRIVATE with competition and stop stalling. 50 years and where are we now??!!! Shameful

  8. Such idiocy in the world. You really think they had long distance cell phones that work from the moon to the Earth they're 240,000 miles out and the Earth spinning 1,000 an hour with radiation and atmosphere in 1969?

  9. Greetings from earth couragious people. Look at the moon right now. You have the clearer view without dust and air. Remember that we value your great work. Nice orators too, become space politicians.

  10. Oi nasa eu falo português mais meu sonho e trabalha na nasa meu. Nome e Sabrina esse e meu sonho desde criança eu tenho 10 e estou acompanhando tudo o que acontece né e um dia eu sei que vou conseguir trabalhar aí eu adoro isso coisas do universo então nasa vc ponde me manda uma mensagem né em português porvavo so pra mim esplica como trabalhar na nasa beijo nasa love 😘

  11. I never thought I'd see coherent, pleasant comments that actually make me feel good on a space exploration video. :')

  12. You would have never been this far without slaughtering Native American babies men and women and taking Native land mother earth, which you call america,

  13. Congratulations for the successful achievement of 50 years wish you all the best for upcoming challenges😀😀🥰🥰

  14. This is inspiring. Really. Because just think, that from the day we arrive on the planet and, blinking, step into the sun… There is more to see than can ever be seen. More to do, than can ever be done. 😊

  15. reporter: "Given this monumental feat, wouldn't it have been better to commemorate the event with another manned mission to the moon?"
    NASA spokesperson: "Shut up."

  16. Congrats ! I remember being glued to our transistor radio waiting to hear a voice as the mission went into the dark side of the moon ….

  17. Looking forward to better cameras on the iss . It would be great to have night side pics of earth in real time. Or a view is the stars …

  18. I can’t wait until they go back to the moon and prove that all the landings were real, imagine the reaction of all the idiots who think all the Landings were faked. lol

  19. Jamas vi mejores actor-nautas como se pasan el micrófono la verdad que se merecen un aplauso pero lo mejor es cuando dan una vueltita para despedir… FRAUDE TOTAL !!!!

  20. I find it fascinating that after 6 successful crew landings on the moon and twelve astronauts walking on the moon, people still disbelieve it because of the technology and 'inconsistencies' in the footage during Apollo 11. Now they are planning to go back in 2024, and its a shame that people will think that to be more evidential and actual proof of a moon landing than Apollo 11 because of the technology and clear images. So here is to the people who have said "if the moon landing did happen then why don't we go back" well its happening and I hope this time round people believe it.

  21. The astronauts wear space suits which protect them from the radiation of the Van Allen Belt and beyond. Radiation which are far greater than those of a nuclear plant on Earth. Why then can't we use the same space suite technology to protect those people working in nuclear power plants here on Earth? Then, if you've ever been to the National Space Museum do check out the heel of the original space suite worn on the moon, the imprint is not the same. After asking one of the curators about this discrepancy I never got an answer at all but was turned a back on. And last but not least, why did astronaut Don Petti say on live TV that (millions of dollars worth of) technology and data to go to the moon was lost/destroyed and will take years to rebuild again? If you read between the lines you'll understand what's really happening behind the scenes. Is there something wrong with asking these questions? Never A Straight Answer 🌐

  22. I'm a spacefreak,a huge NASA fan and a forever admirer of those incredibles human beings called astronauts! Just saw yesterday a documentary about he Apollo 8 Mission.Beautiful! I grew up with the "Earthrise" picture in my mind,as many others.🌍
    Happy Anniversary and keep up the good work!❤🍾🎉👌God bless you!

  23. I don't believe anyone had a dream I don't want you to get upset sure how many numbers do you put together to say thank you I don't believe it was 50 happy anniversary message 50 years of accomplishments please don't ask me about numbers for me it would be happy billion trillion I don't do numbers accomplishments NASA funny never changes

  24. Happy anniversary 0000 I don't do numbers in the year 2019 when others will begin to say things like if you are a star you can disrespect women now it's not go to school when a woman cannot be combustion forgetting how fast does this happen the rewinding behaviors of others forgetting I don't believe it was a science class highly respected oh yeah

  25. I don't believe and I don't want anybody to be upset about respect but everything so wonderful that you have not put your eyes on nowhere respect do you know this is English you're not putting your eyes on since everybody wants everybody to speak English and say absolutely nothing so we speak English and say something ain't nobody saying nothing lovely

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