NEW LUNCH BOXES! ๐ŸŽ Fun Lunch Ideas

– [Jennifer] Today I’m back with another week of school lunch inspiration. As always, all of these lunches are fun and cute but still easy to make. Now I am super excited
for this week’s video because not only did
the kids (bell ringing) get to try lots of new foods, but they also got to try new lunchboxes. Now you’ve probably noticed
that I’ve been using the same type of lunchbox
for quite some time. These are made by Ziploc
and they’re great. They’re very affordable and
you can find them at Target. But I’d really like to start
testing out other types of bento boxes, so this time
we’re going with the Yumbox. I have to say, when I first got them, I thought they were pretty
small, but as you can see here, they’re pretty much the same size as the lunchboxes I have been using. So here’s the one that Jackson chose, this one’s called the Emoji box. This one is super fun with
all the emojis in there. And as you can see, this
little tray pops out which makes it super easy to clean. And here’s the box that Lily chose. There was lots of different
colors and patterns on Amazon. I really like this one because
it has California on it, ’cause that’s where we’re from. And then last but not least, the box that Kenzie chose was
called the French box. You can see there’s the
Eiffel Tower in there. The drawings are so cute,
and in this little section, you can see little tiny macaroons. Now this video is not sponsored you guys, I just really wanted to try these boxes, so let’s see how they do. Hey guys, and welcome to Tuesday. Now we did go ahead and
skip Monday this week, since it was President’s Day and the kids didn’t have school. So for today’s lunch, I’m gonna start by making some roll-ups. Now instead of using regular tortillas, I picked up these new ones from Walmart. These are whole wheat wraps
and they’re actually lower in carbs, so if you’re looking for that sort of thing,
you might like these. So now I’m just gonna spread
on some chunky peanut butter, about two tablespoons worth. I’m going to add extra crunch to this by adding a sprinkling of granola. This is the Bear Naked granola in the cacao, cashew butter flavor. Some sea salt, it’s really very good. So now I’m just adding one whole banana and I’m gonna roll it all
up as tightly as I can. Now a trick to getting these to cut nicely is to stick them in the
fridge for a few minutes. And when they’re nice and cold, they definitely cut a lot easier. So it looks like with
these new lunchboxes, I’m gonna be able to fit about six slices in this large compartment. I really think the kids
are gonna love these and I think they are especially gonna love the crunchy granola in there. Now moving right along to
the vegetable for this lunch, I’m just gonna keep it
simple and add some celery. Now I’ve been told that
with this lunchbox, things like applesauce will not leak, so I’m putting it to the test. I’m gonna go ahead and fill up this back section with applesauce. I’m gonna smooth it out in there, and then I have a really fun topper to put on the applesauce. These are called Top This
and these are actually made for cupcakes, I found this at Party City and they’re really very interesting. They look like really cute daisies. They have a texture of a wafer. There’s actually no sugar in there. They’re basically just cornstarch. This is such a cute and easy
way to dress up the lunch. Next up, I’m adding some pistachios. All of my kids love pistachios
and they especially love the kind that’s already out of the shell. So I’m pouring about a tablespoon right in this little compartment. And there’s still some room in there, so I think it would be really
fun to add in some Kisses. I’m gonna add one blue one in there and I think I can fit one more. Next, I’m throwing in a string cheese, but to dress it up a little bit, I’ve taken some of these pineapple picks. I found these at Hobby Lobby. I just stuck it to the outside
of my string cheese wrapper and then I sort of decorated the outside of the string cheese using a Sharpie. And then last but not least, I’m also throwing in some popcorn. This is just some homemade
air popped popcorn. And then for the drink today, I’m going to throw in some of this lemonade. Okay friends, it’s time to
see how the kids did today. We’ve got Mackenzie here with us. – [Mackenzie] Hi.
– [Jennifer] Jackson. – [Jackson] Hi.
– [Jennifer] And of course, Miss Lily.
