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– [Announcer] This episode
was made possible in part by the Van Eekeren family,
founders of Land O’ Frost, and The Hamill
Family Foundation.That’s me, Fred the housecat.When my family leaves
for the day,
I don’t just sit inside
watching the world go by.
I become… Nature Cat, backyard explorer
extraordinaire! ♪ Oh, go go go ♪ Tally-ho! ♪ Go go go ♪ Tally-ho! ♪ We’re climbing up
the trees now ♪ ♪ We’re swinging through
the breeze now ♪ ♪ We’re getting
muddy knees now ♪ ♪ We’re Nature Cat ♪ ♪ Nature Cat, Nature Cat ♪ ♪ Nature Cat, Nature Cat,
Nature Cat ♪ ♪ So what are we waiting for? ♪ ♪ We’re so excited to explore ♪ ♪ All that nature has in store
with Nature Cat ♪ ♪ Go go go ♪ Tally-ho! ♪ Go go go ♪ Tally-ho! ♪ He’s our favourite
nature guide ♪ ♪ We just can’t wait to get– ♪ Outside! ♪ We’re swinging through
the trees now ♪ ♪ We’re jumping
in the leaves now ♪ ♪ We’re getting
muddy knees now ♪ We’re Nature Cat! Tally-ho! ♪ Nature Cat, Nature Cat,
Nature Cat ♪ Tally-ho! ♪ I’m the leader for today ♪ ♪ You’re the leader for today ♪ ♪ You got to do whatever I say ♪ ♪ We got to do
whatever you say ♪ ♪ If we want to be
adventure wise ♪ ♪ If we want to
be adventure wise ♪ ♪ We need to get our exercise ♪ ♪ We need to get
our exercise ♪ (Scoffing) “Exercise”? Who needs that? ♪ Walk across this fallen tree ♪ ♪ Walk across
this fallen tree ♪ ♪ Try to balance just like me ♪ ♪ Try to balance
just like Squeeks ♪ Okay, guys, to stay balanced,
you got to be calm. Breathe in and out. And go! My turn! I’m calm, a deep breath
and tally-h– Water? Whoa, whoa, whoa! (Laughing) A cat that can’t balance? Oh, now I’ve seen it all! Thank you, Nature Cat.
Thank you for that tickle. Nature Cat, you okay?
You’re usually so good at that! The, uhh, the water kind of
threw me off a little. You guys, look at that! Whoa! What’s that? Whoa! It appears to be
some sort of map. (Gasping) It is a map,
to the Gardens of Gold! We found the map
to the Gardens of Gold? Woo-hoo! Yeah! We did it! Wait. What are the
Gardens of Gold again? Well, some say it’s just
a neighbourhood legend. Other people say it’s
a garden of gold, I guess. Sparkly gold
as far as eyes can see, endless riches
for you and me! “Gold”? For me! Well, we got to go there,
you guys! (Shutter clicking) We sure do, Squeeks! This is exactly the moment
we’ve been waiting for. For today, The Gardens of Gold
is an adventure– Getting there looks
physically challenging, lots of tough obstacles! That someone else
will embark upon. As for me,
I’m actually kind of spent. So, uhh, see you later. Toodles! “Physically challenging”? I’m might need their help
to get there. Hey, guys,
I’m up for the adventure! You are? Oh, yeah, of course! Well, if you’re in, Ronald,
then I’m in! If you’re in, Nature Cat,
then I’m in! Great! Wonderful! Awesome! Splendiferous! That’s not even a word! I know! And I’m okay with that! Daisy, where to? Daisy, where to? This way. This way,
to the Gardens of Gold! Onward and yonward! Oh, yeah! Let’s go! (Chuckling) Lead the way, Nature Cat. Soon, all the gold will be mine.
And they don’t even know it! Oh, where’d they go?
