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– [Jennifer] Hey guys, Jennifer
here with The Family Fudge, and welcome to Bunches of Lunches. This week we’re on a roll. We’re trying out some
colorful new lunch boxes, and every lunch I’m making this week will have some kind of roll in it. Now, don’t forget to hit
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get on to the lunches. Hey guys, and happy Monday. I’m super excited to be testing out these Goodbyn lunch boxes this week. Hashtag not sponsored. I found these on Amazon, and if you’re curious I’ll
put a link down below. Now since this is meatless Monday, that usually means some
kind of PB and J for us. So for today I’m gonna try my hand in making some PB and J sushi roll ups. Now we say sushi, but don’t worry, there’s no fish in this at all. I’m just gonna take two
pieces of white bread, I’m gonna go ahead and
trim the crusts off. Of course you could leave
them on if you like, that part is totally up to you. Now because I want these
to roll up really nicely I’m gonna go ahead and use my rolling pin to kind of flatten them out just a bit. This is not hard to do, it
just takes a few extra seconds. And now for the good old PB and J. I’m gonna go ahead and use some
natural peanut butter here, this is a smooth variety. And some good old strawberry jam, that’s really what my kids prefer over every other kind of jam. I’ll go ahead and spread just
a little bit in the center. I think the trick to these is
to not put too much filling, otherwise when you roll it all up it’s just gonna squirt out everywhere. So I’m gonna end up making
several batches of these, I know all of my kids are gonna want some. Once I have all of my rolls done I like to cut them into thirds and then get them into the lunchbox. Next I’m gonna move on to the cheese. Now you’ll notice I’m only
doing two Babybel cheeses here because for Jackson, I’m gonna give him a
string cheese instead. But for the girls, I’m just gonna go ahead and use my mini blossom cookie cutter to make a cute design on
top of the Babybel cheese. Now that I have those in the lunch box, it’s time to move on to
the fruits and veggies. I’m gonna keep it really simple by just adding a handful of baby carrots, quick and easy, nothing to chop here. I am gonna go ahead and
put some ranch in there for the kids to dip in. For the fruit I’m adding
a handful of green grapes, and you’ll notice I’m
using these silicone liners to separate the foods within this box. Next up, I’m going to add a good amount of these cheddar cheese
baked snack crackers. Now these taste a lot
like Goldfish crackers but I really love the cute
little owl design on here. I think they are adorable. So I’ll just put a scoop
in the bottom section of this lunch box. I think the section is perfect for snacks like crackers, popcorn or pretzels. Now you guys, this is the first time that I’m actually using
the Goodbyn lunch box, and so far I think it looks adorable. Next, I’m gonna add
something very special to jazz up this lunch just a little bit more. I’m gonna send the kids with a thermos full of hot boiling water, and I’m also gonna send them with a packet of the Swiss
Miss hot cocoa packet. This is the kind with extra marshmallows, so I know they’re gonna love it. Now you guys, I know my calendar says it’s almost spring time, but the weather outside
is actually cold and wet, so I think the kids are
going to love to have this nice warm hot cocoa
to go with their lunch. I definitely think this is gonna make them the cool kids at school. Oh yes, and I’m definitely gonna make sure to send them with a spoon so they can stir up their hot cocoa, and to fish out those marshmallows too. And there you have it, there’s
Monday’s lunch you guys. I love it, I think the
kids are gonna love it too. Okay guys, so before we take a look and see how the kids did, I thought I would give you a glimpse of how these fit in the lunch boxes. It’s kind of a tight
squeeze but it still works. And I wanted to show you the size of these compared to the Yumbox. A little bit bigger. And then here it is compared to the Ziploc one that I normally use. So it’s a pretty good size. So, kids, who should we start with first? – [Children] Me! – [Jennifer] Everybody says me. Let’s go ahead and start with Miss Lily. What did you guys think
