NEW Fortnite PS4 $1 Million Tournament EXPLAINED! (Fortnite PS4 Celebration Cup)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be discussing another really great piece of news regarding console Fortnite. Sometime early Monday morning the official
PS4 twitter account randomly announced that they would be hosting a solos tournament named
the “Fortnite celebration cup”. The dates for the event are scheduled for
the the 15th and 16th of February, and it’s going to have a total prize pool of 1 million
US dollar so definitely pretty significant. It’s also an open tournament which means anybody
can play, you don’t have to have a certain amount of arena points or any other qualifier. And along with the monetary prize pool the
tournament will also include certain cosmetic rewards for the top 5%, top 25%, and top 50%
of finishers which we’ll get into more detail about in a little. So after not having a single console only
tournament in first 2 years or so of Fortnite’s existence, in just the last 6 months we’ve
had the 1 million dollar xbox-only tournament, the winter royale, and now a 1 million dollar
PS4-only tournament. Plus on top of that we’ve also gotten a ton
of those weekly console platform cash cups. So now, let’s get into more detail about this
PS4 Fortnite celebration tournament because I’ve seen a lot of players confused about
certain aspects of it. Alright so the first thing that I want to
cover here is the general format, timing, and rewards system for the event. So probably the biggest thing people are confused
about involves the reward distribution. So this is a 2 day tournament like I mentioned
in the intro, the first day is Saturday February 15th and the second day is Sunday February
16th. However you can’t earn money on both days. On the first day the 15th, the prizes are
purely cosmetics and the rewards are exact same for every region. If you finish in the top 50% in any region
you’ll be rewarded with the “Take Cover” In-game Cosmetic Spray.” So when you consider the fact that probably
20-30% of people are only gonna play 1-2 games and then quit, if you try at all and play
the entire set of game that prize should pretty much be an absolute slam dunk. But again it’s only a spray so I don’t think
too many people will be hyped about that. Then if you finish in the top 25% for any
region which also shouldn’t be superrr difficult, you’ll get the “Wild Accent” pickaxe and
also the spray from finishing in the top 50%. And finally if you finish top 5% which is
probably gonna be somewhat difficult for a lot of players, you’ll get the “Tango” skin,
and also the previous 2 rewards I mentioned. So I would guess that on Saturday people aren’t
gonna be absolutely trying their hearts out, mainly due to the fact that there’s no money
on the line. It’s still a competitive event and there are
still prizes at stake though, so I would personally recommend still playing at least a little
on the first day. You can get a cool skin and pickaxe for free
and maybe more importantly kinda hone your strategy for the next day when it really matters. So the 2nd day which again is Sunday the 16th
is when it really starts to get juicy, this single day is when all $1 million dollars
are gonna be given out. So first let’s briefly take a look at the
prize pool for the 2 most popular regions, Europe and NA East. We’ll start with Europe here since it actually
has the biggest prize pool and you can tell right off the bat that this is very similar
to what you saw with winter royale. This isn’t a tournament where anybody’s gonna
be walking away with a ton of money, but a lot of people are gonna be walking away with
some solid cash. Top 10 ranges from 1.1k to 3k, top 100 is
$400-$900, and then it starts to drop off all the way down to top 1500 which is still
a solid $200. And keep in mind, this is a solos tournament
so unlike the winter royale this money is all yours you don’t need to split it with
any teammates. Then moving onto to NA East, top 10 goes from
2.5k for first down to 900 for 10th, it’s $275-$800 for top 100, and then again down
to 200, but this time it’s for the top 1000 players instead of top 1500. And I’m not gonna show any other regions since
they kinda vary a lot, but I’ll be sure to link the full rules page down in the description
below so you can check any other region you may be interested in. So now let’s get into the rules and general
format of how this is going to work. We know that each session will be three hours
long, and the maximum amount of games per session will be 10, so basically the exact
