Nellie, Rens & Bastiaan celebrate with Spacecake | Drugslab

Sorry. Yes. Hi, I’m Bastiaan.
-And I’m Nellie. And I’m Rens.
-Welcome in our Drugslab. Today is our one-year anniversary.
-We have balloons, festoons… and cake, of course.
-But we’re in our Drugslab… so it’s not just a cake,
it’s a space cake, of course. And you often ask us to take drugs
with the three of us. Today we’ll do so.
-Today’s the day. Our space cake contains 5 gm of weed.
-We first made weed butter with it… so it gets distributed evenly
throughout the cake. Once it’s done, you cut it into slices
of 1 cm and take one slice a person. If you want to make your own space cake… in an other video Bastiaan
and I show you how. Looks good, right? Very festive. I’m excited about all three of us
doing drugs. Bastiaan decorated it.
-Yes. This is the weed that’s in the cake.
It’s White Widow. This is what it looks like in the end.
And… you do smell that there’s weed inside.
But not that much. Just eating it would be boring,
so we’ll play some fun games. Starting with bite-the-cake. Are you excited?
-Sure. I can’t hear you? Okay, three, two, one… It’s too high for me.
-For me too. Oh, yummy. Pretty gross.
-No, yummy. You like it?
-No, wait. Gross, isn’t it?
-It’s not gross at all. You really don’t like it?
-It is a contest, remember. Oh, right. I don’t think it’s that gross.
It’s just cake with a slight weed flavour. We have a winner. The biggest risk with space cake
is taking more too soon. Normally you smoke it
and it gets absorbed right away. When you eat it, it has to pass through
your intestines first. So wait 1 1/2 hour before taking more,
otherwise it can be really overwhelming. It’s been 1 1/2 hour.
-Yes. You guys are stoned, aren’t you?
-I sure am. Yes.
-I don’t feel much yet. Cherry syrup.
-Cheers. To Drugslab.
-To Drugslab. Yes, to Drugslab. He’s really high as a kite. We all had the same amount.
You don’t feel anything yet… I quickly felt something,
and he’s just totally out of it. Look. I can’t handle it anymore. Look how stoned he is.
-I can’t handle it anymore. Time for another game. Maybe you
know this one: egg and spoon race. You have to walk around with an egg
on a spoon and hope it doesn’t fall off. In other countries they’re like:
what the fuck? It’s a Dutch game,
a typically Dutch game. Sorry. It’s like some kind of game show…
On this side… And on the other side…
-That’s exactly how I felt. I’m dying.
-Okay. Space cake contains weed,
and weed contains THC. One thing it does is relax your muscles
and decrease your coordination. The men will walk around the desk
five times with an egg on their spoon. The egg mustn’t fall off.
-And if it does, you’re out. The first to return to the starting point
is the winner. Okay, we both get it.
-You’re also stoned now. Maybe I’m starting to feel something,
but not all that much. Three, two, one, go. I’m going to win, I’m faster.
-Not. Definitely. Yes… Yes, I’ve won. His egg is broken. You’re the winner.
-So I’m the winner. Yes, okay.
-Nice. Space cake can provide closed-eye visualizations. Rens, are you experiencing that?
-No. Your muscles relax as well, so Rens
is going to bust this cannabis piñata. I’m facing the same way again.
-That’s right. Okay. Yes?
-Yes. That looks festive.
-Did it take you more effort? No, I thought it went rather well. A bouncy ball. Yo, look. Since it affects your coordination, never
go out in traffic after eating space cake. And don’t combine it with alcohol
or other drugs. Or medicines.
-But sex is fine. Or if you’re prone to psychoses.
But sex is fine. Here, yummy. Do you want it? It’s time for the next game.
We’re going to play straw soccer. This is the player, the straw.
Blow the ball into the other’s goal. Are you excited?
-Yes. How do you feel?
-Excellent. Do you think you’ll win?
-Yes. Excited. Nervous?
-No. What about you?
-Relaxed. Yes, Nellie has won.
Congratulations. Well done. I look like a loser now. You’re really stoned.
I feel pretty stoned as well. I feel the least, I think. But I do feel it in my muscles
and when I sit for a while it feels good. THC mimics a substance called
