– [Mom] Hey there Fudge Fam. Today, I’m back with
another week of fun and easy lunch ideas. This week, the kids got
to try lots of new foods and they also got to test
out some new lunch boxes. Now, don’t worry, we’re still loving our budget-friendly Ziploc boxes. And of course, our super
cute Yumboxes as well. They’re both excellent
but I’m also super excited to get to try out other Bento boxes. This week, we’re using the Omi box. Now, I found these on Amazon. These come in five different colors. Now, I did go ahead and
get four lunch boxes. The pink one is McKenzie’s. The purple one is Lilly’s. Jackson has the blue one. And I did go ahead and
decide to get the green one for Griffin, who’s my toddler. That way, if I ever wanna
pack a lunch for him, he’ll have his own box. So before I jump into the lunches, I’m gonna show you a little bit of the inside of these boxes. Like I said, there’s a built in thermos. I’ll go ahead and remove
the lid so you can see the thermos right in here. You can also choose to remove
the thermos altogether. Then you could put like a
salad or a sandwich in there. Lots of options. It has a really sturdy
lid that could help keep the foods in their own
section and then of course, there’s two more sections along the side that are actually really
deep and come with a divider. Now, as you can see, these
boxes are definitely more square shaped, where as
the other boxes are more of a rectangle. This one’s definitely a
little bit more pricey than the other lunch boxes but, it does come with that built-in thermos and no, you guys, this video
is not sponsored by them. I just really wanted to try these boxes. They’re a little bit different, which I think is an
awesome feature to have. So yeah, I’m super excited to
give these lunch boxes a try and without further ado,
let’s get on to the lunches. Hey guys and happy Monday. So, today is meatless Monday. In fact, I’m gonna try to make
this lunch completely vegan. Of course, I am no expert. I’m just gonna try my best here. I’ve had a lot of requests
to show vegan lunches, so I’m definitely learning all I can. For today’s lunch, that
means mac and cheese. But not just any mac and cheese. I recently saw this vegan
mac and cheese at Target and I definitely wanted to
pick it up to give it a try. Now just as a comparison, here is a regular box of mac and cheese and here is the vegan one. The vegan one was actually 2.99 a box whereas the regular mac and
cheese was only 89 cents. Now, according to the
directions on the box, I’m really just gonna prepare
this like I normally would. The only difference is
the butter and the milk. For the milk, I’m going
to be using almond milk and the butter says it’s optional. Since I don’t actually
have any vegan butter, I’m just gonna go ahead and
leave out the butter altogether. So now that my water’s boiling, I can go ahead and open up the box. I just wanna take a look
at the noodles here. To me, they look like
just regular noodles. They don’t look different at all. So I’ll go ahead and
cook them and drain them. Next goes in that almond milk and then the packet of vegan cheese. You know, I forgot to look
at the box to find out what this cheese is actually made of, but I do have to say, it
definitely smelled a little bit different, not like
it would normally smell. So now that I have this all mixed up, I can go ahead and spoon
it into the thermos section of the lunch box. So far, I’m really liking
this thermos because the opening is a lot wider
than the one I usually use. It’s easier to get the food in there. Although, I still manage to spill some. I always spill the food. Now, onto the fruits and veggies. Now, I already got some pre-cut carrots at the grocery store. To go along with that, I’m
also gonna cut up some cucumber but instead of doing circles this time, I’m gonna go with sticks instead. These are not very fancy at
all, but it’s kinda fun to have a change once in a while. Next, I’m gonna go ahead
and prepare some kiwi. I’m keeping it pretty simple today. I’m just gonna cut off either
ends and take the skin off, then slice it into rounds. Now, to go along with our
cucumber and our carrots, I’m also gonna add a
spoonful of this hummus. This is just good old traditional hummus. My kids don’t really like the fancy kind or the spicy kind. They just like it plain. I’ll go ahead and add
a couple of spoonfuls to a silicone liner. That way, it’s gonna make
cleanup a lot easier. So far, so good on the vegan lunch. But, I do wanna add a snack today. So I’m gonna go ahead
and add these Hippeas. These are organic chickpea puffs. So, kinda like a cheese
puff but definitely the vegan version. These are also gluten free and soy free, but my kids have never tried these before. In fact, I haven’t tried them either. So I am gonna go ahead and
put just a few of these into these reusable snack bags. I have one for each kid. These reusable snack bags are awesome. Again, I found these on Amazon. You could just wash them and
reuse them over and over. Next up, I am gonna
throw in a special treat. Now I actually found these
at Wal-Mart here in Florida. This is not something I’ve
ever seen in California. These are coconut and guava bites. They sound so good. They’re actually made of
really good ingredients, not a lot of sugar and they’re
perfect for today’s lunch because they are vegan. Now, these do come in individual packages. I’ll go ahead and open