same time and total matches as a cash cup.Now one thing we’re not 100% sure about yet is
the actual time of day the event will take place. The winter royale started at 5 PM local time
for each region and since it was a 4 hour event lasted until 9. But the weekly cash cups that are only 3 hours
start at 6 PM and also obviously end at 9. So since this is a 3 hour ordeal I would definitely
put my money on a 6 PM start time, but 5 PM is also a possibility so just keep that in
mind if you’re making any kind of plans for this, and we’ll know for sure when they actually
add the event into the game which should happen very soon. Now the scoring system is actually very interesting
here. A victory royale is worth 10 points, top 5
placement gives you 7 points, top 15 placement gives you 5, and top 25 placement gives you
3, and eliminations are worth the typical 1 point each. Knowing this scoring system is actually incredibly
important, because it’s dramatically different than the scoring system of solo cash cups. And to showcase that, let’s just quickly compare
each placement level and the points it gives: So in a typical solo cash cup or even hypnite
a victory royale was worth 3 points, and here it’s worth 10. A top 5 was worth 2 points, here it’s 7. Top 15 was also 2, here’s 5, and the only
thing that’s the same is that in both a top 25 is worth 3. So in a cash cup the total placement points
you’d get from a win would be 10, in this tournament it’s a whopping 25. And when you account for the fact that elimination
are still worth 1 point each, I don’t think it takes a genius to understand that placement,
and especially top 15 placement is going to be so ridiculously important here. Just to put it in perspective, a guy that
gets 22 kills and finishes in 16th place would get less points than a guy who gets a 1 kill
win. At least in my opinion, that’s just absolutely
crazy to think about, So this tournament in my opinion is good for a variety of different
reasons. First off and obviously the biggest one is
that much like the winter royale, you don’t have to be a top 0.0001% player to make money. In tournaments like the FNCS and world cup
that’s kinda how it goes. But here top 1500 or top 1000 is a lot more
realistic of a goal for the majority of players. And one thing you need to remember about this
compared to the winter royale, is that theoretically the amount of players competing should be
about half as many. The Winter royale was also console-only like
this tournament is, but that included both xbox and ps4 players while this one is PS4
only. Sure I’ve already seen some examples of top
xbox or controller on PC players either dusting off their old PS4 or buying a totally new
one just for this event, but that’s obviously such a small amount of players that it barely
moves the needle. So even if you just get the lowest prize on
2-3 different regions you’re looking at $500 which is really solid for playing a video
game for a day. And even for the players that don’t think
they have a chance at winning any money on day 2, the cosmetic prizes of day 1 are still
a cool little goal to achieve. Playing events like this, even if there’s
only skins on the line instead of money is still really great practice and will guaranteed
make you a better player. Also since this is console only, it also serves
as a nice little break for the forced cross-platform matchmaking of regular pubs and arena matches
that so many console players hate. The final positive is something I alluded
to a bit in the intro, this tournament is just another step towards the development
of a legitimate competitive console Fortnite scene. The winter royale and these weekly cash cups
have been so huge for that, I feel like we’re finally seeing some console players gain large
followings for consistently performing well in these tournaments. You really didn’t see that at all with any
other competitive events in Fortnite history because console players simply didn’t stand
a chance. And I along with many other people always
thought that was so stupid, because console is the #1 most popular platform that people
play Fortnite on. So to make console players pretty much invisible
in the competitive scene just never really made sense to me, but luckily it appears like
that’s finally starting to change. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. If you’re a PS4 player let me know if you
plan to play this “Fortnite celebration cup” and also how excited you are for it. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

