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Looking for a Harry Potter Birthday Card? If you can solve these riddles, you might be in for a treat… Hi, this is Rodney and I have something very magical to show you I was kindly gifted these amazing magical cards by a small family business called Cardology and because they are so amazing, I knew I just had showcase them to everyone if you’re looking for a Harry Potter Birthday Card, then any one of these will be brilliant these amazing designs would even be great for Harry Potter Valentine’s Cards or even Harry Potter Christmas cards too so this is the Hogwarts castle I’ve showcased this before on social media, but as you can see the detail of this is amazing and it’s not just the front, it’s also the back and you can see the little designs of all the little Hogwarts rooms this is so cute and so amazing, I love this one so much This is the Fawkes card now if you know anyone who’s favourite character is Dumbledore, then this is a great one to get we all know that Fawkes belongs to Dumbledore it has little details that are only specific Dumbledore for anyone that’s a Quidditch lover this is another great one because this is the Golden Snitch I do love the Golden Snitch and this is such a cute little design and if they’re a fan of all the magical creatures, then this is the Hedwig card perched on Privet Drive such a genius card, I can’t believe how this is a pop-up, how it actually works… I mean, the amount of skill and design that would’ve gone into creating this, it’s just amazing and there’s still two more as part of this collection, that I still need to collect which is, the flying Ford Anglia as well as the Hogwarts Express okay so to get hold of these cards, look out for the link in the description box below submit your details and I will email you everything, as well as a discount code there’s no catch I’m not being paid to promote these cards, I’m not getting any commission from any of the sales they are offering a limited discount code,
which is what I’ll be emailing you so whenever I’ve had cards like this in the past, I actually didn’t want to send them because I didn’t want to ruin the inside with my writing, but Cardology have thought of everything there is a slide-out note card so you can display these cards as a treasured keepsake, but still hide the message the cards also come with a reversible plastic free packaging so turn the package inside out and there you have a Harry Potter envelope too so to get the limited discount click the link in the description box below, submit all your details and I’ll email everything over thanks again to Cardology for gifting me these amazing cards I hope you found these as amazing as I have if you’re new here please do subscribe, which you can do by clicking the subscribe button below this video and then you can check out some of my other magical videos and with that remember the Wizarding World is just one spell away

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  1. Well im turning 17 next week so i expect them in my mail box rodney! Its so funny tho, i feel like i still got the mark on the and can use magic everywhere next week! Haha !

  2. Love these…engineering creativity in these pop ups is brilliant..would have liked to have seen Hogwarts Express and the car but I'm guessing I wont be disappointed…Cheers:)

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