anandamide… which bonds to receptors in your brain. And they influence your hunger centre. So you may get the munchies
and have a craving for food. Are you craving food?
-Absolutely. Especially sweets?
-Yes. Then you first have to suffer.
-This is a Dutch game called candy diving. What an invention.
-Yes. I used to play this too.
-At parties? The idea is that you grab
a candy with your mouth… but there’s water inside,
so that makes it hard. Here I go. Yes, she did it. Do you want to take a turn?
-No, that’s fine. We’ve seen what it’s like. The party’s over.
-And it was fun. It was great fun.
-Terrific. Here we have a bunch of comments
you’ve left this past year. We’re going to read some.
-Great. Excited?
-Yes, I really am. Yes, me too. Everybody has blue eyes in the videos,
are you aliens? Well, actually… We’re robots.
-How do you know? – That’s a Robot… We’re actually stereotypically Dutch.
We can’t help it. Nellie is adorable as hell.
Damn cute, want to give her hugs. We can hug her. That’s very sweet, hug back. What country is this? Can I move in? We’re in the Netherlands, which
is where we live. We all do, right? Everyone thinks all drugs
are legal here, but they’re not. Not at all. We do a lot of illegal things.
-Naughty. They talk like The Sims. Because of our hard ‘g’.
-But that’s how our language sounds. I love how Rens is always happy
if he gets to try the drugs. Rens is always up for it.
-That’s right. I love going to work. Bastiaan reminds me of Pewdiepie… PewDiePie.
-What? PewDiePie, a really big YouTuber.
-One of the biggest. How stupid… They’re laughing back there
because I said it wrong. Pewdiepew.
-Peedipee. How do you pronounce this?
-PewDiePie. That’s not how you write it.
-We’ll be roasted on YouTube. No, this is unacceptable. That look on Bastiaan’s face when Rens
gives him a high-five with his faphand. Oh yeah, I remember that. Everyone went berserk. Did you wash your hands first?
-Yes, I did. They were clean, I’m afraid. DMT!!!! Soon again, right, guys?
-I think this is the comment… Most comments were about DMT.
At some point it was really… You did it.
-I did it, and I’m sure you guys will too. What? How many cats does Nellie have? Three.
-What are their names? Luffy, Ace and Vivi. So why is there a dick on the chalkboard? I thought the nicest dick,
and maybe we can show a picture… was the one with the cap.
-Yes. I think that next time one person
has to stay sober again. Next time at my place. But it was a good idea,
so keep on sending them. And keep posting things like this. Are we going to close off now?
-Yes. Cheers, to Drugslab. That we may do
many more fun things together. And I really love you guys a lot.
-Same here. And we love you.
-Yes. Good morning.
-It’s sunny, I’m at the park and feel fine. The rush was gone when I came home. I think it’s heavy stuff.
I did it once when I was 18. They were huge slices.
I was completely out of it. I passed out and got totally paranoid. I slept really well. I didn’t feel much
from the cake yesterday. Only that my body relaxed and I was
a bit gigglish and I felt nice and warm. But you see that if you don’t take more
and don’t make the cake too strong… you can handle it and then it’s fine. I had a great day with Nellie
and Bastiaan, so that was cool. It was fun to do drugs with us three, but
the next time we’ll do it the old way again. I find being stoned pretty intense. This was Drugslab for this week.
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-See you next time. Love you, bye.

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  1. OMG.. I love it this episode because i'm mexican so i laugh hard when you hit a piñata with a traditional mexican song <3

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    Vind jullie filmpjes erg leerzaam. Heb zelf nog nooit drugs gebruikt, heb ooit wel een lachkik gehad van de damp van een joint in mijn gezicht,ik kan echt niet goed tegen wiet,ik vind het ook erg stinken en wordt er misselijk van.

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