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  1. the part of the video where you talk about placements is wrong. The total about of placement points you can get is 10 which is a win. The placement points are the exact same as cash cups

  2. If y’all ever feel nervous just remember that TheFortniteGuy played a cash cup and came around Top 500 so let that sink In…

  3. I can never use a ps4 controller for more than a couple of hours, ps4 controllers are made for baby hands (Xbox master race)

  4. Is the 1st day qualifiers or is that just like a practice day for people to get cosmetics? I’m sure I’m working Saturday and don’t wanna miss the cup.

  5. I'm trying to play. Always been in the 30 pts area for the cash cups. Been improving every cash cup. I hope I do somewhat good.

  6. Who's been a HUGE fan of gronky before 2020??

    👇I'm GIFTING my next 84 subs 🎁
                       Must have notïs🔔

  7. This is solos so if want money in this, u gonna have to be a hell of a lot better than that bot ass pub sweater in the gameplay

  8. A victory Royale doesn't give you 10, it gives you 3, you get top 25 (3 points) top 15 (2 points) top 5 (2 points) and victory Royale (3 points) which adds all up to 10 points 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  9. i watched the whole thing thanks for letting me know what’s good in this tourney & informing me about the cash prizes as well 🙂 !

  10. I’m very hype bc my platform cash cup placements the past 3 weeks have been top 500 so I feel like it’s free money and I’m gonna do a few regions

  11. I think you misread the placement points… it’s the same as cash cup, it’s just adding them up so it’s easier to see.
    When fortnite adds it to events, I’m assuming it will clarify this.

  12. You dont get 10 points for a victory royale. 3 points for top 25, 2 points for top 15, 2 points for top 5 and 3 for the victory royale. Which equals 10 points.

  13. I play on ps4. Watched it till the end. I'm very excited. It's gonna be my first tournament outside card games. I also plan on playing both days. Even if I don't win cash, the skin is nice to have to prove I participated.

  14. i feel like im playing with only console players right now on my ps4 is crossplay gone? maybe because of the tournament please play some ps4 matches tell me what you think, also the killfeed all the names seems like ps4 with no spaces and strange letters

  15. You get 10 points total for a victory Royale
    Top 25 gives 3
    Top 15 gives 2
    Top 5 gives 2
    Victory Royale gives 3
    Totalling 10 points
    + ur eliminations

    Can you pin this comment so people can understand the real points system, I see how you made that mistake tho

  16. No… its the normal one gronky this isnt a different tourney setup. I checked in the tournament tab earlier, it is the exact same as the other cash cups.

  17. "o̳n̳l̳y̳ ̳h̳e̳r̳e̳ ̳c̳a̳n̳ ̳g̳e̳t̳ ̳w̳h̳a̳t̳ ̳I̳ ̳w̳a̳n̳t̳"

    "I̳ ̳h̳a̳v̳e̳ ̳1̳3̳5̳0̳0̳ ̳ᴠ̳-̳ʙ̳ᴜ̳ᴄ̳ᴋ̳s̳ ̳b̳y̳ ̳u̳s̳i̳n̳g̳:"

  18. What's up Gronky? Thanks for your continued support of Console Fortnite. Definitely excited to be able to compete for some cash against other skilled console players.

  19. I have not played this game in ages but I think I might play this tournament but I know I won't win nothing because I have never been a sweat or played scrims. Just want to play to try out scrims.

  20. Gronky u r wrong for scoring system epic meant that if u win a match u will get 10 pts for all . 3+2+2+3 top 25 15 5 and win

  21. Will it be 'Skilled Match-Making' ?
    If so, then it won't really be the top 5% of Fortnite players.., Unfortunately.. It would only be the top 5% of each devision. Dumb.. And still rewarding horrible players, while punishing the better player. Just like Fortnite to do so, and at this point, I kind of expect them to.

  22. I’m so excited for this tournament even if I don’t win

    I enjoy playing these kind of events with packed endgames and without the players with 240fps in their name🤩

  23. Basically epic is saying “we ain’t fixing console so here’s some money to buy a PC for those few that still play”

  24. I’m on West region and I plan to participate both days. Skin is a cool cop just to brag and grabbing some cash on Sunday would also be dope. I played the winter royale so I hope the experience can translate. I’m working on getting my tunneling down which is one of my weak points. :/ good luck to everyone! Use code Gronky12 like I do. 🙂

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