them up for the kids just to make it a little bit easier and then last but not least,
I’m also gonna throw in an Honest Kids juice pouch and this is in the very
berry lemonade flavor. OK Ms. Lilly, what was your
favorite part of today’s lunch? – [Lilly] Um, my favorite part was juice, kiwi, puffs, mac and cheese, and the vegetables. – [Jackson] My favorite
was the puff and juice. – [McKenzie] I think the
cheese puffs were the best. – [Mom] Hey guys and happy Tuesday. Now usually on Tuesdays, I
like to share a nut free lunch because I know a lot of
you guys can’t bring nuts to your school. So, that’s exactly what I’m doing today and of course, since I
am using the Omi boxes, this is also gonna be a hot lunch. This is gonna include
something that my kids have never tried before. Again, I haven’t tried these either. These are Mini Pupusa bites. Now, if you’ve never had a pupusa before, it’s basically made of a
thick cornmeal dough or batter and they’re usually stuffed
with one or more ingredient, such as cheese or beans, sometimes meat. Now, I picked up two different flavors. One is bean and cheese
and the other one is cheese and jalapeno. I’m not sure if my kids
will like the spicier one, but I’m pretty sure they’ll
love the bean and cheese flavored ones. Oh yes, and these are gluten
free and vegetarian as well. So I’ll go ahead and
rip open these packages and get them onto my baking sheet. These definitely are mini pupusas. Normally, they’re gonna be
a lot bigger, but that’s OK. I think these are gonna
cook really fast because they’re so small. I’m gonna go ahead and
cook mostly the bean and cheese flavor and just
a few of the jalapeno ones. Now, while those are in the
oven, I’m gonna go ahead and prepare some corn on the side. This one piece is kind
of big for a lunch box. I’m gonna go ahead and cut it into thirds and then I’m just gonna
go ahead and heat these up just a little bit. Then it’s time to move onto the fruit. Today, we’re going with mango. Now, last time, I cut my
mango, I didn’t do so well. So when I saw this little mango
cutting gadget at Wal-Mart, I definitely wanted to give it a try. Now this was just a couple of dollars. So, I’m not quite sure if it’s gonna work. Let’s give it a try. So now, what you’re supposed
to do is place the mango on top of the stand. That’ll keep it nice and sturdy. Then I’m gonna press
down with the cutter part and it’s supposed to cut around the little pit in the center. Now, I have to say,
this worked pretty well. As you can see, it got
pretty close to the center and the best part is, I didn’t cut myself. Now, all I have to do is very carefully cut it into chunks. Now that our mini pupusas
have been in the oven for about 10 minutes,
they are ready to go. I’m gonna go ahead and
stack these into the thermos and get the lid on so they
can stay nice and warm. Now, let me know in the
comments down below, if you eat pupusas, what
do you eat with them? Like do you put salsa
on them or sour cream? Or maybe you just eat them plain. Let me know how you like to eat them. Next, I’m gonna go ahead
and add in my corn. I know Jackson’s gonna
be happy to see that. He loves corn on the cob. Then, I’m gonna go ahead
and use two silicone liners to separate out my fruit. I did go ahead and chop up
some strawberries as well to add into there. Then of course, we have our
mango right in the back. I love the combination of
mangoes and strawberries. Now, in this back section of the lunchbox, I’m also gonna add a crunchy snack. Now, these are actually
called plantain chips. Again, this is not something
that I’ve seen in California. But I’ve seen these
everywhere here in Florida. They must be really popular. So I’ll go ahead and open up
this bag and as you can see, they kinda look like banana chips, but I actually tasted one and
they were not sweet at all. It was really just like a potato chip. Now, for snack time today, I’m also throwing in a yogurt cup. This is not a brand or
flavor I’ve ever seen before. I just love finding all these
new foods here in Florida. This is actually a guava flavored yogurt. So that’s definitely
something new for us to try. Then, last but not least,
I’m also throwing in one of these little mango juice boxes. Lots of new foods in this lunch today. I think the kids’ll like them though. OK kid, what was your favorite
part of today’s lunch? – [Lilly] My favorite was
the juice, the yogurt, the mangoes, the chips, the
corn and the strawberries and the stuff that was in the thermos. – [Mom] The pupusas? – [Lilly] Uh huh. – [Mom] You liked those? – [Lilly] Uh huh. – [Jackson] I like the juice and the corn. – [McKenzie] I really liked the pupusas. – [Mom] OK guys, welcome to Wednesday. Now today, I’m actually gonna
be doing breakfast for lunch. I usually do that on Fridays but, now we’re doing our field trips on Friday. So, for our breakfast inspired lunch, I’m gonna start by making
some loaded scrambled eggs. For these fancy scrambled
eggs, I’ll go ahead and start by adding just a couple of eggs. Once they’re almost completely cooked, it’s time for all of the yummy toppings. I’m gonna throw in some
shredded cheddar cheese. I’m gonna tear up just a
few pieces of baby spinach. Not too much, my kids
don’t like it when I put too much spinach. And then I’m also adding
