Neighbours Alley Winter Celebration

Come on inside guys, we’re having a party. We’re having a holiday celebration in the alley. It’s a block party – everyone in the neighborhood is invited to come. It’s a part of a larger design process that we’re working on to look at some design interventions for the alley to make it a safer and welcoming space for people to walk through and enjoy. In Seattle alleys are used mostly for services. A lot of those services are essential. Businesses will get deliveries off the alley. They’ll also use them for trash pick-up. Alleys are pretty unique cause they’re intimate enclosed spaces. And humans really like feeling somewhat enclosed, not too enclosed. But they can be these very special public spaces that feel kind of secret or kind of personal in a different way. So this is neighbors alley. It’s located in the heart of Capitol Hill. It’s an alley that’s in a really great location, but it hasn’t really been used very much in the past It’s not always the nicest place to be so we’re trying to figure out ways to make it a nicer space feel safer and invite people to use this space. In order to enter Neighbors, you have to go in through this alley. It feels like an alley – like “oh, what am I getting myself into?” But yeah, you get patted down and you go into the bar to go dancing and it’s a huge floor for dancing. I know that a lot of the Latino community LGBTQ nights are held here. It’s fun to see our community members out enjoying the alley and to see that the employees of Neighbors coming out and engaging with the community. So alleys are just kind of this open space that – they are public right away. As we open these up to to public meeting spaces and that sort of stuff with music and art and all the really great things that the creative people of the Capitol Hill neighborhood are producing. I think this is really a showcase for them participant: woo-hoo We’ve been really welcomed and supported by our neighbors and we want to kind of pay it forward and support any new coming any neighbors that come in but also support the events that are going on. It’s a really special community where you’re also looking out for each other and developing relationships in the community and when you do that it makes the community stronger. I think as we go through this land use crunch where our public spaces seem to be getting taken away I think it’s more important than ever to rethink how we’re using our public spaces and making sure that you know There are space for us to connect to grow and to learn and share and enjoy. I’m excited to see what we can do with our public spaces on Capitol Hill. In November, we held a public workshop about this alley in particular hosted at Capitol Cider. Today, we invited the community out to celebrate and it’s kind of the culmination of the design process. We’re going to take everyone’s feedback now and we’re going to work on a concept design for the alley and a few design interventions that the stakeholders on the alley can look at in the future as improvements are made building by building. You

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