of these new lunch boxes? – [Lily] They’re good. – [McKenzie] They’re good. – [Jennifer] You did pretty good, I just see a few things left. That’s not too bad. Now let’s check Jackson’s. Not too bad either, just a few carrots. And McKenzie. McKenzie you ate it all. Congratulations. Good job guys. What was your favorite part? – [McKenzie] My favorite part– – [Jennifer] Oh, wait a minute, I did go ahead and wash
out the thermoses already, that had hot chocolate in there. Did you guys like the hot chocolate? – [Children] Yeah! – [Jennifer] Was that your favorite part or did you have something
else that was your favorite? – [McKenzie] I really like
the PB and J roll ups. – [Jennifer] Yeah those were
cool. What about you, Lily? – [Lily] I liked the
chocolate milk, the carrots, and the PB and J sandwiches,
and also the grapes. – [Jennifer] And Jackson? – [Jackson] I liked the hot cocoa. – [Jennifer] The hot cocoa,
that was your favorite? Right, good job today guys. – [McKenzie] We’ll see you on Tuesday. – [Jennifer] Hey guys
and happy troll Tuesday. As you can probably tell, we love the movie Trolls in our house, and so I’m definitely throwing in some Trolls accessories for today’s lunch. Oh yes and today’s lunch
is also going to be gluten free and nut free as well. I know a lot of you probably attend a school that is a nut free campus, so I definitely wanna make sure to show some nut free lunches as well. For today’s lunch I’m gonna
start by cutting the cheese. Colby-Jack cheese to be exact, and I want my pieces of cheese to be about the same size as a string cheese, and you’ll see why in just a minute. You know I’d say one of the most challenging things about going gluten free is that you really have to be
creative with your lunches, because regular sandwich
bread is not a choice anymore. So things like lettuce wraps and these meat and cheese sticks I’m about to make will be a great alternative. So now that I’ve cut the
cheese I’m gonna go ahead and wrap the cheese with
some deli sliced ham. Now you definitely could put down a layer of cream cheese as well, and then that ham would definitely stick on the cheese really well. Once I have all of my
cheese and ham roll ups I’m gonna go ahead and
cut them into thirds, about the same size as
the PB and J roll ups from yesterday’s lunch. I think that size fits
really well in a lunch box. As you can see here, I think
these turned out so cute, perfect little finger foods for the kids. And for adults, I think
this looks good for me too. Now that the main course is done I’m gonna move on to the fruit. I got a big bag of Cuties from the grocery store the other day. I’m gonna go ahead and
pre-peel them for the kids. They definitely could
do this by themselves but I can make it look
cute if I peel it for them. For the vegetable today I’m just gonna put in a handful of broccoli, of course I love monster
eyes in my broccoli always, because why not? I also have a little bit of
ranch for the kids to dip in, and then in our little snack
section of the lunchbox I’m just putting some cheddar popcorn. This is a SkinnyPop popcorn. And then for the treat
today I’m gonna use this really cute Trolls treat container. I’m pretty sure these are
meant for Easter candy, but I’m gonna use them
for some Fruit Gushers. I used to have Gushers when
I was a kid and I love them. I even have some more space to
put our ranch right in here. And then last but not least I’m also gonna throw in a Trollz juice. This is the 100% apple
juice from Good2Grow. Of course you know we love
these fun juice bottles. I think I have every kind that they make. And we actually reuse them all the time. Oh yes, and I did wanna let you know that for Lily’s lunch I’m gonna go ahead and swap out the broccoli for pickles, because that’s what she requested. She is my pickle loving girl. Okay kids, what do you
think of today’s lunch? – [McKenzie] It was really cool! – [Jennifer] You gonna give it
a thumbs up or a thumbs down? – [McKenzie] Thumbs up. – [Lily] Thumbs up. – [Jennifer] Okay, McKenzie
what was your favorite part? – [McKenzie] My favorite part was the meat and cheese roll up thingies. – [Jennifer] Uh-huh. – [McKenzie] I really like those. – [Jennifer] What about you, Jackson? – [Jackson] I really liked the Gushers. – [Jennifer] You ate all your Gushers? – [Jackson] Uh-huh. – [Jennifer] I think Lily was saying she didn’t like her Gushers. – [Lily] No I liked it. – [Jennifer] Oh you did? Did you eat them all? – [Lily] Yeah. – [Jennifer] Oh, I thought
