Netflix Presents | Holiday Family Dinner: For Your Home – Over 2 Hours of Dinnertime!

From the people who brought you
“Fireplace: For Your Home”, a Netflix original. Introducing, “Holiday Dinner with
Your Family: For Your Home” It is so nice to have you home for the holidays, sweetie. With over two hours of dinner time featuring classic holiday experiences like, “Mom gives her opinion on the entertainment industry” You know your father and I have been watching a lot of Saturday night live recently. It is much too ethnic, much too political now. You know what they need to do is bring back that Bobby Moynihan, he was hilarious! I never liked him. You know he has his own show now? He got his own TV show! It is called Me and Me and I! No, it’s not called that. Yes it is. No. No, it’s not. I’ll show you. Well anyway, you just have to
watch it. Or, “Mom and Dad arguing about you” You know, I hope you’re putting that tuition money to good use, kid. Honey. I’m just saying you know that school were paying for, it’s not cheap, and they’ve been letting a lot of people go at the company recently. You know, they keep bringing in younger and younger people, and I’m just getting older. Stop worrying them! You’re not going to
be let go! Well I might! So, you know, enjoy college while it lasts. See, the show is called “Me, Myself, and I” I don’t care what the show is called it’s a great show. Or, “Mom and Dad arguing with each other” You know honey, I had brunch with Lisa the other day. Do you remember Lisa? She always loved you. Did her husband John tag along? Why would he be there? I’m just saying, he’s always had eyes for you. He has not. Yes he has Karen, men pick up on these things. Or “Mom drinking too much white” Oh, this chicken is cold. Why do I even cook dinner anymore?! Oh, another glass of wine? Great! I better put on my boots because we’re getting ready
for a rodeo! “Mom drinking too much red wine” I just want that Bobby Moynihan back! Or even, “Mom takes shots of tequila” You know, it’s not gonna stay tight down there forever. Oh Christ on a cracker! Holiday Dinner with Your Family: For Your Home, feel at home no matter where you are.

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