NASA | TIROS-1: The Forecast Revolution Begins (50th Anniversary)

[ music ] [ music ] [ music ] It contains the most complete collection of instruments ever assembled to study the use of space vehicles for comprehensive weather observation. The most important of these being two vidicon cameras, one armed with a wide angle lens of vast scope, the other with a standard narrow range lens. Both record on this magnetic tape machine, and on command send their scannings back to earth. [ music ] [ music ] [ music ] [ music ] [ music ] Freeze warning out for south tip of Florida because of the pattern that we have in the atmosphere, there’s that jet, that will be relaxing and beginning to move off, but that cold has now pushed all the way into the south. Daytona Beach right now, 38 degrees. Here’s where they need a change in the pattern, along the coast of California, finally there is some moisture coming in, and because as cold as we have been, they’d been rather warm but also dry… but also dry…

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  1. Me asombra ver los grandes avances que se han tenido en los ultimos 50 años de la era espacial.
    Excelente video, gracias.

  2. This is a great overview and reminder, of where we've been and where we are. I was finishing my Junior year in high school when TIROS-1 was launched. It was a monumental achievement then. And look at where it's taken us…

  3. @teemuruskeepaa you said, and I quote, "It says at 2:34 that it is the photo of the planet from orbit, not a storm, dude."

    Duh? Yes, it's photo of the planet, taken from orbit, showing TWO huge circulations, eg storms, demonstrating the capabilities of the satellite imagery. What part of this are you failing to understand? Better yet, what part of this is related to the "communist threat"?

  4. Tiros 1 – Tyr[os]… @ Flat Earther's see 2:16 in video… aka camera lens NOT a [flat earther theorist] 'fisheye lens' involved…

  5. See, I have a problem with these damn satellites! Why does the first satellite have to have a wide angle lens? Why is it so necessary to force a curve? And what makes it even worse is that it’s a low orbit satellite.

    On the link I’ll post below, Look for the Tiros 6 paper rendition of how they depicted a picture of the Earth was supposed to look from low orbit. Does that look like that picture is supposed to be of a god damn ball??? No!!!

    See, this is fraud. And all these damn satellites today still got all these fish eye lenses on them. They are not bein honest with these images. We are not on a ball and wide angle lenses proves N.A.S.As deception!

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