you didn’t like them. – [McKenzie] I didn’t
really like the Gushers. – [Jennifer] Oh you
didn’t like them, okay. What was your favorite Lily? – [Lily] My favorite was the
Gushers and the broccoli. – [Jennifer] You guys did
such a good job today, I’m surprised that I don’t
see hardly any broccoli left, just a little stem. Good job today guys. So far I’m really loving these containers, they are so fun and colorful. And we’ll be seeing them
the rest of the week. – [McKenzie] See you tomorrow! Bye guys! – [Jennifer] Welcome to
warm food Wednesdays. I definitely like to pack warm
food on Wednesdays if I can, and for today’s lunch I’m actually not going to be rolling up any food, but instead the kids are going to be getting a sandwich on a roll. A King’s Hawaiian roll to be exact. We love these things, they are so good. Now for the filling of these sandwiches I actually started by cooking up some chicken in my instant pot last night, so it could be nice and easy for today. All I’m gonna do is add
about a pound and a half of boneless chicken into my instant pot. I’m also gonna add half
a can of pineapple chunks with their juice. And then I’m gonna add a good amount of this delicious sweet
teriyaki barbecue sauce. So it’s kind of like Hawaiian
chicken on a Hawaiian roll, I think it’s gonna be delicious. So for today’s lunch I’m gonna go ahead and slice the rolls for the kids. That way they can build their own sandwich when they’re ready to eat it. Now before I put this roll
down into our lunchbox I do like to decorate it just a bit. That way we kind of have a
little sandwich monster going on. Next I’m gonna go ahead and reheat the chicken that I made last night. I love doing chicken in the instant pot but you could also make this
in the crock pot if you’d like. Now that I have the chicken in the thermos I’ll go ahead and get the lid on, so it can stay nice and hot. Now moving on to the
fruit, I’m gonna go ahead and add some slices of
kiwi to today’s lunch. I know Miss Lily especially
will be happy to see this, but unfortunately it’s
not the ripest kiwi, it’s kind of hard still. That’s just what my store
had, so we’re gonna go with it and we’ll see what the kids think. For the veggies today I’m
going with carrots again, but this time I went ahead
and cut them into sticks. Somehow I think if I cut it differently the kids might be more excited
to see them, I don’t know. Now for a crunchy snack today I’m also gonna give the kids a
few of these Funions. They don’t usually eat these very often, and they don’t eat a ton of them, so I think the kids can share. And then sometimes in their lunchboxes I also include some snack as well, that they might eat before
lunch or after lunch. This little section here is perfect for a small yogurt tube and a granola bar, and I can actually fit
both of them right in here, so that’s pretty cool. And then last but not least,
for a very special treat today I’m gonna add one of
these apricot fruit rolls. This is kind of like a fruit leather, its on the thicker side. I used to have these when I was a kid, they’re definitely a
once in a while treat. Okay guys, so I’ve already
opened up the thermoses and I can tell that you guys must have really liked that chicken. Is that true, you liked it? – [McKenzie] Yeah. – [Jennifer] I have to say that this sweet teriyaki barbecue sauce, hashtag not sponsored, was very good. I would definitely buy this again. But it’s not gluten free,
so if you’re looking for a gluten free don’t use that one. But anyway, let’s check Kenzie’s, what did you think Kenzie? – [McKenzie] I loved it. – [Jennifer] You did a good
job except for your carrots. Not into carrots? – [McKenzie] No. – [Jennifer] Let’s see, Jackson. Good job, Jackson. What was your favorite? – [Jackson] My favorite
was the fruit roll ups. – [Jennifer] Fruit roll up? Yeah. And let’s check Lily’s. See a few carrots and a
bit of your kiwi left. – [Lily] That kiwi wasn’t very ripe yet but I still liked it. And my favorite part was the kiwi and the carrots and the roll up. – [Jennifer] What did you
guys think of the Funions? – [Lily] They’re okay. – [Jennifer] Good job today, guys. Hey there and happy Thursday. Today we’re continuing with the raw theme, and I’m actually gonna try to make some tortilla rolls today. I recently saw an episode
of The Pioneer Woman where she made these, and they ended up
