NetSmartzKids – Router’s Birthday Surprise

[Music playing] Come on! I can’t believe we are this late Gig! There’s so much to do today. Beep, beep, beep! Tell me about it! We’ve got e-mail sorting, new games to make,
new songs to write…and we still have to plan Router’s surprise
birthday party. Beep, beep. What do you mean, when’s his birthday? It’s TODAY! Let’s go! Ok, Let me see here. Oh look Gig, they’re here. Beep, beep. Hey, kids! I hope you weren’t waiting too long. My name is Clicky and this is my good friend
Gig. Say hi Gig! GIG
(quietly) Beep. Gig’s a little camera shy. I’m glad you’re with us today. We’ve got so much to show you, including
how to UYN! UYN means Use Your NetSmartz…UYN for short. We’ll show you the true meaning of UYN, and if you listen closely, you can become an official NetSmartz kid. On the count of three, I want everyone to shout UYN! Ready? 1, 2, 3! Here we go! The Internet is used every day by billions
of people across the universe. It’s an endless virtual world full of knowledge,
excitement, and more fuuuuuuuuuuuuun! And more fun, than you can ever imagine! Welcome to the NetSmartzkids control room. The whole team is here, Nettie, Webster. Hey, everybody! And Rou–where’s Router? It’s his birthday, we let him sleep in. I was just telling all the kids out there
all the cool things you can do on the Internet. Oh yeah! Come look at this Check out my new favorite video game on the
Internet! I was just blogging about my favorite movies. This one was sooo romantic! Ew! I just bought a tuxedo for my virtual pet. Whaddya think? That’s virtually awesome! Whaddya say Gig? Hi-five! Like the kids were just saying, the Internet is an excellent place to learn
new things. Things like dinosaurs and space shuttles,
kangaroos and Abraham Lincoln… Four score and seven years ago… Hehe. Guys, guess what time it is? I don’t know, Webster, what time is it? It’s time for the weekly joke. Here’s one I just found online. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Interrupting Cow. Interrupting co…… Moooooo! [laughing] E-mail! Who’s it from Webster? It’s Fritz! He said he’s coming to Router’s surprise
birthday party today! That’s great! Good ole’ Fritzy. Hey, did you guys finish that list? We should go over that before Router gets
in. Okay. Today is Router’s birthday and he thinks we’ve forgotten. We’re planning a big surprise party for
him and we have to make sure he doesn’t find out. Here’s the list, Clicky. We need to get Router’s favorite food, clam
chowder, and a brand new chew toy from the pet store. You should have seen the last one… He ripped the squeaker out in two seconds! Oh, and he really wants a yellow banana to
wear around his neck. That’s ‘bandana,’ Webster. That’s what I said Nettie. Um no. You said “banana.” Ooo, e-mail! This is a good one Clicky. It’s to you. Let me hear it. Dear Clicky, you’re the coolest, bestest
robot! Thanks for teaching me the four rules of online
safety. Your friend, netsurfer001. That just made my day! Do they know the four rules? I don’t know. Let’s ask them. Do you guys know the four rules of online safety? No? Well then let’s tell ’em! Hello, Hello, Hello! Welcome to “What Rule is it Anyway?” featuring the four NetSmartz Rules of Online
Safety. Contestants, you will be playing for our studio
audience today. Are you ready? Ready! Ready! Rule #1 – What should you do if you see something
online that makes you feel sad, scared, or confused? A) wash your feet; B) hide in your tree house; C) tell a trusted
adult. I know! I know! It’s c! Tell a trusted adult. I’m sorry to say You are correct! Good job, Webster. Rule #2: Which of these is information you
should not share online without asking a trusted adult first? A) your name and address; B)Webster’s smelly
gym socks; or, C) a cat’s hairball. Ew! The correct answer is a, your name and address. Nettie, you are right! Rule #3 – Should you meet people from the
Internet face-to-face? A) sure, it’s good to make new friends;
B) no, don’t meet anyone offline
C) maybe, but only if you bring them a cheesecake. Oh, oh, oh, it’s the cheesecake one! Wow! What enthusiasm! But, actually– Haha, I’m just kiddin’. It’s b – don’t meet anyone offline. That is correct, although I could use some
