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  1. And I also hope that in the next season Natalie will run after Will like he has always done with her and he will push her away and she will never stop fighting for him and I hope that we will see more hospital scene with Will getting hurt

  2. You guys are making me crying right now because l love you so much Natalie Manning and will Halstead I'm so thankful for you because you guys are my two favorite doctors and I want you to still get engaged first and then get married afterwards

  3. I'm devastated that I do not want will and Natalie to break up I want them to get back engaged first and then after that to get married

  4. I really truly completely hope that they will make it I wanna see them getting married he is everything she really truly need right now I believe that more than anything in world 🌎

  5. This is probably the best couple out there and I love them if I met them I would probably be so excited that I will faint I love them soooooo much!

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