New England Patriots Celebrate Super Bowl Victory at Walt Disney World

(upbeat music) – Why not watch the parade with the MVP. Edelman, Tom Brady. It is Patriots Day at Walt Disney World! Go Patriots! (crowd cheering) – How’s everyone doing out there? I think we’ve just got six. Did we get six? – I was an awesome win
last night by the Patriots. Number six was great. – And this is what you near
when you were a little kid hearing Joe Montana saying
“I’m going to Disney World.” And that’s what you
always said in the mirror when you were 12 years old. – [Crowd] We’re still here. – Tom Brady baby, he’s the g.o.a.t. Everybody knows it. Six time world champion. – I didn’t know we had
as many fans in Florida as we do in Boston. – It’s the culmination
of a long year, you know. And to be here and you got the parade and just to celebrate in a way That’s so unique to the Super Bowl is just a great experience for me. We love you guys. Thanks for all your support. – It’s been an unbelievable experience, unbelievable year. I’m just so proud to
be a part of this team. Now we’re Super Bowl champs. So that’s how you wanna end the year.

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  2. People, it's a football game. Why do you have to bring in your stupid political views. Here's a view – all the Ram's players are gangsters and their coach looked like he was high on something that is probably legal in CA. If you don't want the Patriots to win (aren't we all Patriots?) then just beat them.

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