NEW ARIEL 30TH ANNIVERSARY DOLLS! Little Mermaid Disney Store Wedding Set!

hello EPC family how are you doing today
is the last day of September 2019 I I can’t believe it it’s been a crazy crazy
few weeks for me and it’s only gonna get crazier as you know I am making my own
fairy tale motion picture full-length feature film with fairies princesses
queens everything everything and all these wonderful characters are involved
I’m actually filming it in upstate New York and in November so it’s coming up
it’s coming up very very soon I have one more month I have a great team you know
I’m bored a great great great crew so very very soon you’re gonna start to see
behind the scenes videos drop on this channel behind the scenes videos I mean
little snippets all kinds of different things so you’re gonna follow me through
the process of making the film day by day so if you’re interested in that stay
tuned and if you are interested in getting your name your name in the
credits of this fairytale movie you know who just want to see their name on the
big screen I do that’s why I make movies you know if you wanna see your name on
the big screen all you have to do is if you want to donate a little bit of money
to some petty cash for the movie see right here we have a fairy tale after
all this is actually pretty old I haven’t done any videos and livestreams
in a while so I don’t think we’re gonna make this this percentage but it’s still
alive so right here says we one thousand six hundred and twenty-five dollars was
raised through the epc family and a lot of people got their names in the credits
so if you are interested the link is down below in the description you can
donate anything you want maybe $5 $10 $15 20 the movie and if you are interested in
getting some apparel some apparel from the movie if you want to get a
limited-edition fairytale after all shirt up we don’t want that yet we want
this fairytale after all shirt this is a limped
addition to 2/3 we have about six left this is the
actual sweatshirt that the crew is gonna be wearing while making the film in
November you can go over to teespring if you look right below this video you’ll
see a link for the for the the sweatshirts and you can also go down
below the description but the the t-shirt should be listed right below the
the video and you have all different sizes and you get all kind of a bunch
and if you order one of these you also get your name in the credits but you
because I don’t know who is ordering you got to make sure you tag me on social
media with you wearing it that’s the only way I will know that you got it
okay so yes so now let’s move on to what we’re talking about today war dolls are
coming our way more dolls are coming on listen I have I spent a lot of money at
d23 I have a lot of dolls all over the place I have the Ariel and Vanessa from
d23 those are my latest editions very happy to have those very good by the way
see this isn’t that cute then a box lunch I love this thing just sits it’s a
little vinyl figure 20 bucks I got all kinds of stuff
I got what kinds of Halloween stuff but we’re not talking about that today we’re
talking about dolls okay so as you know if you’ve been watching this channel
Ariel and Rapunzel are my favorite princesses they’re my favorite Disney
characters I absolutely love their stories I love their stories even before
Disney did them you know I remember reading those stories when I was a
little kid and especially Rapunzel I remember the drawings in this little old
storybook of the tower and it just was very special near and dear to my heart
but Ariel is very close there you know there’s Ariel I have pretty much
everything Ariel and the Disney Store is not disappointing by putting out a lot
of Disney area limited edition 30th anniversary merch and they just released
I you know we knew this was gonna happen
but let me just pull it up let me just let me just pull this up and see what we
got here so let’s see so here we are now the
resolution is not the best but because these are leaked videos or leaked images
I should say thanks to mmm Disney to a hundred on Instagram okay so let’s start
with what’s right above me right now the bride and the prince this is
absolutely gorgeous I don’t collect these what do they call these the
premier set is that what they call I really I really don’t know because I
don’t I have never collected that because they were way out of my price
range and I just can’t justify spending $700
or so on a new doll now I spent a lot of money on old dolls but brand-new dolls
that’s a lot of money I sorry I really I this would this would be this would be
my first ever set okay then we have in the middle Ariel Mermaid
Ariel which is very pretty and we also have who else are we missing here
Vanessa so Vanessa were missing so yeah so you know this is stuff so this is
tough so we have Vanessa right there Disney dad 83 on Instagram those are his
photos so okay so let me go over this lets us be straightforward I’m gonna be
honest with you I’m always honest with you this is a lot of money that we’re
talking about here the dolls themselves will probably cost $130 you know what
tax will be more so the single dolls would be a hundred and thirty dollars so
this Ariel doll actually let’s go back to here let’s go here so so the right
here okay so let’s so Vanessa will be a 130 plus tax Ariel will be 130 plus tax
now the the the wedding with Prince Eric that will be with 750
or so people are saying 750 but it’s extremely limited there’s not a lot of
them so my the biggest problem I have right now is that these are coming out
November 16th is it and I’m gonna be in the middle of making my movie in New
York and if any if anybody’s in the film industry or you know making a movie is
like there is no time to literally do anything else but make the movie
especially independent movies because you are literally every minute counts I
can’t just walk away and and spend a half hour trying to order these things
online or or I mean forget about going to a store I can’t go to a store there’s
no store near me where I’ll make it the movie so that is gonna be a problem
I’ll be able to get around that you know I have friends I have family they’ll be
a he’ll help me order these things but but the the the main concern that’s my
dog chewy she just got a haircut and she’s trying to like brush off all the
excess fur is the the cost I don’t see it being feasible for me to purchase all
these and I did just get the Ariel pink dress and I could just got Vanessa and
the Vanessa looks somewhat similar I mean she looks somewhat similar and I
don’t think I need to Vanessa’s I have the classic Ariel mermaid that came out
years and years ago which I will be honest with you and it’s that’s because
I I have it it’s just because it’s not because I have it but I do think the
classic one the og original Mermaid Ariel is a better doll I think it looks
better I think the sculpt is better I
definitely think the box is better I’m not a fan of these these boxes these
new these new boxes they have I mean they’re okay but they’re not as good as
a typical rectangular box so my question is do I think Vanessa’s just out of the
question I think I’m just gonna pass on Vanessa because I love my d23 Vanessa
I’m peaking over here looking at her you know this is my d23 Vanessa right here
and I love my d23 Vanessa I think she’s absolutely beautiful and she’s in mint
condition and Ariel right here so I d-23 Ariel which I love I love and i have my
mermaid Ariel in the glass case right here I’m not gonna take her out right
now so I’m thinking about passing on this Vanessa this disneystore Vanessa
doll because I don’t think I need to finesse a dolls I have a d23 she’s very
limited to she’s limited a thousand the big question is the the Mermaid Ariel
like I just don’t know if I want her because they already have a mermaid
Ariel and if I don’t get her that gives me more reason why or more money to say
you know what I’m gonna get my first ever couple set which will be the bride
and Prince Eric and you know it’s still like a lot of money and we don’t get me
wrong it was $750 but if I don’t get Vanessa and Mermaid Ariel because I
already kind of have those characters in and another style then it gives me the
ability the more I should say it’s I can make more sense out of getting
the bride Ariel in Prince Eric which I want tremendously because I think
they’re absolutely gorgeous I mean the dolls look beautiful the dresses look
beautiful it’s absolutely a no-brainer I need those dolls
I need that set it’s just can i restrict myself can i K can I say Eric you do not
need another Vanessa and you do not need another Ariel mermaid because you
already have a version of those characters that’s gonna be hard because
I I just I love Ariel and I love 33 verse again but we’re we supposed to get
like a village Ariel like that’s the thing like we still got the Saks Fifth
Avenue right there’s still rumor that Saks Fifth Avenue will be Ariel it may
or may not be but it could be it could be Aurora
but I mean if we get of Saks Fifth Avenue Ariel who knows what that’s gonna
be like is that gonna be the village Ariel obviously would be like a
glamorized Village dress and of course I’m gonna need that and those costs
about 350 or so when they first come out but they go down in price but I mean
Ariel is gonna sell out Ariel always sells out so where is the limit where do
you stop the Ariel dolls I don’t know I think it’s very very there’s a very good
plan for me for me not because I don’t want them trust me I want everything but
to pass up on the Disney Store Vanessa the Disney Store Mermaid Ariel because I
have them and I do like the mermaid Ariel better the original one so I think
it’s okay I think I can kind of race those from my memory and get the wedding
set with Prince Eric and Ariel and I think I’ll be very very happy that is my
plan I want to know what your plan is and if let’s if there is a village Ariel
that comes out I’m just gonna have to bite the bullet and get it because I
want the village dress area like I thought that’s what we were going to be
getting I didn’t think we were gonna be getting another Mermaid Ariel so that
was just shock to me but I want to know what your plans
are your Disney fans your Disney’s doll fans out there let me know below what
you plan on getting do you plan on getting all these do you plan on getting
one did you miss out on the d23 dolls which a lot of people did this is a
great way where you can get Vanessa Nell which I’m so happy that people can
actually get Vanessa because these were so limited these are like a thousand
apiece so let me know we really want to know
what you plan on collecting as far as this 30th anniversary Disney Arielle
30th anniversary drop I mean and of course I will keep updating you as this
is coming out in November it’s the middle of my movie production but if we
get more information on Saks Fifth Avenue I’ll do another video
I don’t course keep you updated if there’s any additional information on
these but we’ve pretty much got the glam shot so I don’t know what else we’re
gonna get other than we should just save our money now but let me know down below
and please do me a favor please give this video a thumbs up and please
subscribe if you are new here if you love Disney if you live just the
Atlantic love Disney World if you love Disney Donald’s collecting you like
Disney collecting anything please subscribe I love to have you and also
please stay tuned because there’s gonna be behind the scenes of me making my
fairytale movie with princesses queens and fairies I’m sure you’ll love to see
that and if you are interested take a look at that sweatshirt or right here
down below in the description you can donate to the movie and get your name in
the credits thank you so much everybody I will see you very soon the next video
should be a behind the scenes video so that should be very fun and very
different alright thanks see you soon goodbye epc boom