cheesecake right about now! And finally Rule #4 –What does it mean to
use good netiquette? A) not being rude or mean online; B) not being rude or mean to Nettie; or C) being
nice to bugs. That would be a – not being rude or mean
online. Boys and girls, we are tied. Now, for the tie breaker, give me an example
of a trusted adult. I know, I know. It could be a mom! A dad! A teacher! A police officer! A grandma! A grandpa! An aunt! An uncle! That’ll do, Webster. Okay. Enough, good job, enough examples. Boys and girls, we have a winner! The little brother has finally outmatched his older sister. I taught him well. Thank you for playing “What Rule is it,
Anyway?” [Cheering] [Happy Birthday plays] [Thunder clap] Hey, Router. What are you trying to say? Do you have an appointment with the veterinarian
today? I don’t get it. Is it time for your weekly bath? Uh, Router, I don’t understand what you are
trying to tell me. Router, where are you going? Aw come on, come back. I don’t like seeing Router so sad, but how
else are we supposed to surprise him without pretending we forgot his birthday? E-mail! Clicky, I think something is wrong! Give me the facts. Look at all these e-mails Clicky! Kids are reporting the Outlaws all over the
Internet! I knew it! It’s Meet-Me Mack and the Webville Outlaws. Hey Gig – what’s the word on the net??! Beep, beep, beep. What? The Outlaws broke out of jail?? Beep. Again? Beep, beep. And they’re singing karaoke!? I’ve had it! These Outlaws are
not going to keep messing up the Internet for everyone else. Not on my watch. Kids, it is your right to have a great time
on the Internet; it’s your right to learn, play games, and be safer online. But sometimes there are people who want to
ruin your fun, and that’s why you have me. I even got my own jingle. All right Nettie and Webster, I need you two
to keep an eye on Router. He thinks no one remembered his birthday,
and I don’t want to see him getting too sad. Since I’m heading to Webville, I reckon’
I’ll wrangle up that yellow banana for him. Wahoo! Bandana, Clicky! That’s what I said, Nettie. [Music playing[ Alright kids, the Outlaws are singing karaoke
in Stinky’s Burger Barn. Follow me, let’s have looksie. Shh! Gimme the mic! I’ll do it. I’ll sing first. I’m Potty-Mouth Pete, and my words are not
sweet, I say dirty things and I curse and cheat! My belly is fully, I’m a cyberbully—watch
me do the wooly-booly! I’ll show you the wooly-booly. Get outta here! Hey look at dis, and what about dis, I’m
Look-At-Dis Louie, look at dis pic. Look at dis, look at dat. Take a peek, give it back, I’m Look-At-Dis
Louie and I like it like that! Um, excuse me. It’s my turn. Look at this face, it’s not very jolly. I wanna know things, I’m Wanta-Know Wally. What’s your phone number, and your address
too? I gotta know these things, ‘cuz that’s
what I do. That was embarrassing, Wally. Give me the mic. Excuse me. I want to meet you offline and make you mine,
you better watch your back, ‘cuz I’m Meet-Me-Mack I’m very, very tricky—hey Sheriff
Clicky! Sheriff Clicky! Hold it right there, Outlaws! Run, boys! Kids, pardon the dust. [Music playing] Don’t fret, I’ve got em’ handcuffed
and ready for booking. I’ll catch up with you at the station. [Music playing] Wow, Mack! You were absolutely magnificent on the piano. Yeah, Mack. I was impressed. Ah, me too. Ah, no big deal, I took a year of lessons
in the sixth grade. And my mother, I give her the credit. Here they are, Potty-Mouth Pete, Look-At-This
Louie, Wanta-Know Wally and Meet-Me Mack. These Outlaws are guilty of crimes on the
Internet. Alright kids, lets book ‘em. Now listen up you smelly Outlaws, you’ve
been accused of messing up the Internet for all the good kids in this world. You should be ashamed of yourselves. So ashamed that I think I’m gonna call your
mommas. [Protesting] Oh, I’m sorry. I guess you aren’t so tough after all. All right, we’re gonna do this my way. Kids, it is your job to decide whether or
