NEW! Birthday Party Game Ideas

hello friends in today’s video I have
three yes three new birthday party game ideas for you to play at your next
birthday party these games work great for all ages
if you are new a welcome my name is Shawn my family and I we love having fun
together so you are going to get a lot of new DIY party game ideas alright
let’s jump into today’s video here we go for this first game you are going to
need ice cubes chopsticks a bowl and water one set of these things per player
until each of the bowls with ice go ahead and run your bowl with ice cubes
in it under the water through the ice cubes float to the top of the bowl now
all of your players will have their own bowl of ice cubes and their own set of
chopsticks as you notice here these are not really chopsticks we didn’t have any
chances in my house we are using skewers when the skewers also work just don’t
give pointy objects to small children and you’ll be okay
each player has one minute to see how many ice cubes they can get out of their
bowl of water using only chopstick moving on to game number two for game
number two every player is going to need a bowl filled with Cheerios yes yes
delicious Cheerios we’re using multigrain here but really any variety
of cheerios will work every player will need the wooden skewer this time not
chopsticks because some chopsticks are too thick so wooden skewers work best
for this minute to win a game the object of the game is to see how many Cheerios
you can get on your wooden skewer in one minute using only your chopstick you
can’t use your fingers to help you out you have to keep using your chopstick to
get the Cheerios on game number three is a relay race and I first saw this game
on the YouTube channel called fundoor I will post a screenshot or right here of
their channel as well as link their channel in the description box below I
thought it was hilarious they were playing with her kids you are going to
need a whole bunch of ball pit balls as well as your a laundry basket Len of all
of your players in a large area as you can see here we just had my hallway with
my son but he still had a lot of fun doing this
protip is have each player sit on a towels as they scoot easier on a hard
surface and the goal is to see how many ball hits you can carry in your laps
Gooding here like my son is doing and putting into
the basket and the team with the most balls in the basket after a certain
amount of time is the winning team what would you like to see next on this
channel let me know in the comment section down below and I’m going to put
a video right here for you to watch next I’ll see you in my next video thanks for
watching bye

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