National Life employees’ Share the Good Campaign – Freezing Fun For Families

(gentle music) – The mission of Freezing Fun for Families is to alleviate emotional
and financial hardships for families that are
battling childhood cancer. When you have a family
that’s making a choice of whether they have enough money for gas to get to Burlington to visit or to buy hot dogs and mac and cheese for their other two children,
that’s where we come in. We hope that we can make a hard situation a little more bearable. – In 2011, my nephew was a beneficiary of Freezing Fun for Families, and in our time of need,
they really stepped up and helped us out. So now it’s a time for us to give back. – There’s 26 to 30 new
cases of childhood cancer just in Vermont Children’s
Hospital alone every year. I would love to be at a point
where our organization has a program for every family. (upbeat music)

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