Neither Party Can Form A Coalition In Israel, So Third Elections This Year Are Likely

– [Announcer] Next on PIJN News Dr. Chaps reports on
these important issues. – None of the political
parties in Israel are able to form a coalition, so third elections
this year are likely, President Trump praises Turkey even as Christians in Syria
are denied their human rights, and Muslim rockets fly
over Southern Israel. – [Announcer] Former
Navy chaplain, Gordon James Klingenschmitt, took a stand to defend
religious freedom by daring to pray
publicly in Jesus’ name. Now he helps you by
reporting the news, discerning the spirits,
and praying the Scriptures. Would you pray with us? Here’s Dr. Chaps. – God bless you in Jesus’ name. My name is Chaplain Gordon
James Klingenschmitt, Dr. Chaps, and you’re watching PIJN News. On this show we like
to do three things, we report the news, we
discern the spirits, and we pray the
Scriptures in Jesus’ name. Are you ready to pray
the news with us? Here’s our first story. The Jerusalem Post
reports that neither political parties
of the main two, or any of the minor
parties either, can form a coalition
within the Knesset to form a government in Israel. Therefor, it is likely
that Israel will see their third set of
elections in a single year. J Post says that the
President’s Residents in Israel issued a statement last
Thursday saying quote, “Ahead of the deadline
of Blue and White leader, “Benny Gantz’s, mandate to
form a government on Wednesday, “that President Rivlin
will conduct a series “of emergency meetings
with party heads “in an attempt to
avoid a third election “within a single year. “Rivlin will start by
meeting with leaders of Shas, “United Torah Judaism, Bayit
Yehudi and the Joint List,” those are the Arabs, the
Muslims in the Knesset. “Other party
leaders are expected to follow suit,” end quote. So the President,
who is nonpartisan, has gotta get all these
elected people together to try and ask them to
work with each other. He’s having a tough job. Sources close to Rivlin
would not confirm a Channel 13 report
which claimed that he also met
together with both Prime Minister,
Benjamin Netanyahu, and opposition
leader, Benny Gantz, and revealed his compromise
plan for the two of them to work together in
a unity government. Rivlin recommended
Netanyahu leave office as soon as an indictment
is filed with the courts. Of course, Netanyahu
is under investigation for accepting Cuban cigars
as political celebration, which some are
saying are bribery. But according to the compromise
to form this new government, which Likud openly
supports, and Blue and White has not openly endorsed yet, Netanyahu would remain
the Prime Minister first, and then take an extended break while fighting
corruption charges, and according to the plan,
Gantz would then take over Netanyahu place
as Prime Minister whenever Netanyahu
becomes incapacitated after initially serving
as Vice Prime Minister. That’s the proposal. The two sides have fought
over whether Netanyahu would be considered
incapacitated and when that might happen, but Gantz has argued
immediately upon his indictment, which Channel 13 reported,
would take place this fall, as early as November 25th. Likud, however,
said that Netanyahu would not be incapacitated
until the trial begins, which could be
next year or never. According to the report, Rivlin
suggested as a compromise the filling of a
formal indictment
submission to the court, which a legal expert
said would take place a few months after
the indictment. Sources close to Rivlin
say they cannot authorize what was said, can’t
release what was said in a crowd of three
people in the room, and that the President did not
endorse any specific timing because he thinks the two
sides need to decide together. And that’s the news, our thanks to Jerusalem
Post for that report. So is it possible that
Netanyahu and Gantz will still come together
and form a unity government? If they do this, it will avoid
a third set of elections. If they can’t do that,
then no other combination of coalitions can come
together with enough agreement to get 61 of the 120
members of the Knesset. They’ve all been elected, we know who the 120 are
that are in the room. There’s probably about 10 or
15 members of the Muslim party who are siding
with the Liberals, Benny Gantz has agreed to side in government with the
Muslims, that’s interesting. Netanyahu is governing
with the Conservatives, but none of them have, I
mean one side has 57 votes, another side has 58 votes, none
of them can get to 61 votes, so maybe they set aside
some of the fringe parties and govern together as
two peas in the same pod. Well is that likely? Something inside me tells me no, that Prime Minister
Netanyahu, God bless him, is trying to cling to power, and with this
indictment coming up wants to remain Prime
Minister so he has at least a voice
in the government as he is under fire personally
for these allegations, which could remove him
from power by other ways. Just like in America, right? In America we have the
impeachment hearing against President Trump, over in Israel it’s
even compounded ’cause they have an
election on top of that, trying to form a
government on top of that. We need to pray for
these people, right? In fact, maybe they should do what God instructed
Moses in Numbers 11. Bible says this in Numbers 11, “So the Lord said to Moses,