not these Outlaws are going back to Webville Prison. Say guilty and they go to jail. Say not guilty and they go free. We don’t want that, do we? Alright, who’s first? Look-At-Dis Louie, no you look at me. You have been accused of showing kids things
they don’t want to see. Things that make them feel sad, scared, and
confused. Kids, guilty or not guilty? Guilty! If you ever run into a Look-At-This Louie And you see anything that makes you feel sad,
scared, or confused Tell a trusted adult! Oh yeah! Mmm. Hi. Potty-Mouth Pete, you stink. You have been accused of using bad language
on the Internet and being a cyberbully. What do you have to say for yourself? ##$#%$^#%#@$# That’s what I thought, a bunch of mumble
jumble. Kids, guilty or not guilty? Guilty! Always use good netiquette. Netiquette. That’s a funny word. Uh, what does it mean? Netiquette means not being rude or mean online. Like a Potty-Mouth Pete? Right, Webster! Off to the potty with you! Ah wooly bully. Wanta-Know Wally. I tell you what, I wanna know why you ask
kids for their personal information when that stuff is supposed to be private. Guilty or not guilty? Guilty! If you ever run into a Wanta-Know Wally, always
ask your trusted adult before sharing information. Like your name, address, or phone number. Look at you! This is not fair. Where’s my lawyer? Meet-Me Mack. Nice wheels. Mack, you have been accused of trying to meet
kids offline! What is wrong with you? Guilty or not guilty? Guilty! Don’t meet face-to-face with anyone from
the Internet. Like a Meet-Me Mack. Book ‘em Sheriff Clicky! Swell job, partners! Remember what you learned today in case the
Outlaws ever break out of jail again. If you ever run into one, UYN and tell a trusted
adult. [Protesting] Hmm, what was I supposed to get for Router’s
birthday? It was something yellow right? Was it me, I’m yellow. No it couldn’t have been me. Where’s Gig? He’ll remember. There you are old buddy! That’s it! A yellow bandana! It was right behind me the whole time, and
it’s on sale. What a deal! I think I’ll grab a banana, too. Beep, beep. Nettie and Webster? Sure. Let’s see how the party preparations are
coming. Yo, what’s the latest? Yo, Click! We’re almost done. We finished all the decorations Clicky, but
we still need a chew toy and some clam chowder for Router. Clicky, can Nettie and I go to the store? How about we all go together? And great job for checking first and for taking
a friend. C’mon kids, Nettie and Webster need some
help from a trusted adult. Robot adult, a robo adultabot…whatever! Okay, we have 20 cans of clam chowder and
Webster got a whole bunch of party supplies for Router’s doggie friends. Hey, where is Webster? He was just here! Hey there, sport. I sure would like some help carrying these bags out to
my car. I’ll buy you a toy, or whatever you want. Check first, take a friend, tell people No! My friends are waiting for me, I have to go. Clicky, some man asked me to help him carry
his bags to his car, and I said no! Good job, Webster. And then you told me, a trusted adult. Thanks Clicky. I learned it from your song. Remember? Check first, take a friend, tell people no,
tell a trusted adult, and I’m ready to go! You got it! You sure are ready to go. These are the four rules of real-world safety. Everyone repeat after me. Check first. Check first! Take a friend. Take a friend! Tell people no. Tell people no! Tell a trusted adult. Tell a trusted adult! Now I’m ready to go. Now I’m ready to go! Webster likes stinky burgers. Webster likes stinky—Clicky! Gotcha! Great job, kids! Next stop is Petunia’s Pick-a-Pet. While we’re checking out why don’t you
