Need Ideas For Your Next Party? Here Are 7 Last-Minute Free Costumes

Want to know the scariest part about going
to a costume party? Trying to find something to wear at the last
minute. Look, we’ve all been there. Not only are the good costumes taken by now,
but trying to stay within a budget is nearly impossible. The best place to start shopping is your closet. I am going to show you how to put together
several different costumes that don’t look homemade. Can you predict what my first one is going
to be? This is my take on a Fortune Teller. Here’s what you’ll need. Find a brightly colored crop top. Bonus points if you have a cropped vest or
bodice. Grab your favorite maxi skirt. The flowy-er, the better. Add some jewelry, as many rings and bracelets
as you can stand to wear. Then throw on a necklace, cover it with a
headband, add a dangly belt and don’t forget your crystal ball. The belt I got from a music festival, and
the jewelry may look expensive, but I got it all a while ago for under $5. Now it’s time to get zombified. Dig out those ripped and holey jeans. You know the ones your mom probably hates. If you don’t own any ripped clothing, feel
free to make your own. Go to the back of your closet for those dirty
shoes you rarely wear anymore. The most important part of any zombie costume
is the makeup. I am going to do dark circles around my eyes
but there is no real wrong way to do this. The more undead you look, the better. Throw some twigs and leaves in your messy
hair. There is no turning back from here but your
hair will eventually forgive you. And if you don’t have a grimy enough shirt,
may someone does. I stole this one from my little brother but
don’t worry, he won’t miss it. If that’s too scary for you, try a minion
costume. You’ll need a yellow shirt and some overalls. I got these from Forever 21, but if you don’t
own overalls you can always wear denim shorts with suspenders. Next, lace up your black boots. Find some round glasses or goggles you can
wear, slap on some black gloves. If you have a wrench lying around, it only
adds to the costume. believe it or not, these are actually my prescription
glasses. But they work perfectly with this outfit! If you are looking for something girly but
simple, try this pinup look. Find a long sleeve button-up, preferably with
a checkered or plaid pattern. Make sure you are able to roll up the sleeves. Pair it with some denim shorts. Slip on some simple wedges and throw some
curls in your hair. Top off your look with a red bandana. This is a great everyday look. What really makes it stand out, is the hairstyle. This next one’s a classic but here’s a different
take on a witch. Here’s what you need. Pick out some black clothing. A long sleeve dress is always a good way to
go but make it your own! And don’t forget your black boots. Next, find some gothic or dramatic looking
jewelry. Black and silver is a great combo but you
can use whatever you have at home. But you can’t put a spell on your friends
without makeup. Dark, dramatic eyes are key. Do an hombre lip and then add some bewitching
details to finish off your look. I actually got this dress on sale at H&M for
$12, and I’ve gotten plenty of use out of it. And now I an wear it for this costume. Wanna dress up as a character you can really
get into? Try becoming a tourist. Khaki shorts and a shirt so bright it’s hard
to look at? Check. Socks and sandals? Check. Sunscreen? And lots of it? Check and check. Finish off your packing list with some fun
props, like a hat, sunglasses, or a camera. I randomly found this top at a thrift store
and finally have a use for it! So what about all of you who are looking for
a last minute couples costume? Here’s something simple you can do with your
stud. (Snap!) Find a plain white tee shirt and some leggings
or jeans. Ladies, put on some classic shoes. Fellas, grab a pair of black chucks. Accessorize with a scarf or grab a jacket. Gals, tease your hair and use plenty of hairspray. Guys, go ahead and pile on the gel for that
slicked back look. This is an easy costume for both of you pull
off, and it only takes minutes to put together. Now you’re ready for all friends’ parties
and you won’t even have to wear the same costume twice.

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  1. Love the tourist costume because it is the most frightening. As a frequent traveler, one of my goals is to blend into the country I'm in. When I see this kind of tourist, I cringe and do not engage with them.

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