Nepali Village marriage Video – 3 || village marriage culture

Our friends are making marriage welcome gate for relatives Using two banana’s trees , it is an old traditional cultural marriage gate ( Groom is standing with holy plat , he is ready to request bridegroom’s hand with her relatives ) He is requesting your daughter’s life with you , your daughter’s Name ? Durga Maya From today, you are totally ( 1, 2,3 ) handling your daughter’s hand to him Yes , i am ready to handle my daughter’s hand to you but my daughter’s future should be secure with you and you should take care of her always 1, 2, 3 i am ready to handle my daughter’s hand happily ( Same Promises by all relatives of bridegroom side ) ( Bridegroom ) ( Both together ) Dry Fish

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  1. Hoina hou chori dida ta yesto Po vannu parcha😱.aafno ta na chali aayeko rit magyo na k .Yo video herda ta Malai magnu aauda ta sajilai Po chori paye cha 😣 aba mero chori ko palo Ma chai yestai saro parnu paryo joi chela lai . Natra ta sittai Ma pako ticket jastai garne raicha

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