‘Gather to Me seventy men “of the elders of Israel,” nowadays they have 120,
but back then it was, “seventy men of the elders,
whom you know to be the elders “of the people and
officers over them, “and bring them to the
tabernacle of meeting,” they outta have a giant
prayer meeting together is what they have, “so that
they may stand there with you. “Then I will come down
and talk with you there.” God will come and talk,
God “will take the Spirit “that is upon you and
put it upon them,” the spirit of Moses will be
on the spirit of the people, “and they shall bear the
burden of the people with you, “so that you will need to
bear it yourself alone.” Wouldn’t that be
wonderful if God Himself visited his leaders in Israel so Netanyahu didn’t have
to bear it all alone. Let’s pray for that, would you? Father in Heaven, we pray
for Prime Minister Netanyahu and for every leader
in the Knesset, that the Spirit
of God would fall. That they would all assemble
in the tabernacle of meeting, that as they look
to their Maker, that God, You Yourself
would descent in some way through the Spirit
of Jesus Christ and give them such a
revelation of Your presence, of Your person, of Your identity that they would
all bow their knee to the lordship of
Jehovah, the Lord who is. In His Son, Jesus Christ,
we pray this blessing upon every person
in that situation. In Jesus’ name, amen. Let’s take a short break. When we come back, President
Trump praises Turkey even as Syrians are
attacking Christians. – [Announcer] Dr. Chaps
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you, the grassroots activist, here is Dr. Chaps. – Welcome back, I’m Dr. Chaps, our next story
comes from CBN News, our friends at the
700 Club report that President Trump is praising the Turkish leader, Erdogan. You know, the one who’s taken to Muslim extremism in the past? Well now Trump is working
with him as an ally, even as Christians in
Syria are detailing new human rights abuses
as the United States pulls out of North Syria. One day after Turkish
President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, visited the United States
President, Donald Trump, in Washington at
the White House, reaction is coming in from
Washington and the Middle East. For some there’s
a growing concern about the ongoing U.S.
relationship with Turkey. While some hope that Trump would deliver hard truths to Erdogan, instead he got high praise
from President Trump. Trump said of Edrogan while
speaking at a press conference at the White House
on Wednesday quote, “I’m a big fan of the president, “I have to tell you
that,” end quote. President Trump also
praised the ceasefire inside of Northeast
Syria saying quote, “Today the ceasefire
continues to hold. “I know that the ceasefire,
while complicated, “is moving forward
and moving forward at a very rapid
clip,” end quote. By the way, that
ceasefire is when Turkey invaded the Kurds
in North Syria, and Turkey has been
killing American allies even as President Trump
is leaving the Kurds on the battlefield to
defend themselves alone. Now, Trump threatens economic
sanctions against Turkey if they continue
to kill the Kurds, but honestly the Kurds
are the only secularists protecting Christians
in the region. And so this is very complicated and Erdogan has not been an
ally to the Christians yet. CBN continues, yet
amid the controversy, there are aid
workers on the ground telling a different story. Dave Eubank, the head of
the Free Burma Rangers humanitarian aid group
told CBN News quote, “Well, there’s been
constant fighting “since the Turkish
invasion of the Kurds. “There’s never been a
ceasefire, not one day. “Airstrikes by drones,
regular airstrikes, “artillery, mortars,
Turkish tanks,” end quote. What kind of a ceasefire
is that, President Erdogan? We’re disappointed. Several international
human rights organizations have also cited Turkey for war
crimes during this invasion. During Wednesday’s press
conference at the White House one reporter asked Erdogan
about the plight of Christians who suffered during
the invasion. Erdogan responded quote,
“The ones remaining “on the Syrian side
of the territory “will see their worship
practices restored “and revived in
a special manner. “They’re receiving healthcare, “they’re receiving
humanitarian aid “in every aspect
possible,” end quote. Edrogan says it’s all love
and roses for the Christians, yet a Christian pastor in
the Syrian city of Kobani told a different story. Pastor Omar Faraz
told CBN News quote, “Under the pretext of
fighting against the Kurds, “a lot of churches have
been targeted and destroyed, “and many Christians
were forcibly displaced “from their
hometowns,” end quote. One American Senator, our
friend, James Lankford, a Christian from
Oklahoma, Republican, spoke on the Senate
floor last Wednesday and expressed his
frustration with Turkey. Lankford said quote, “Something
is happening in Turkey “that I hope President
Trump and President Erodgan “had a very frank
discussion on,” end quote. And that’s the news, our thanks
to CBN News for that report. Now, let’s give some
political analysis. Many of you don’t
know that in addition to being a PhD in theology,
I have my Bachelor’s Degree in international affairs, that as a student of politics,
international politics, that I worked for
three years of my life as an Air Force Intelligence
Officer every day with the NSA, CIA,
DIA, concerning