looking kinda like sushi, so I’m excited to give these a try. Now these are really easy
but there are a few steps. First I’m gonna go ahead
and mix up the cream cheese. I decided not to follow The
Pioneer Woman’s recipe here, because it included some ingredients I didn’t think my kids would like. I’m just using some cream cheese, a little bit of ranch
powder, and some sour cream. Pretty simple but still really flavorful. Next I’m gonna prepare the veggies. And to make this easy I’m gonna go ahead and use my mandoline slicer. But I’m gonna use a
different blade this time. This blade is gonna make
sort of a julienne cut. So little matchstick size pieces. And of course any time you use a mandoline you definitely want an adult to help you. They are very sharp and you could really like lose your finger
if you’re not careful. So I’m just cutting up some
carrot and some cucumber. These are gonna add a lot of fresh flavor and a nice crunch to our tortilla rolls. Instead of using a regular tortilla I’m using this jumbo spinach tortilla. It is so big, it doesn’t
even fit on my cutting board. Oh yes, and don’t worry you guys, it doesn’t really taste like spinach, my kids don’t mind it at all. So I’m gonna go ahead
and spread a good amount of the cream cheese mixture all over, and I’m making sure to get all the way to the edges of the tortilla, that way it can act as a
glue when I roll it all up. Next I’m gonna add some slices of turkey, followed by the carrots, and then finally the cucumber. Now you definitely could
add more ingredients if you would like, like avocados or bacon
would be really good. I’m gonna roll this up as tightly as I can and then slice them into pieces. And here they are. They didn’t come out
perfect but I think the kids are still gonna like them. Next, it’s time to move
onto the fruits and veggies. I’m gonna go ahead and
slice up some celery first. I like to get nice thin sticks here, that way they’re a little bit easier for the kids to bite into. And just like with all
the lunches this week, I’m using my reusable
silicone liners to kind of separate the foods within the box. For the fruit today I’m just gonna add a big clump of grapes. These are seedless purple grapes and they’re super fresh and delicious. And then for the crunchy
snack today I’m gonna add something new, the
kids have never had before. These are cannoli chips. And these ones happen
to be in a lemon flavor. Now I’ve had the cinnamon
and sugar flavor ones before and they’re pretty good. I’m hoping that the lemon
ones will be just as good. To me, these are kind of
like a piece of waffle cone, with like a lemon powdered
sugar on the outside. But they’re really
actually not that sweet. Now I do wanna include a
snack into today’s lunch. I’m gonna go ahead and give
the kids a little yogurt pouch. We haven’t tried these
Chobani ones before. I have a grape flavor and I have a strawberry flavor for
the kids to choose from. And then last but not
least I am gonna go ahead and throw in this juice bottle. I actually just have water in here today. Like I said, I do like to reuse these cute bottles as much as I can. Now you guys, I’m noticing quite a big gap in this lunch box, so I’m gonna go ahead and at the last minute throw in just a few of these pretzel sticks. I’ve had this bag of pretzel
sticks open for quite a while, so I’d really like to use them up. Hopefully the kids will like them. And then just for fun
I will go ahead and add just a few cute picks in
here, because why not? Okay guys, okay guys what did you think of the tortilla roll up sandwiches? – [Jackson] I really liked them. – [McKenzie] Yeah me too. – [Jennifer] McKenzie and
Jackson you ate all of them, and Lily you just have one
left, that’s not too bad. And you know what, we
can save this for later, we do not throw it out, you
can totally eat it later. It’s no big deal. So guys, tell me what
your favorite part was. – [McKenzie] My favorite
was the tortilla roll ups. – [Jennifer] Mmhmm. What about you, Jack? – [Jackson] My favorite was
the tortilla roll ups too. – [Jennifer] Yeah? You liked the cookies,
the little lemon cookies? – [Jackson] Yeah. – [McKenzie] I didn’t really like them. – [Jennifer] No I can see
McKenzie wasn’t a big fan. I thought they were just so-so. I’ve had the cinnamon and sugar flavor and I definitely think
those ones were better. – [Jackson] That’s what
I thought they were, I didn’t know they were lemon. – [Jennifer] Yeah, next time
