Nerf Battle: Thanos Returns To Battle Avengers Hero Kids – a Fun Kids Parody

(upbeat electronic music) – Hello, Johnny and Zoey. I think you have something of mine. – The Gauntlet? Yeah. And you’re not getting it back. – Well what about a trade? – You have nothing we want. – What about her?
(ominous rock music) – Mom, don’t worry, we’ll save you! – Oh, I’m a bad guy now. – I have her under my mind control powers. – Prove it.
– Fine. – Cassie, how do you feel about Batman? – Meh.
– No! – You’ve gone too far this time, Thanos. – I’ll send you the
coordinates for the trade. Now we evil laugh. (laughing sinisterly) We need to work on that. – We need to call in backup. (heroic orchestral music) Here’s the deal, Thanos has
my mom under mind control. Thanos wants the Gauntlet, but we’re not gonna give it to him. This battle’s gonna be
tough, but we’re tougher. Thanos is smart, but we’re smarter. Thanos is strong, but
together we’re stronger! – [All] Yeah! – Are you with me? – [All] Yeah! – Roll out. Is this what you want, Thanos? – So you’ve come to make the trade? Smart boy.
– No! We’ve come for my mom. – Oh, so that’s how it is. – Let’s do this! (upbeat electronic music) ♪ Drop this beat ♪ (whooshing and pounding) – Enough of the foolishness. Give me my Gauntlet. – Looking for this, Thanos?
(upbeat dubstep music) – You will hand me the Gauntlet. It’s the only way for you
to get your mother back. – I don’t think so. – She was on my team! What happened?
– I did it. – Like five seconds ago. You guys might wanna stand
back, I’m a bad guy now. – Don’t you remember, you love Batman. – Meh. – Remember, you loved chasing butterflies. – Winged caterpillars? Gross.
– Remember! – Remember!
– Remember! Remember!
(gentle chiming music) – Remember.
– I do like butterflies. – [All] She’s back! – Gross, I’m out. (hawk calls) Until next time, hero kids. Wee. – Well that was weird.
– Yup. – Who wants a pizza party?
– Yeah! Pizza party! – So first we’re having a pizza party, and then we’re going to do the
slow-motion Nerf challenge. It’s gonna get epic.
(lighthearted rock music) Wow, you drive cars? Wow, are you a driver? Wow! (upbeat dubstep music)

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