Neon Doodle Tween Birthday Party Ideas from Party City

funky colors and patterns. At Party City we found this really
colorful party theme called Neon Doodle. Julie loved the design… …and then, when we saw all the
cool glow in the dark stuff they had…. INVITATIONS Julie helped by adding some fun to
the envelopes. I really liked the Neon invitations – they really set
the mood with funky guitars and cool zebra stripes. ROOM DECORATIONS Then it came time to decorate.
Party City made it easy for me. They gave me everything I needed to
transform my great room into Neon Doodle party central. And the actual decorating part was
a cinch. The banner, streamers and balloons went up in a snap, and
they really filled up the room…. …the neon-colored plates, napkins
and cups added splashes of color to the buffet table… But my favorite part was the Neon
Doodle centerpiece. Very funky. With all the fun I had planned the
girls were going to work up quite an appetite…. and Party City even
had color coordinated bowls and platters to use as stylish snack
holders and keep the Neon theme going. I loved the way everything
came together! COSTUMES AND DRESS UP Julie had the whole night figured
out. She wanted to kick the party off right when her friends came in
the door, so she gave everyone a neon striped hair band and peace
necklace. The girls were delighted! I think
someone even said they looked “rad.” I think they looked cute. BALLOONS One of Julie’s friends told me how
much she liked the Neon Doodle balloon bouquet, with the funky
butterfly and the two pink hearts. She said it looked “very
professionally prepared”… I didn’t tell her I prepared it
myself using the helium kit I got from Party City. PARTY ACTIVITIES It was time to kick the party into
high gear with a Glow In the Dark Makeover… another of Julie’s
ideas! The girls had a blast glamming out
with light up rings and glow stick jewelry… To really light it up, they put on
glow in the dark hair spray and glitter gel. They had such a ball. But they
were in for a surprise. Just as they finished their makeovers, I
switched off the light… …and voila. The whole scene lit
up. It was so fun, a total glow in the dark slumber party. They were
like little lightning bugs dancing around. Then I had the girls put on white T
shirts. I kept them all in the dark as to what I was up to – until
I turned on this cool little black light I got at Party City. The girls loved the effect. They
kept flashing purple smiles at each other. But I had one more surprise
up my sleeve… PINATA As a grand finale, I found this
very hip Shoe-shaped pinata, in neon colors… …which was going to make it only
slightly easier to whack in black light! That poor shoe was no match for the
girls, and pretty soon they were showered with candy and other glow
in the dark goodies. PARTY FAVORS Pretty soon it was time to go to
bed. I sent the girls upstairs with their favor pails, knowing
full well they had many more hours of giggles ahead of them. Earlier in the day we filled up the
pails with really fun Neon Doodle party favors.. I liked the pencils, erasers and
memo pads… Julie was into the Neon Doodle
barrettes and gummi bracelets. And somehow the stickers kept ending up
in places other than the pail… Before she went upstairs, Julie
gave me a hug and told me it was the best birthday party she ever
had. The smile on her face was the
brightest object in the house that night. Thanks, Party City, for lighting up
my daughter’s life. And mine.

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