international affairs, and I’ve been a student,
and I’ll tell you this, what truthfully governs politics in the Middle East is religion, and the three oldest
religions of the region, of course, Judaism,
Christianity, and Islam, in that order sequentially, have deeply divided
views of what can and should be allowed
as freedom of religion. And when President Erdogan, who has sided with the Muslim
extremists in his own country, says, oh yeah,
we’re gonna protect the Christians Northern Syria, but in fact the
eyewitnesses on the ground say that he’s lying, that the tanks are there and
they’re destroying churches. I wonder if this is
not open practice of the Muslim
doctrine of taqiyya, which is double-tongued
lying to the press. You say one thing to the public, you do another thing in private, and he’s being caught
and exposed on this, and we pray that President Trump sees the truth in this matter. And we pray that President Trump sees the truth in this matter. The Bible says this
in Revelation 6, talking about the martyrs, we see some martyrs
at the end of time. “When He opened the fifth seal, “I saw under the altar
the souls of those “who had been slain
for the word of God “and for the testimony
which they held. “And they cried out in
a loud voice saying, “‘How long, O Lord,
holy and true, “until You judge
and avenge our blood “on those who dwell
on the earth?'” “How long, o Lord until
you avenge our blood?” Let’s pray. Father in Heaven, we
pray with the martyrs from the Book of Revelation, how long, o Lord, until You
avenge the blood of the martyrs, on those who are
spilling that blood? God, we pray Your
justice upon those who are shedding
Christian blood. Your justice, God, and
not a wink and a nod from some double-minded,
political leader. Father, we pray Your
justice upon Erdogan, and upon the people
of North Syria. In Jesus’ name, amen. Let’s take a short break. When we come back,
Muslim rockets are flying over Southern Israel. – [Announcer] Dr. Chaps
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with this ministry. Here’s Dr. Chaps. – Welcome back, I’m Dr. Chaps. Our last story today comes
from the J Post and Hot Edits. Israeli newspapers report
that Muslim rockets are still flying
over Souther Israel despite a recent ceasefire. Israel came under heavy rocket
fire last Tuesday morning and all of Wednesday
after the Air Force bombed a building
in the Gaza Strip in a targeted strike which
killed a Palestinian terrorist, Islamic jihad leader,
Bahu Abu al-Ata. Rockets then sounded
in retaliatory strikes against Israeli towns
surrounding the Gaza Strip, including Ashkelon,
Ashdod and Gedera, and two different
barrages of rockets were slammed into Israel. As of 3:00 p.m.
Wednesday, Israeli time, more then 250 rockets
have been launched. Dozens of which were
intercepted according to IDF by some of that
Iron Dome technology America is helping to finance for defending
civilians in Israel. Several Israeli’s,
however, have bee injured including an eight-year-old
girl who collapsed while running for shelter
in the Holon area. She was evacuated to Wolfson
Hospital in serious condition. In addition, around 1:00 p.m.
Israeli time last Tuesday a factory in Sderot
was directly struck by a rocket from Gaza. Several Israelis there
have been injured. In fact it even
postponed a top meeting between the two
Israeli politicians, Benny Gantz and Prime
Minister Netanyahu were trying to get together and
they postponed their meeting because of the violence
by Muslim extremists trying to kill Jews and disrupt the peace process within Israel. The Israeli military struck
Islamic jihadist positions in the Gaza Strip, it
announced Thursday night. The strike followed
a surge in fighting after the ceasefire was achieved between Israel and Palestinian
factions in that strip. Israeli aircraft targeted
an Islamic terrorist jihadi military compound used to construct missile components, and a — Brigade Command
Center who’s offices were used by Islamic
jihadist commanders. This according to
an IDF statement. It added that the
Israeli Defense Force views the violation
of the ceasefire as quote, “Very
severe,” end quote. And that’s the news from
J Post and Hot Edits. You know, most
American news channels, the mainstream media,
are not gonna bring you the in-depth reporting we
have from the Israeli front, and they are ground
zero in God’s end time prophetic economy. I mean, Jerusalem, I
went there last year, is literally where
Jesus is going to come and set his feet on
the Mount of Olives when he returns in power, and then everyone will know
that Jesus Christ is Lord. Right now only you
and I know this, it’s been revealed
to us by his Spirit. There is coming a day in that
conflict when every Muslim, every Jew, every
Christian, every Buddhist, ever Hindu, every
atheist around the world, and even you agnostics
are on there, you’re not sure today,
but there will be a day when every knee will
bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ, you are Lord to the
glory of God the Father. Until that time we
pray for Israel. The Bible says in Psalm 25, “Redeem Israel, O God, out
of all of their troubles,” and isn’t that what we pray? Let’s pray. Father in Heaven, we pray
very simply from the Psalm, redeem Israel, oh God, out
of all of their troubles. In Jesus’ name, amen. Let’s take a short break and
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