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  1. I can't thank Jesus christ enough. ..the lady is so greateful & fully repented I can see…as Jesus decided to forgive us #we sinners.
    We should also learn to forgive. …prophet TB JOSHUA we love u so mch

  2. Emen a big Emen Emen Emmanuel forgiveness is a first blessing thank u man of God l love u distance is not barrier betty from Saudi Arabia

  3. Thank you man of god for restoring this married you made us to understand that forgiveness is any problem we are battling with no mater how difficult it is to forgive we must forgive each other thank you our prophet

  4. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, thank you God for the prophet of modern times. 🙏🙏🙏

  5. I am so blessed to be under this ministry…. A man that hears God…..look at the way this issue is handled, God give the prophet the solution immediately. So beautiful to see this reconciliation take place. Emmanuel!

  6. What God has done for us may be permanent in our lives in Jesus name Amen thank you prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel tv

  7. I am here oh Man of God.My marriage is broken even though we leave in thesame house.We are enemies.i want to hear the mine of God.My husband is iresponsible,an alcoholic and doesn't care

  8. Momisi,please kindly interceed for my marriage.Right now I am so devastated,no love only hatred in my heart towards my hisband.when I came from home to the USA I thought i was married to a man,but after 2 weeks up till date that I am 2 years old it's just been from bad to worst.I have developed High blood pressure, depression and I feel like my days are numbered if i keep staying in this marriage.please I need The God of Prophet TB Joshua to deliver me

  9. My God in haven
    is above everything,
    You believe or not
    My soul still you will
    Be bless. As long as you
    are a part of TB Joshua .

  10. Man of God my marriage is broken now we are living apart,,, he's unfaithful & irresponsible. Kindly Man of God i want to know God opinion… Pliz

  11. man of god l am asking you to please me in my problem am diering slower am home less sick pain and stay smoking only you can take me from this problem if you can god will hold you respone thank

  12. Thank you Lord Jesus bless man of God increases his gift give him long life make him a channel of the world in Jesus Christ name I pray amen amen thank you Lord Jesus for here my prayers

  13. If you have not done that or such in the past don't forgive…… # hmmm very deep.
    Indeed the nations shall glorify GOD for the wisdom of God upon you, Prophet TB Joshua and Mr TB Joshua.

  14. Man of God please pray for me I have also broken the trust in my marriage and my husband doesn't want me anymore I have repented but he is now going out with other women. Please deliver me and restore my marriage.

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