I’ll get cinnamon sugar. And Lily, did you say your favorite? – [Lily] My favorite was the
grapes and the little things. – [Jennifer] The little cannoli chips? – [Lily] Yeah. – [Jennifer] Yeah, good job, guys! – [Lily] See you in the next lunch! – [Jennifer] Guess what,
tomorrow I’m making breakfast for lunch. – [Children] Yay! – [Jennifer] That’s our
favorite day, it’s Friday! – [Lily] Yay, Friday! – [Jennifer] Yay guys,
we’ve made it to Friday. So far I have been
loving these lunch boxes. I have to say they are
really easy to clean because there’s not a lot
of little compartments. But even though I love them
I’m still excited to try lots of different kinds of
lunch boxes in the future. Now quite often I like to do
breakfast for lunch on Friday. And since we’re going with
a roll theme this week I thought cinnamon rolls would be perfect. I gave the kids the choice
between orange rolls or regular cinnamon rolls, and they picked orange rolls. Now because I wanna put
these in the lunchbox I am gonna go ahead and place each cinnamon roll in a little silicone liner. This is gonna keep it nice
and neat and easy to clean up. I’m gonna go ahead and
pop these into the oven, and when they come out I can
add the yummy orange frosting. In the meantime I’m gonna go
ahead and prepare the fruit. I’m gonna throw in these
strawberries today. And then just for fun I’m gonna go ahead and use my pineapple pick on
a couple of the strawberries, because fruit on a stick
is always more fun. And just like that, the
orange rolls are ready. But actually I probably should have taken them out about two minutes sooner. They do look a little bit dark. But I’m gonna go ahead and frost them and maybe the kids won’t even notice. Now sticking with the sort
of breakfast for lunch theme, I also wanna include some eggs. I went ahead and made a bunch of hard boiled eggs last night, and then after I pealed them
I added them to my egg molds so they would be super
cute for today’s lunch. I went ahead and made some star shapes and some heart shapes,
and I definitely think that the star one turned out the best. So we have our cinnamon roll,
our strawberry and our egg. Next I’m gonna go ahead and
add some slices of cucumber. I had some extra carrots laying around so I punched out some teeny tiny stars to put on top of the cucumber. I’m also gonna throw in
an apple sauce pouch. This is actually a peach flavored one. And I’m also gonna throw in
this peach smoothie as well. The kids might end up
having this for a snack, or they might have it with their lunch, either way is fine. And there you have it, I think
the strawberry pineapples are kind of weird, but they
turned out really cute. Maybe my favorite thing
of this entire lunch. Which one should we start with first? – [Lily] Mine! – [Jennifer] I keep forgetting
that the blue one is Lily’s and the green one is Jackson’s. I feel like Lily’s should be purple, huh? – [Lily] Uh-huh. – [Jennifer] But they
don’t have a purple one. Oh well. Okay guys, who should we start with first? – [Jackson] Me! – [Jennifer] Okay Jackson,
what did you think? Yours is green, right? Yes. What did you think of today’s lunch? – [Jackson] I really liked the cinnamon roll cupcake thing. – [Jennifer] The little orange roll? – [Jackson] Yeah. – [Jennifer] Yeah you’re pretty good, I just see some crumbs left basically and maybe like part of an egg. Not too bad. What about you, Lily? – [Lily] My favorite was
like the cinnamon roll and the pretzels. – [Jennifer] Yeah, did everybody
drink their yogurt drink? – [Children] Yeah! – [Jennifer] Yeah? And what about you Kenzie? – [McKenzie] I ate everything. – [Jennifer] You did! Kenzie’s the winner today. Good job. What did you think of breakfast for lunch? – [Jackson] I loved it. – [McKenzie] Me too. – [Jennifer] I love doing
breakfast for lunch, it’s so fun. Oh yeah guys, and sorry
about the cinnamon rolls, I did burn them just a little bit. – [McKenzie] I didn’t even
notice they were burnt. – [Lily] They were yummy! – [Jennifer] Well that’s good. – [Jackson] Me either
but they’re still yummy. – [Jennifer] Oh good, thanks guys. – [Children] See you next week! – [Lily] Make sure you come back tomorrow for mystery lunches. – [Jennifer] Give this
video a big thumbs up and don’t forget to
subscribe if you’re new. Thanks for watching, and
I’ll see you next time.

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