NASA | Earthrise: The 45th Anniversary

[ music ] Forty-five years ago, Apollo 8 astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders became the first humans to orbit the Moon, and the first to witness the magnificent sight called “Earthrise.” Now, for the first time, we can see this historic event exactly as the astronauts saw it, thanks to new data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO. LRO’s superb global lunar maps, combined with the astronauts’ own photographs, reveal where Apollo 8 was over the Moon, and even its precise orientation in space, when the astronauts first saw the Earth rising above the Moon’s barren horizon. On December 24, 1968, a few minutes after 10:30 am Houston time, Apollo 8 was coming around from the far side of the Moon for the fourth time. Mission Commander Frank Borman was in the left-hand seat, preparing to turn the spacecraft to a new orientation according to the flight plan. Navigator Jim Lovell was in the spacecraft’s lower equipment bay, about to make sightings on lunar landmarks with the onboard sextant, and Bill Anders was in the right-hand seat, observing the Moon through his side window, and taking pictures with a Hasselblad still camera, fitted with a 250-mm telephoto lens. Meanwhile, a second Hasselblad with an 80-mm lens was mounted in Borman’s front-facing window, the so-called rendezvous window, photographing the Moon on an automatic timer: a new picture every twenty seconds. These photographs, matched with LRO’s high resolution terrain maps, show that Borman was still turning Apollo 8 when the Earth appeared. It was only because of the timing of this rotation that the Earthrise, which had happened on Apollo 8’s three previous orbits, but was unseen by the astronauts, now came into view in Bill Anders’s side window. Here’s what it looked like, as recreated from LRO data by Goddard’s Scientific Visualization Studio. You’ll hear the astronauts’ voices as captured by Apollo 8’s onboard tape recorder, beginning with Frank Borman announcing the start of the roll maneuver, and you’ll see the rising Earth move from one window to another as Apollo 8 turns. For the astronauts, seeing the Earthrise was an unexpected and electrifying experience, and one of the three photographs taken by Bill Anders became an iconic image of the 20th century. But as we’ve just seen and heard, that photograph was actually a group effort: not just because Jim Lovell found the roll of color film and gave it to Anders, but because the astronauts wouldn’t have seen the Earth if Frank Borman hadn’t been turning the spacecraft just as it was coming up. Today, the Earthrise has become a symbol of one of history’s greatest explorations, when humans first journeyed to another world and then, looking back, saw their home planet, in Lovell’s words, as a grand oasis in the vastness of space. I’m Andrew Chaikin, author of “A Man on the Moon.” [ music ]

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  1. Amazing story great CGI illustration.  For better or worse I'm old enough to have been down there somewhere at that time….Space exploration allows us to forget about the human conflicts down on the Earth at that time – Vietnam War, Arab-Israeli conflict, etc. none of that matters from space.

  2. The Earth in these shots looks proportionately to be the same size as the moon as we see it from Earth and that isn't correct proportionality, since the Earth is 49 times the size of the moon. Somebody please explain what's going on with that.

  3. Neat Cartoon. I would love to see the real thing… wow so realistic. Avatar was better… but… NASA only has billions of dollars to spend. Maybe someday  I mean… now man has the technology to chase down a comet for billions of miles and land on it… but… photography and video for today is still in the dark ages… Maybe NASA, ESA etc. should use Disney technology? Maybe?… Golly!… That would be peachy!

  4. They put this picture of Earth on an 8 cent postal stamp and the words "In the beginning God".That was taken from their reading from the book of Genesis on Christmas Eve in prime time.It was broadcast worldwide.I still have one of those stamps.

  5. Wonder if it dawned them at the moment (no pun intended) they were the first humans to personally view an earthrise.
    So then LRO's mapping mission is not an optical/photographic one I presume (why use simulation/recreation for earthrise if there is actual optical LRO imagery of it?). Great story

  6. These guys could fly themselves around the moon but they had to change between black and white, and colour when filming. I understand the science but that is still hilarious.

  7. if we have to look up at the moon, then shouldn't the astroliars have to look down at the earth…but the photos show the earth up above the moon??????

  8. It has been very good checking out your youtube channel. There is plenty of really cool material here. Keep up the awesome work.

  9. No man ever traveled to, through or past the Van Allen Radiation Belt.  Impossible to survive this amount of radiation to get to the moon.  When this photo was passed off as real, did someone forget to add the stars?  Stars don't just disappear.  Ever notice that in ALL the moon landing photos, there is no stars?  Where are the stars? Search the word 'moon' in the World Hoax Forum.

  10. Shouldn't earth look huge from the moon?  It should be 4 times bigger than how we view the moon from earth.

  11. Stunning…….it seems so silly there are still "intelligent" people walking this planet, doggedly persisting it was all a hoax.
    But then, it's no surprise, stupidity is of all ages……the current glut of flat earthers,..a major example….