Hey, wait up! Hey! ♪ Gardens of Gold,
Gardens of Gold ♪ ♪ I want to stroll through
the Gardens of Gold ♪ ♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa! Halt! Phew. Hey, halt! What is this thing? Our first obstacle! Whoa,
a big wall of pricker bushes. The map calls it
“The Wall of Thorns”. Hmm. How do we get past it?
We can’t go through it. And going around it
would take forever. Ooh, ooh,
we can go through here! See? The pricker thingies
aren’t this low to the ground. So, if we crawl real low,
we should be okay. Hal, you nailed it!
You’re a genius! (Groaning) There’s so many thorns, I mean,
like, lots of thorns. In that case, follow the genius! Wait. Who’s the genius again?
Are they following me? I don’t know. Huh, this isn’t so bad,
you guys. We’ve been practicing this
for weeks! Yeah, remember how hard this was when we first started
practicing? We got it now! Yeah, I know, so fun, right? (Panting) How much farther?
We got to be there soon. This is so hard! Don’t get pricked. Don’t get
pricked. Don’t get pricked. Hey, Nature Cat, bud,
we made it. We did? We did! A-ha! I knew the wall of thorns didn’t
stand a chance against us. Ronald, come on! That was impossible. Oh, really, Ronald? Not if you’re prepared
for the physical challenges along nature’s beautiful trails! Oh, I’m ready! Well, I’m more ready! Well, I’m more than ready
than you are! Well, I’m more than more ready
than you are more ready! Uhh, guys, I think you both
made your point. Shall we? Gardens of Gold, here we come! Onward and yon– Hey! (Panting) ♪ Whoa! Whoa, the Wall of Tall. You know,
this adventure sure has a lot of wall-themed obstacles. How do we get through? Is there
a secret passage or something? A-ha! We don’t go through. We go up! Onward and upward! (Panting) Good thing we’ve been
practicing climbing! Tally-ho! We did it! Yeah! (Cheering) Oh, so much fun! But– But wait. Where’s Ronald? I– I can’t do it. I can’t. Sure you can, Ronald. Just, you know,
give it your all! (Grunting) Don’t you see my all
isn’t good enough? I’ll never make it
to Gold Gardens. It’s okay.
Just go on without me. I’ll just miss this one. Don’t worry about
little, old Ronald! (Chuckling) I feel so, so, so, so bad
for Ronald! I can’t believe I’m saying this,
but me too! Oh, man, should we really
leave Ronald behind? No, it’s just not what we do. We’ve all needed help
at some point. Daisy, what did we when you
couldn’t do a cartwheel? We practiced and practiced. And you all helped me
learn how to do it. Exactly. And Squeeks, what about when you
couldn’t dance the robot? (ROBOTIC):
You taught me killer moves. (NORMAL VOICE):
Check these bad boys out! And Hal, what about when
you couldn’t pay attention to my dramatic speeches? Huh? (Humming) Oh, hi! We still need to work on that. Either way, we don’t
leave anyone behind, even if it is Ronald. Yeah! So, how are we going to
get him up the wall? We’ll help you, Ronald!
Get ready to train! “Train”? You mean like exercise? We train! No, no. (Panting) ♪ Get– Get up there! ♪ Ooh. Ronald, you practiced well. You’re ready to conquer
the Wall of Tall. Let’s do it. (Cheering) You got it, come on! I did it! I’m the greatest! Yes! Practice always helps! Ronald, Ronald, Ronald! Ronald, Ronald, Ronald! Uhh, hey, guys,
speaking of Ronald, where is he? (Ronald laughing) Over here! Sorry, guys. But the Gardens of Gold treasure
is all mine! Thanks for the climbing lessons. (Laughing) No! No! Duped again! Oh, now we’ll never get
to the Gardens of Gold, all because of Ronald! Not on my watch! Follow me! Tally-ho! Come on,
what are we waiting for? (Groaning) Huh? Umm, why don’t you guys
go on ahead? Oh, no. Remember?
