New LEGO Batman sets revealed! Batcave, Batmobile, Batwing – 80th Anniversary

Batman yes Batman so much Batman Batman
has turned 80 years old or is turning 80 years old and Lego has unveiled some
sets to commemorate the occasion first of all let’s look at set number 7 6 1 1
9 Batmobile pursuit of the Joker this has a Tim burton-esque Batmobile very
long it’s supposed to actually have some engine detail that you can see if you
lift the hood it has a couple of stud shooters one on either side comes with a
full set of the gunmetal gray colored bat acessories or bat accessories that
have been out for a little while now and for many figures this one comes with
just a gray suited Batman himself and the Joker this one’s going to retail for
$30 us for a 342 pieces which seems like a pretty decent deal to me it’s an 8
stud wide Batmobile build so it’s gonna be fairly long and I think that the
value proposition on this one is going to look pretty good I think a lot of
people will be able to appreciate the look of this Batmobile but it does look
a little bit square around the sides a little bit older in its design I think
for a 2019 build I don’t know though I think this is a good one that’s gonna
sell well and make a lot of people happy of a lot of different ages next let’s
look at mr. Frese bat-cycle battle set number 7 6 1 1 8 this one comes with 200
pieces for $20 so another good price to part ratio this one comes with Batman
and Robin on the good guy side it looks like Robin has short legs I was actually
expecting them to do medium size legs by now for him I’m pretty dynamic looking
Robin though with good detail on that torso and a pretty serious looking face
might have a secondary face as well and then here’s the new mr. freeze with
white skin tone and the fishbowl style helmet fully brick-built set of
accessories there it looks like there’s actually one new piece that’s included
in that build and you’ll see that elsewhere in the set on his backpack
he’s got that one canister which is kind of in the shape of a grenade I’m sure as
you pull that off and hold it in in the hand if you want it actually has a bar
element on it and that’s stuck into an arrow blade
ninjago base piece has three holes in it he comes with a snow machine type of
vehicle which shows another new element introduced in this series you can see
the two I guess you can call them modified tile pieces 2 by 2 round with
some detail in them it makes them look like they are wheel inserts or something
like that looks pretty cool and should be useful for making all sorts of
details the bat-cycle at first glance almost looks like a tumbler but it’s
actually much smaller and this also shows yet another new small element you
can see those warhead elements used on the on the front not the same as the
grenades that we just saw just another way to get some more interesting detail
into a small lego model and on the back you can see on the outsides of the rear
wheels they’ve also added a couple more of those round 2 by 2 elements that are
new and finally in the minifig accessories you can see still more stuff
so two more of those grenade like things with just some hollow studs attached to
them but then there’s also this new harpoon element which has an anti stud
on one side and it’s got a bar coming out the other so they’ve attached the
red and grey hollow studs over that bar it’s just gonna be another really useful
piece it looks like here’s set number seven six one two zero
batwing and the Riddler heist this will go for fifty dollars u.s. and comes with
four hundred and eighty nine pieces so again very close to ten cents per part
the figures here are Commissioner Gordon Shazaam which a lot of people are gonna
like to get to go with the movie I don’t know if he’s gonna come with a hairpiece
in this set though that could be a Miss of course comes with the Riddler and
also another gray suited Batman forgive me for not being a Batman superfan I
don’t know the specific name of that suit the batwing looks pretty cool to me
so this has a couple of stud shooters on it and also a couple of recolored multi
tile shooters that were first introduced in LEGO City for the beginning of this
year you see that the wings are plates built and they have some modified 4×4
tile pieces with just the four studs each to reduce the total number of studs
on the upper surface the gcpd patrol car looks like something we haven’t seen
very much from Lego in its overall shape it’s a six stud wide build very very
short in height it’s uh it’s interesting it’s it’s long not very tall but quite
wide I appreciate the fact that it’s just different and it’s still made for
many figures a single minifigure I believe will fit in there I don’t think
you’ll be able to fit to the Riddler’s helicopter is based off a classic bell
47 which is most known for its appearance in the TV show mash this is a
pretty good representation of one for just a toy I think the rotors are a
little bit short here once again that’s a common problem with Lego but you know
the canopy is done pretty nicely and it’s covered up decently well around the
sides this has a couple of flick fire missiles on the sides you can see the
gold-coloured warhead there and then one by one cone piece and it’s got a chain
with one of the new harpoon hook pieces that’s attached to it in this set the
Riddler is going to be stealing a safe which actually has a locking feature
