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  1. I was in A&P school learning to be an aerospace maintenance technician … Watching a black and white tv once we got home from school … Great memories..

  2. So in the 60s we had the tec to go to the moon but we seem to have lost that tec some where between the 1960s and now 😄🛸😆🛸🛸🛸. Just a matter of time till some one makes a telescope power full enough to zoom in on the supposed landing sight on the moon then we will know the real truth

  3. I just want to go out there, somewhere other than here. I want to meet the aliens, I want to see this rock from afar. I want to learn and see for myself what the "documents" do not show!

  4. I really wish NASA was better at faking space….IT IS REALLY EMBARRASSING. How many times can four people say the word "cool"🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. Why does NASA admit they cannot go back to the moon? Why did all moon missions stop after Hollywood started making space movies?

  6. So she is saying moon is 3.4 billion years… but l recently read Donald petite saying -"the moon is a 4 million years desert…" l wish there was truthful information available, at least for us who can take it for what it is.

  7. The planet of Humanity is sitting on the bench of Space in Time, waiting for something, while watching the lights on the Horizon.

  8. The lunar module looks like a homeless tweaker shelter! Try asking the bald nerd with the glasses where all the telemetry data from Apollo disappeared to??!

  9. I audio recorded CBS' coverage (Walter Cronkite) of the landing with my reel-to-reel tape recorder when I was 14 years old. I knew it was historic, especially when I saw my father crying. I cried too.

  10. I always wanted to go to Moon🌚..but im a kid😂😂.But i will try to archive my goal one day 😀

    I hope that the Moon landing will be boardcast again(pls Nasa we really wanna see the Moon landing)

  11. SLS? It's already outdated. SpaceX Starship is the way to go. But they won't let go of SLS as there is too many hogs at trough atm … and Boeing being one biggest hog itself.
    I hope Bridenstine gonna git rid off those

  12. Happy Apollo 50 year would like working international space satellite 📻 allowed today tokn silicone remember NASA exploring good question but answer following nice gravity

  13. Me:I Wanna Be Astronot 👨‍🚀👨‍🚀👨‍🚀👨‍🚀👨‍🚀

    Nasa:Kid 😊😊😊,Go Sleep Now OK 😴😴😴😛😛😛

  14. Zarzuela. Madrid, 19.07.2019


    Leti Ortiz Rocasolano recibirá en audiencia a una representación de los dos comités de expertos que asesoran a la Federación Española de Enfermedades Raras, para darla a conocer el trabajo y la labor que llevan a cabo en favor de las personas que conviven con patologías poco frecuentes dentro y fuera de nuestras fronteras.

    Leti Ortiz Rocasolano recibirá a una representación de la “Red Estatal de Mujeres de Salud Mental España”, quienes tendrán la oportunidad de compartir la visión en femenino de los problemas de salud mental, así como el trabajo que este grupo ha desarrollado desde que en octubre de 2017 iniciase su actividad.

  15. China just announced they will put humanity in Mars over the next ten years. NASA need to keep up with modern chinese space program. Never under estimate the chinese.


  17. my dear Moon has already captured the nobleman Twardowski from Poland in the 16th century. So there is nothing to be fond of. The Pole form Poland was the first !!. Of course, it's a joke. It was a great event and I was landing on TV with my parents

  18. There have always been moon landing deniers/flat earthers and the like – it's just that since the advent of the Internet/YouTube/Facebook etc, they now have a worldwide platform to peddle their twattery! In the past they were just the ranting bore at the end of the bar. Never be afraid to expose blatant, wilful ignorance where you find it. Nothing short of the continuation of the human species depends upon it!

  19. Great stuff NASA! Am geeking out big time on all things Apollo Program🤓🙈! So fascinating! Truly in awe of NASA minds then and now😍👏👏👏

  20. You do realize that putting women in charge of or into each and every single piece of promotional or educational material makes them look like mere tokens, don't you?

  21. No offense to the two presenters but personally I would prefer if new hosts could be found. Easy to see they are trying hard to have good energy but they really don't care about the topics spoken about and it really ruins what the engineers, etc have to say. I'd like to recommend Scott Manley as replacement.

  22. NASA is the enemy of mankind and the earth. For taking 40 years to call Mankind, human.

    Death sentence to NASA and associates.

    That's what you get for betraying your God and people.

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