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  1. I really would love to get Vanessa, i always loved her character, ever since i first watched the little mermaid, and i have been waiting years for one to come out, lets hope, congrats on your up coming movie 🙂 xx

  2. The set of 2 dolls are the "platinum " sets. They are always a lot of money around $750. but they are very fancy. The Vanessa dolls are the same face and dress. There is no hair pin or cape on the new one. Also the new one does not have the purple strands in her hair , and doesn't have the glow on her skin. I'm skipping Vanessa as it is almost the same doll as the D23 doll, and getting the wedding set if I can afford it. And maybe the mermaid because it's different, even though I also have the original. Saks is going to be Aurora or a set of Frozen dolls.

  3. I hope the filming is going well 🙂 The pictures on instagram are looking like so much fun! I hope we can do a stream again once the filming is done. I bought an annual pass for the efteling so i would love to share things with the epcfam!

  4. I'm not going to get any of them. I'm not really a doll collector part of me is thought about it in the past off and on but right now I I think I'll pass on doll collecting. I do like the dolls they look very nice specially the Prince Eric and Ariel wedding outfits but I just couldn't justify $750 for dolls I just couldn't. I can't wait to see more about your movie and I'm so excited that I'm an executive producer on your movie. I hope you have a magical day and God bless.

  5. Hey Eric How does one become a actor or voice in one of your movies or films ! I love doing voices and would love to one day voice a character

  6. So when does the mermaid one come out? I keep waiting to see her even on eBay and it’s driving me crazy

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