built into it will be interesting to see how that mechanism is done but you will
need to turn the oversized well human-sized knob on the outside to get
it to actually open I think that’ll be fun for a lot of kids and this comes
with a bunch of accessories including some of the power blasts for Shazam to
use some of the new warhead and grenade style elements as well as those two by
two modified tiles that kind of look like wheel covers next up the big one
Batcave Clayface invasion set number seven six one to two with 1037 pieces
and again meeting or beating a ten-cent pressed part ratio this will come in at
100 dollars the Batcave itself has just the tiniest bit of the Wayne Manor up at
the top and this is gonna have another transformation feature where you’ll be
able to change Bruce Wayne into Batman going through the terrain there on the
side you can see just a treasure trove of new pieces all these these silver
parts with the bars they’ve got actually a couple
that you’ll see in this set just looks really really useful it will definitely
enable all sorts of new custom building possibilities and I hope to see them
used quite a lot in upcoming sets really small pieces allow you to do really
fantastic things look like looks like they actually messed up right
there and have one of those lights not fully attached up by the bat-computer of
course all those panels use stickers more new elements over here with the
spinning saw blades with bar attachment for either one and also those little
things down below I mean just just so many new things here I cannot wait to
get my hands on these new parts this is not the most complete Batcave you know
just in terms of how much wall space that it has how enclosed it feels but it
looks like it’s going to be a really good play set with a decent amount of
room for figures to interact I think a lot of figures in play will have to be
kind of around the periphery but there is a lot more depth here than we have
seen on a lot of Lego structured builds in the past this bat tank has a massive
launcher on the top which is going to fire flick fire missiles and then you
also have a couple of stud shooters on the sides that our angled and can also
be picked up and used with just minifigures then you get this large
comic style Clayface I actually think this looks
pretty decent it would look better with less gray pieces but those mixels style
ball joints are color locked as far as I understand
Lego sometimes breaks their own color locking or they’ll say something is
supposed to always stay one specific color but then they’ll change it later
doesn’t seem like they’re doing that this time around but this looks like
it’ll be fairly poseable and I think it actually looks pretty good for what it’s
trying to be four figures we get Bruce Wayne a cat woman who looks like she has
a dual moulded mask piece with the red actually being transparent and built
into that headgear piece another small Robin
man himself also get another bat woman and the set also comes with a two-face
and finally more accessories including some better looks at some of the new
molds here for this year it’s really interesting that they actually did two
different versions of those new silver bar elements with the three sided and
two sided and the ability to grab them with a hand in different ways just
really interesting stuff I’m actually really excited about this year’s entire
parts inventory they’re also two new for plus or formerly junior sets being
released this one here is 7 6 1-3 8 Batman and the Joker escape comes with
171 pieces many of them very very large pieces which helps a little bit to
explain the $40 price tag this one centers around a very very very
simplified build for an Arkham Asylum it’s really not gonna have all that much
– it also comes with a bat copter which actually looks pretty proper for one of
these juniors style builds I still would like to see longer rotors on it but
overall it looks pretty decent there is a little dual catapult that you
can roll along the ground and then a colorful motorcycle with the red against
medium as your the two prisoners included in this set are Harley Quinn
with the I believe that’s light yellow base color for her hairpiece and then
the Joker himself of course and then we also get an Arkham Asylum guard and a
black suited Batman way lower in price and also size and complexity is 76137
here Batman versus the Riddler robbery this comes with just 59 pieces
and will sell for just $10 that price makes this a really easy impulse buy for
kids who want a Batman and a Batmobile and a bad guy this is a really
straightforward set that should be very easy to put together I mean everything
here is absolutely self explanatory and I think that for the target market and
for the price and everything this is another really really good one sweet
well that’s it for these reviews let me know what you think about these sets in
the comments down below if you like to you’ve already heard my thoughts looking
forward to those pieces more than anything of course none of these toys
for kids are designed with ultimate collector’s series level complexity or
perfection in accuracy but I think that’s okay as long as they are good
toys anyway that’s it for this video thanks for watching leave a comment if
you like I’ll talk to you soon

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