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  13. As a Volunteer at the Heritage Flight Museum in Skagit County, Washington. I am proud to be a part of the Bill Anders Foundation in Honoring veterans and keeping military aircraft history alive.

  14. This Apollo 8 Command Module is resting in Chicago at the Henry Crown Space Center. My top 3 Apollo missions due to being 1st spacecraft to the moon, not to mention our 1st space photo of earth.

  15. So fake ' its mind boggling people fall for this crap ' no stars? Why is the earth the same size as the moon when earth is so much bigger ' just doesn't add up ' pure fakery …Wake up .

  16. You know what I'm thinking? With everything that is going on today, could it be a good idea if we started taking people High above earth's atmosphere so they can see the earth from a distance themselves?

    Could actually seeing earth from a distance have an effect on those people?

  17. jestescie niesamowici nasa. Takiego kitu ludzkości jeszcze nikt nie wcisnął, mistrzowie manipulacji:D te wasze "teorie" popierane efektami komputerowymi, miazga:D a gdzie macie oryginał filmu i nośnik z pierwszego lądowania na księżycu? zgubił się? ojeeeej hahaha 🙂 . pokażcie nam oryginalne nie przerobione komputerowo zdjęcie jednego z tysiecy satelit krążących po orbicie 🙂 przecież ponoć tam jest śmietnik i lata tego pełno:) to ile teraz wyciągacie z budżetu usa zielonych? ($) to pewnie już w miliardach idzie (wiadomo efekty komputerowe kosztują 😀 ) na marsie tez byliście? 😀 a coś więcej niż zdjęcia ziemskiej pustyni zwanej marsem macie? 🙂 nie wszyscy na ziemi są naiwni… :):):) NASA TO JEDNA WIELKA ŚCIEMA :]

  18. As a professional tour guide in Houston, I go to Space Center Houston many times a year. I was one of those kids and young men that thought these guys were the coolest ever As a tour guide and meeting planner, I have had the pleasure of meeting Jim Lovell on two occasions and he is exactly as he appears on camera, a great and friendly man. And I have always known his connection to that picture. All I can say is WOW

  19. I often hear people scoff at how images from space of the moon or in Earth orbit are "fake" because no stars are visible…make note that Jim Lovell mentions "250 at f11", as the earth and moon surface must have been very bright and this is the kind of exposure, 1/250th of a second at f11, almost fully stopped down, that one would use in bright sunlight during a daytime image on Earth, there is no way one could point a camera up to the night sky and get any stars at such an exposure…that is why star images don't appear from space when photographing the Earth from orbit or the lunar surface, the subjects are so bright that the relatively dim starts are completely underexposed.

  20. Great Photo that is out of this world !  And also a great book by the narrator !  Also the Apollo 8 command module is at the MSI in Chicago.  tjl

  21. It's funny how we look to this video to see what earth looks like when we supposedly have thousands and thousands of satellites but yet no picture of earth. Just a bunch of CGI images that I've seen on their website, nothing even real just Photoshop as if it was taken from space.

  22. Beautiful!  I remember that day clearly!  I was serving my nation and remember looking up at the moon and knowing those three guys were up there at that moment!  God made one beautiful Universe!

  23. You can't fake excitement that these astronauts had when they saw the earth rising in front of them, I doubt they were that good of actors if the moon landings were done on a sound stage this just proves that man has at least went to the moon

  24. Someone explain to me how the earth can rise on the moons horizon if the moon does not spin in relation to earth? Shouldn't the earth be in a fixed position no matter where you are on the moon? My IQ is only in the 150 range and I can't figure out how this is physically possible. Anyone have a good answer other than fakery?

  25. Why does earthrise on the moon look the same as moonrise on the earth (except for color)? Why is earth the same size in ''earthrise"" as the moon is during moonrise from earth? ? I thought the earth would look much larger from the moon than the moon does from the earth. After all, the earth is much larger than the moon so the say. In this video the earth should be HUGE. This is puzzling.

  26. Does anyone explain to me why the earth is standing still? What happened to the rotation and translation movements?

  27. I was only 5 years old when this was going on. I didn't become interested in the space program until Apollo 14 in 1971. This is soooo cool to hear their actual voices while the earth rise picture was being taken. What an amazing mission this was. It makes me wish I would have either been older, or taken an interest at my then young age. Just AWESOME.

  28. A great recreation. You should consider mixing the video from the music from "the Earth to the Moon" episode (

  29. GOOD NEWS! In addition to all my other activities, I am also a…..hope the flat_EARTHERS do not find out….an AFOL! Yes, at age 72 I am an Adult Fan Of Lego. And guess what LEGO has just come out with? If you said SATURN V, congratulations. Yes, LEGO has joined with NASA in the whatever conspiracy. 🙂

  30. That is absolutely amazing material. What is the name (or its lunar coordinates) of the peak in the left side of the picture?

  31. money wasted on nasa scam polluting the air with rocket's when the money could be used for cleaning up the environment and the air . or helping feed people or heal the sick cure for cancer. shame on them .

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