– [Lily] Hi. – [Jennifer] So what did
you think of today’s lunch? – [Mackenzie] It was really good. – [Jennifer] Mm-hmm, there’s a little bit of popcorn left in yours. Okay, time to check these boxes. Ah, it looks like you did pretty good. Some of the applesauce got
on the lid (bell ringing) but it didn’t get anywhere
else, so that’s pretty good. What about you Jack, you
ate all your popcorn. What was your favorite part? – [Jackson] My favorite part was the banana things, what are they? – [Jennifer] , Ooh, I see
some applesauce left in yours. – [Jackson] I liked the banana
rolls, what are they called? – [Jennifer] I guess I just
call them banana roll-ups. Did you like it with the granola in it? – [Jackson] Yeah. – [Jennifer] Now it’s time for Lily’s. You ate most of your popcorn. Time to check Lily’s. Oh, I can get it open. Pretty good, what was
your favorite part Lily? – [Lily] Um, the banana roll-ups and the applesauce and Kiss. – [Jennifer] Did you like
your little wafer flower? – [Lily] Yeah. – [Jackson] What are they called? – [Jennifer] These little flowers? Kenzie, I see you didn’t eat
all yours, was it too weird? Oh, it got soft in the applesauce. – [Mackenzie] Yeah, it got
soggy so I couldn’t eat it. – [Jennifer] Everybody else liked it. Good job today guys! – [Fudge Kids] And we’ll see you tomorrow! – [Jennifer] Good morning
Fudgies and welcome to Wednesday. Now today’s lunch is completely
gluten free and nut free. I’m gonna start by rolling up
some slices of turkey meat. Then I’m gonna cut each roll in half. Next, I’m gonna cut the cheese. (farting) And instead of using a
plain old regular knife, I’m cutting the cheese
using my crinkle cutter. This is super easy to do
(farting) and it just makes it a little bit more interesting. Next, I’m gonna slice up
lots of fresh cucumber. And I’m actually making sure to cut these a little bit on the thicker
side and that’s because, I wanna add all of these
things to these bamboo skewers. I found these at Hobby Lobby
and they’re the perfect size to fit right inside our lunchbox. So basically, I’m trying
to make one of those sandwich on a stick sort of
things, but since this lunch is gluten free, I’m omitting the bread and just adding cucumber slices instead. Now if you wanna make this at
home, you can really switch up and use any ingredients you want. You could add cherry tomatoes
or slices of pickles, that would be really good. Now I’m gonna go ahead
and add three skewers to Jackson and Mackenzie’s lunch, but I think Lily will
probably only need two. Next, I’m throwing in
some fresh strawberries. Followed by something new that I’m hoping the kids will like. These are coconut rice pudding cups. They’re dairy free and they’re gluten free and I found them at Costco. Now I definitely think
that this lunch needs some sort of grain or chip or cracker, but since I’m trying
to keep it gluten free, I’m just gonna add a handful of these corn, pea, bean and quinoa crisps. I found these at Trader Joe’s
and they are gluten free. Now I’ve actually tried
this coconut rice pudding and it wasn’t very coconutty, I’m not sure the kids will like it to be honest. So since it’s not very coconutty,
I thought I would go ahead and add a scoop of coconut
to the kid’s lunches, that way they can sprinkle
it on top of the pudding when it’s time for them to dig in. I’m definitely gonna remember
to put in a spoon today. Next, I’m gonna throw in
a cute little box of these vanilla yogurt raisins, if
these were plain raisins, my kids would not like
them, but I’m pretty sure with the yogurt on the
outside that they will. And then finally to drink today, I’m just gonna send them with some water. (bell ringing) Okay guys,
should we see how you did today? – [Fudge Kids] Yeah. – [Jennifer] Lets start with Lily. What did you think Lily,
what was your favorite part? – [Lily] My favorite part was the raisins. – [Jennifer] Oh, the yogurt raisins? – [Lily] Yeah.