We don’t leave anyone behind. You can do this, Nature Cat! You’ve practiced balancing,
like, a bazillion times! Stay calm.
Take a deep breath. Then go. (Whimpering) Stay calm. Take a deep breath.
And– You got it! Hooray! Hooray! I knew you could do it. Thanks, Squeeks. Now come on,
let’s go to The Gardens of Gold. It’s just over that hill.
Treasure, here we come! What? What is this place? Oh, man,
it’s not even real gold! Man, oh, man, look at
all those golden flowers! It’s, it’s, it’s–
Whoa, amazing! What– what she said! Mine eyes have never seen a gold
quite so beautiful! Mine have: real gold!
What a waste! Now I got to walk
all the way back. It was so hard to get here! Where’s my driver?
My feetsies hurt! Ah, the outdoors, the greatest treasure of all. (Sighing) Blue-47, green-22, set, hut-hut, hike! Go long, Squeeks! Woo-hoo! (Laughing) Touchdown! Woo-hoo, yeah, woo! What a catch, Squeeks! Yup, that’s how I roll! (Beeping) Time out! It’s Granny Bunny. Hi, Granny.Hi, sweetie.I just can’t wait to celebrate
the Winter Solstice
with you later today!
See you soon!
Bye, Granny, love you. Man, oh, man, I totally forgot! Today’s the Winter Solstice! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! No way, the Winter Solstice
is today? The Winter Solstice? Yay! Woo-hoo! Wait. Just one, little question:
What’s the Winter Solstice? No idea. “Winter Solstice”? Is that a ’90s hip hop group?
De La Solstice? Winter Solstice is so sweet,
you guys! Check it out. MAN ON PHONE:
You say today
is the Winter Solstice?
Hooray! It’s the shortest day
of the year! Do you know why?
Well, Earth orbits,
or circles, around the Sun.
It takes a full year–
That’s 365 days–
to make one complete orbit.
Here is where we are now
in Earth’s orbit
at Winter Solstice! Whoa!See how Earth is tilted
on an axis at it orbits?
And see how, this time of year,
this northern part of Earth
is tilted away from the Sun?When this part of the Earth is
tilted away from the Sun,
the Sun takes less time
to go across the sky.
And today,
at the Winter Solstice,
the Sun gets across the sky in
the shortest amount of time.
That’s what makes it
the shortest day of the year.
How about that?Yeah, how about that, right? Guys, remember how high
the Sun was above the Mighty Mountains
last summer? Well, look at it now! How bizarre: It’s barely visible
atop the highest peak! And check out our shadows! Oh, hey, look!
They’re so long now! Hi, Hal’s long shadow. It’s me, Hal! Extra long for you! Yeah, my shadow was
so short in the summer. Now I look like a giraffe! Ooh! Oh, yeah, Winter Solstice,
Winter Solstice! Oh, yeah! I want to share in your
excitement, Daisy. I really do. But I’m just wondering why
is this so exciting? Because,
in addition to all this, the days start to
get longer tomorrow! My family always celebrates
the Winter Solstice with the Winter Solstice
Dance Party! I’m sorry.
Did you say “Dance party”? I love dance parties! Ooh, me too! Me too-too also! It’s how we celebrate
the return of longer days, a night of fun
and dancing and lights! Man, oh, man, it is so sweet!
Uh-oh! Dais, babe, what’s up? Since I forgot about today, I didn’t get ready
for the dance party. And there’s so much to do! Not to worry, Daisy: We will do whatever it takes
to make sure that the Winter Solstice
Dance Party goes on! We sure will! The Bunny family will celebrate
the Winter Solstice! And Granny’s going to get
her winter on! Oh, yeah! So, what do we have to do? A lot: get the dance music,
decorate the yard, display the lights
and hang the Winter Solstice sundown disco ball
all before sundown! No worries on the dance music: I, Nature Cat,
have got it covered! Tally-ho! (Soft music playing) Uhh, thanks, Nature Cat. But we need some music that’s,
you know, dance-y, like, a little more lively. Oh, okay. Like what? (Techno music playing) Like that! Ooh, ooh! Ronald, Ronald, hi! We need you! Of course you do. Who doesn’t? We need you to play the music for the Winter Solstice
Dance Party. Do you mean something like this? ♪ Yes, yes, exactly like that! Party’s later today, Ronald.