check out this song? It’s called ‘Know the Rules’. Roll it Gig! [Music Playing] Be safer online, and offline too. Remember these rules and you’ll know what to do. Check first, take a friend, tell people ‘no’, tell a trusted adult, and you’re ready to go! Boys and girls, it’s Clicky! I’m back. What’s up, Jack? It’s Clicky on the mic with the safety rap. 1, 2, 3, Dance with me. Come on kids, here we go, yippee. Being safer online is what I’m all about. Use Your NetSmartz, UYN, no doubt! But you’ve gotta be safer when you’re not online. If you’re walking down the street, or if you’re ever asked to get in a car, or help someone, accept anything, or leave with anyone- Check first with an adult you trust. Like your parent or guardian, now that’s a must! Now this is the part where you learn to say “no!”. If anyone ever makes you feel Uncomfortable, bad, scared, or confused. You have the right to say no. The right to refuse. Be safer online, and offline, too. Take a friend with ya, whatever you do! And remember, you are strong and smart! You have the right to be safe. Now here’s the last part. If anything happens, it’s never your fault. Tell a parent, guardian, or trusted adult. Some people out there are not who they seem. They pretend they are nice when they’re really very mean. So listen to my rap, tell your friends, too. Remember these rules and you’ll know what to do. Check first, take a friend, tell people ‘no’, tell a trusted adult, now you’re ready to go. My name is Clicky and I like to rhyme, so before I go, say it one more time. Check first, take a friend, tell people ‘no’ , tell a trusted adult, now you’re ready to go! I’m out! See ya online! Hey, good job in ”Know the Rules.” I was proud of both of you. Thanks, Clicky. Your rap was awesome, too. Thanks. I couldn’t have done it without you two. Now, let’s see here. We have one more gift to get, Router’s chew
toy. Come on. And remember, we’re only getting the chew
toy. Aw, man! [Bell rings] Clicky! Clicky! Clicky! Look! Look! Look how cute he is! Can we pleeeeeease get him? Nettie, do you really want to the responsibility
of another dog? Hey guys, come here! Router’s a handful as it is. Yeah, I guess you’re right. Clicky! Maybe when I’m older? Maybe Clicky! Okay, Mr. I-need-to-work-on-my-patience. Excuse me little girl, I was noticing how
much you liked that little puppy. I have two cute, little brown puppies outside
in my car. Would you like to come pet them? No way! I’m not going anywhere with you. Nettie! Coming, Clicky! Good job over there Nettie. Way to UYN. Guys, watch this. Mr. Parrot, if I want to go somewhere, should
I go alone? Rah, take a friend. See that Clicky! Mr. Parrot, if I want to go over to a friend’s
house after school, what should I do? Rah, tell a trusted adult. Let me try one. Excuse me Mr. Parrot, what is your real name? Rah, I beg your pardon madam, but I cannot give my name for it is personal information,
you know. Haha! That’s my kind of parrot! Look, look! There’s the section for robot dogs. Nettie and Webster were both approached by
someone they didn’t know and were asked to do something. They did the right thing by saying no and
telling a trusted adult. Clicky, look at all those different chew toys. Which one should we get? Grab that big crescent wrench. He’ll love it. Beep, beep. Oh, thanks Gig. Guys, we have to get back. Router’s friends are due over any minute
for the party. Okay guys, listen up. Excuse me, Larry. Fitz, quit licking the cake! Guys come on. Please, please. Down. Now, before we get started, let’s all remember
that Router still thinks everyone forgot his birthday. So when he gets here, we all need to give
him the biggest surprise ever! [Beeping] Okay. Gig said Router is right around the corner,
so everyone hide and be very quiet. Here he comes. Surprise! C’mere Router, you really think we would
forget your birthday?! Happy Birthday, Router! Router, I’ve got your yellow bandana! C’mere boy! Well, I’ll tell you what, I had a lot fun
today. We learned how to be safer online and in the
real world, but even better, we had a great time doing it. Whether you run into an Outlaw on the Internet,
or someone approaches you in the real world, always remember to tell a trusted adult and
Use Your NetSmartz! Now on the count of three, can everyone give
me one last UYN? 1, 2, 3 UYN! Thanks for watching everyone! Be safer online. And offline too! And always remember to Use Your NetSmartz! Good job. All right everyone. See you next time! Congratulations! You are now official NetSmartzkids. Don’t forget to go to And type in the password UYN to get your official
Safety Badge. See you online! I’m out of here! [Music Plays]

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