– [Jennifer] All right. What about you Jack? Let’s see how you did. – [Jackson] I really liked
the coconut and the skewer. – [Jennifer] The skewer, yeah,
but you left some cucumbers. Were you too full? – [Jackson] Mm hmm. – [Jennifer] And last
but not least, Mackenzie. What’d you think? – [Mackenzie] I actually
really liked the skewer. – [Jennifer] The skewer, everybody has a little bit of raisins
left, I’m surprised. Tell me the truth you
guys, what did you think about the coconut rice pudding? – [Jackson] I didn’t
really like it that much. – [Lily] I didn’t really like it. – [Jennifer] They didn’t
like it, but I thought it was really good, I tried some. It’s not very sweet at all,
so I think it was good. – [Lily] And we’ll see you tomorrow. – [Fudge Kids] Good bye! – [Jennifer] Hey guys,
and welcome to Thursday. For today’s lunch, I’m going with one of the kids’ favorites,
breakfast for lunch. So I’ve actually started
by preheating my thermoses. These are precooked turkey sausage links. They’re definitely a favorite around here, not only for breakfast, but for lunch too. Now that I’ve got these heated up, I’m gonna add about five
pieces to each thermos and I’m gonna get that lid
on there nice and tight so that they can stay nice and hot. Now what goes better with
sausage than pancakes? To make this quick and easy, I’m using a store bought pancake mix. This is the multigrain
mix from Trader Joe’s. Now I’m gonna go ahead and cook up this entire box right now. I’ll throw some into the lunchboxes and freeze the rest for later. And I want these pancakes
to be pretty small, kinda like silver dollar pancakes. I think that they’ll fit a
lot better in the lunchboxes if they’re on the smaller side. And just as a side note you guys, I am keeping the turkey
sausage hot in today’s lunch, but these pancakes are gonna
be served at room temperature. My kids are totally fine with that and it’s much easier to do it that way. To go along with these
pancakes, I’m also sending a tiny container of maple syrup. The kids can actually just dip their pancakes directly in there. I do have a separate
container for the syrup, so hopefully it won’t get too messy. For their fruit today, I’m
adding in a scoop of grapes. This is a mixture of green and red. And for the vegetable, I’m throwing in a big handful of baby carrots. Now to go along with these
carrots, I’m also gonna give the kids some ranch, of course. I’m still using this yogurt based ranch. I’m gonna pour a little bit of this ranch directly into this little
section and hopefully, it won’t leak into the other compartments ’cause I’m pretty sure the kids won’t like ranch on their pancakes. Now I definitely want to
dress up this box a little bit and the easiest way to do that is just to throw (bell ringing)
some picks in there. So I have a giraffe
and a couple of pandas. This lunch doesn’t
really need these things, but they do make it a little
bit more fun and interesting. Now before I put this in the lunchbox, I do have separate lid for the syrup ’cause I would really hate for that to spill all inside the lunchbox. Now to this, I’m also gonna
add a little yogurt tube. This is a cherry flavored
Greek yogurt tube. And then, since we still
have a ton leftover from Valentine’s Day, I’m also throwing in a little bag of pretzels. And last but not least,
the drink for today. I’m gonna give the kids the option between grape juice or
they can just have water. – [Lily] (bell ringing) Lunch is over now. Here’s what we ate. – [Jennifer] Well, I can see everybody ate their sausage, was it good? – [Fudge Kids] Yeah. – [Jennifer] Was it still nice and hot? – [Fudge Kids] Yes. – [Mackenzie] I had to
wait for it to cool down. – [Jennifer] Let’s see
what’s left in the box. I can see that nobody ate their yogurt. What’s up with that you guys? You don’t like this anymore? – [Jackson] We don’t like that brand. – [Lily] Because it’s
kind of like liquidy. – [Jennifer] Liquidy? – [Lily] And we can’t stir it. – [Jennifer] , all right, okay. How was the rest of your breakfast lunch? – [Jackson] I really, really,
really liked the pancakes. – [Jennifer] Yeah. – [Jackson] All my syrup’s gone. – [Jennifer] I have to
say, these boxes are a little sticky looking, but most of the food’s gone, so that’s good. What was your favorite part guys? (laughing) Okay, let’s have Jackson say first. – [Jackson] My favorite
part was the purple grapes. – [Jennifer] Purple grapes and Kenzie? – [Mackenzie] My favorite