You in? Well, you know, I’d love to help
you– not really. But I can’t. Oh, please, please, Ronald,
please. This is so very important to me. What’s important to me
is the groomers, which is where I’m off to! I won’t be back
until after sundown. It’s handsome time
for The Ronald! Oh, no, what are we
going to do now, you guys? Too bad we just can’t groom
Ronald right here and now and then he can DJ later. Hal, you’re a genius! “Genius”? “Genius, a person showing
exceptional intelligence or creativity.” Hmm, “Exceptional”,
I guess I am a genius. Wink-wink. Oh, yeah! Whoa! Huh? (Coughing) ♪ Uh-uh. ♪ Uh-uh. ♪ Uh-huh! ♪ Uh-uh. No way! Not on your life! Oh! Now that’s what
I’m talking about! DJ Ronald is in
for the dance party! Winter decorations? Check! Check! Holiday lights? Check! Dance music? Check! Check one-two!
Check one-two! Say “Ho”! Yay, yo! And snacks: check! Whoa-ho-ho! This place is looking like
it’s ready for a dance par-tay! Dance par-tay! Whoop, whoop! Dance par-tay! Dance par-tay! Dance par-tay! Ha, not just yet you guys: We need one more thing! Whoa! The Winter Solstice
sundown disco ball! Groovy! It’s a family heirloom and the most important part
of the party! We have to hang it on a tree so the setting Sun
hits it just right! No problem at all! Tally-ho! Hurry up!
You are ruining my hair! I’m ready.
Pass up the disco ball! Sundown disco ball coming up. Got it! And now to hang it! Tally-h– Whoa! Oh, no! Look out below! What ho? My toe! Ah! Whoa! Whoa! The disco ball! Quick, get that ball! Come on! Stop, ball! It’s me, Hal!
Listen! Stop! Oh, no, Granny Bunny
will be here any minute! (Beeping)Hi, sweetie. We’ll be there
any minute. Love you.
Bye, Granny. Love you too. Hurry! It’s almost sundown! ♪ Reverse course! (Screaming) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! (Laughing) Whoa! Meet me back at the yard! Tally-ho! Whoa ! I can’t stop! Whoa! Whoa! It’s the Bunny family!
Hi, Bunny family! It’s me, Hal! Where? Nature Cat, you okay? But of course! Yoo-hoo!
Daisy, sweetie, we’re here. Oh, quick, we’ve got to hang the
disco ball before the Sun sets! Squeeks, go long! Woo! Woo-hoo, yeah! Yes! That’s how you do it!
Way to go, Squeeks! Oh, yeah! Oh, thank you so much, you guys!
We made it just in time. Let the Winter Solstice
Dance Party begin! ♪ What do you think, Granny? Oh, everything is
just beautiful, dear: the music, lights, disco ball! It must have taken you forever
to set it up. Well, actually, it, uhh,
was no trouble at all! Hit it, Ronald! ♪ You know, the Winter Solstice
is amazing, Daisy! Aww, thanks, Nature Cat! So much light, Daisy honey. I just love
getting my winter on! Winter Solstice!
Winter Solstice! Oh, yeah! Winter Solstice! Me too, Granny Bunny, me too! NARRATOR:
Nature Cat, Squeeks,
Daisy, and Hal,
are cartoon characters,
and not real animals.
To keep all of our
animal friends safe,
check with a grownupbefore you bring a pet on your
next nature adventure.
Ha-ha! ♪

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