Natural Dye Fun | Milwaukee PBS KIDS Young Writers Contest 2019

(children laughing) (children cheering) – [Narrator] “Natural Dye FUN!” By Reese Steffen. Have you ever got
strawberry or raspberry juice on your clothes? It stains really bad. These dyes are from nature. They are from plants,
fruits, and vegetables. I am going to show
you what natural dyes can do to your clothes and
fun things to do with them. (upbeat music) Guess the vegetable
that dyed these. Clue, clue. It’s leafy. It’s purple. (bell dings)
Answer: red cabbage. Guess the fruit that dyed these. Clue, clue. They’re small. It’s a berry. (bell dings)
Answer: blueberries. Guess the fruit that dyed these. Clue, clue It’s red. It looks like a blackberry. Answer: raspberries.
(bell dings) Guess the vegetable
that dyed these. Clue, clue. They make your eyes water. You need to peel them
before you eat them. (bell dings)
Answer: red onion. Guess the plant that dyed this. Clue, clue. It keeps grown-ups awake. The beans grow on plants. (bell dings)
Answer: coffee. Guess the fruit that dyed these. Clue, clue. You have to take off the
top before you eat it. They are very juicy
when they’re ripe. (bell dings)
Answer: strawberries. Conclusion: It is true that natural
dyes can stain your clothes, but you can also use
them for fun projects. Projects: dye eggs, tie-dye shirts,
dye frosting, dye paper. How to make natural dyes. Put natural item in
a pot with water, and simmer for one hour. Soak fabric in just
the juice for 24 hours. Rinse off the fabric,
and lay them out to dry. Reminder: even if you
use the same natural dye, some fabrics can look
different when you dye them. Here are the
fabrics in the book: woven, lace, cotton, flannel. Bonus question. Guess what natural item
dyed this piece of silk. Answer: blueberries.
(bell dings) Now, you try it. Funding provided by Edvest. Special thanks to the Betty
Brinn Children’s Museum and the Kiwanis Club
of Greater Milwaukee.

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