was the pancakes. – [Jennifer] Lily. – [Lily] My favorite was
the sausage and pancakes and the purple grapes. – [Jennifer] Oh, you
liked a lot of your lunch. Good job today guys. Should I make pancakes for lunch again? – [Fudge Kids] Yes, see ya tomorrow, bye. – [Jennifer] Hey guys, and happy Friday. I’m super excited because of next week, we’re gonna be doing
lunches from Disneyland. But before that, we gotta finish Friday. For today’s lunch, I’m gonna
start by making a sandwich. For this, I’m using two
pieces of whole wheat bread. Next, I’m going to take a big glass cup and I’m going to remove part
of the bread along the top. And I’m using a cup because
I wanna show you guys that you don’t have to
have special cutters to make fun lunches, you can just use what you have around the house. Now that we have our bread ready to go, I’m gonna fill it with some chicken salad that I made earlier. Now I actually make chicken
salad lots of different ways, but for today I just made
it with some chopped up rotisserie chicken, to that
I added some diced celery, some cut up grapes, a little bit of mayo, the juice of one lemon
and salt and pepper. I’m keeping it pretty basic here. I’m gonna go ahead and
add it to the lunchbox. Now I want this guy to look like an owl, so I’m using two extra slices
of cucumber for his eyes. I’ve cut a little triangle for his beak. Now I’m taking one
grape that I cut in half and I’m gonna place these
directly on top of the cucumbers. He’s definitely looking like an owl now. Now because I don’t want
his eyes to fall off, I’m gonna take a couple of sandwich picks and I know those look a little bit harsh, but I’m gonna stick them
directly through his eyeball. Trust me guys, this
will not hurt him a bit. Next, I’m placing two
little slivers of carrot to look like his wings. Now I know those probably won’t stay put in the lunchbox, but that’s okay. Moving right along, I’m
going to add lots of cucumber and as a very special treat,
I’m also adding one or two of these Swedish Fish directly into the treat section of the lunchbox. And to go along the Swedish Fish, I’m also gonna add some Goldfish. But these aren’t just regular Goldfish, these are the new Epic Crunch
Goldfish in the ranch flavor. Now these are pretty
new, the kids have never tried them before and I’m gonna go ahead and put a poll right
up here in the corner. You’ll have to let me know
of you’ve tried these or not. At the store, I saw a ranch
flavor, a barbecue flavor and I think the last
one was a taco flavor. So let me know if you’ve
tried them before. Now I’m kind of out of
room in this lunchbox, so in this separate container,
I’ve added lots of slices of apples which I’ve
squirted with a little bit of lemon juice to keep
them nice and fresh. Then I’m adding a really
delicious fruit dip. Let me show you how I made it. This is basically just three ingredients. Chunky peanut butter,
lowfat vanilla yogurt and a tiny bit of honey. The honey is optional. Next I’m gonna mix this all together and it becomes a
delicious, easy fruit dip. I think this tastes a lot
like peanut butter pie and it’s perfect for
dipping the apples in. I’m gonna throw just a
few mini chocolate chips right on the top, yum, the
kids have never tried this, but I guarantee that
they’re gonna love it. (bell ringing) All right
guys, now I can tell that you all really liked
the peanut butter dip, right? – [Fudge Kids] Yeah. – [Jennifer] Was that the
best part, or did you like something else even better? – [Mackenzie] I liked something else. – [Jennifer] Okay Kenzie,
let’s see how you did. – [Mackenzie] I really liked the sandwich. – [Jennifer] The chicken
salad, yeah, there’s so many different ways to make chicken salad. But that one is a classic. Oh Jackson, what do you think? Oh, it’s all gone? – [Jackson] Yeah.
– [Jennifer] What? – [Jackson] My favorite part was the Swedish Fish and the Goldfish. – [Jennifer] Swedish Fish and
the Goldfish, lots of fish. – [Jackson] And also the dip too. – [Jennifer] The dip too, and Lily. – [Lily] My favorite was
the dip, the Swedish Fish and hmm, I was full, but I’d like to have more apples tomorrow. – [Jennifer] You liked those apples? – [Lily] Yeah.
– [Jennifer] Oh good. – [Fudge Kids] See you next week! – [Lily] Make sure you come back tomorrow for mystery lunches, good bye. ♪ You and love together ♪ ♪ I need only you in this crazy world ♪ ♪ ‘Cause we’ve got love ♪ ♪ Love, I need only you here with me ♪ ♪ I’m gonna get… ♪

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