in a few pieces of this pre-cooked bacon. This is the kind that I get from Costco. It’s already cooked
and all I have to do is crisp it up in the microwave. It’s super quick and easy. So I’ll go ahead and spoon
this into the lunchbox, top it with a little extra cheese, and then move onto the fruit. Now, for the fruit today,
I decided to throw together a fruit salad. I have a lot of different
kinds of fruit in my fridge but not very much of each
kind, if you know what I mean. So, I’m just gonna put
a little bit of each of them together and it’s gonna be great. I’ve got kiwi and watermelon and honeydew, mandarin oranges and strawberries. Even though this is
looking awesome already, I do wanna go ahead and add
just a few picks in there for decoration. These are little pandas
and they are adorable. To go along with this, I also
wanna throw in one of these Chiboni greek yogurt drinks. This is in a strawberry banana flavor. Now unfortunately, it doesn’t actually fit in this compartment. It would’ve fit in the other
compartment but I already filled that up. So, I’ll go ahead and
put this on the side. No big deal. Now instead, I’ll go ahead
and put some of these mini blueberry waffles. Now, I found these at Target
and I think they are so cute. We have Cookie Monster on there. Now these are actually
a whole grain waffle which is why they’re kind of a dark color. I’ll go ahead and pop em into the toaster just for a few minutes,
then I’ll break them apart and get them into the lunchbox. I’m gonna pack a little
bit of jam for the kids to spread on their waffles. These are actually guava preserves. We’ve never tried this before but, so far, the kids have liked
all the guava flavored items. So I thought we could give this a try. Then last but not lease, with
this breakfast themed lunch, I really thought orange juice
would be the perfect drink. I don’t know about you guys,
but when I think of Florida, I automatically think of
Disney, but then I also think of oranges and orange juice. When I was at the grocery store, I tried to find orange juice
that was actually from Florida. This one says that it is. I’m not sure how authentic it is. But I went ahead and put a
little bit of the orange juice in this Good 2 Grow bottle. This one is so cute ’cause
it has Sully on there. That is everything for today’s lunch. OK guys, who wants to go first? – [Lilly] Me! – [Mom] What was your favorite, Lilly? – [Lilly] My favorite was the
fruit salad, the mini waffles, and the orange juice. – [Jackson] I liked the waffles. – [Mom] Do you like waffles? – [Jackson] Yes, I like waffles. – [McKenzie] I really
like the eggs and bacon and the blueberry waffles. – [Mom] Hi friends and happy Thursday. So today, I have another
hot lunch planned. Perfect for our Omibox. For this lunch, I’m gonna
start with a main course first. I’m gonna go ahead and
heat up some of these Aidells chicken meatballs,
but these are actually pineapple teriyaki
meatballs which are so good and these are fully cooked. All I have to do is heat them up. So it’s super quick. While those are in the
oven, I’m gonna go ahead and add some rice. This is just leftover brown rice that I heated up in the microwave. There’s also some quinoa in there. And now that the meatballs
are warmed through, I’ll go ahead and add them
right on top of the rice and then, since there’s
already some pineapple in these meatballs, I’m also gonna add in
some pieces of pineapple to go with it. So, this is totally like a
sweet and savory combination. Now, to go along with this,
I’m also gonna add one of Lilly’s favorites. I know she’ll be happy to see this. This is Edamame in the pod. It’s slightly salted but already cooked. So I’m just gonna go ahead and
add a handful right in there and then move onto the fruit. Now if you’re wondering
why these oranges look a little bit weird, that’s
because these aren’t your regular mandarin oranges. These ones are called Lumpy,
Bumpies and you can tell why. They are very lumpy and bumpy. But they’re also naturally sweet and they don’t have any seeds. Oh yes, and they’re easy to peel as well. So hopefully, I’ll be able
to fit this in the lunch box. I have to squeeze it just a
little bit to get it to fit. I’m gonna go ahead and
decorate the top of this with a little piece of kiwi and then move on to the special treat. For the treat today, I’m
actually gonna be using a pot sticker maker. I found this at the Japanese dollar store. But instead of making a regular dumpling, I’m gonna make a sweet treat. I’m gonna start by taking
a piece of wheat bread. This is just regular sandwich bread and I’m gonna use a cup
to cut out a circle. Next, I’m gonna take my circle of bread, place it into my dumpling maker, and then, I’m gonna place
just a teeny bit of chocolate hazelnut spread directly into the center. Now I’m gonna go ahead and close this up. I’m gonna press it nice
and firmly so it creates a cute little dumpling. Now, since this is half
dumpling and half sandwich, I’m gonna call it a sandling. I think those are super cute and know the kids will love them. You could also make these with PB and J. That would be awesome too. And then, last but not least, I’m also throwing in an Honest juice pouch and this is just regular,
good old apple juice. OK guys, tell me your favorite
thing about this lunch. – [Lilly] My favorite was
the pineapple meatballs. I also liked the sandwich
dumplings, the orange, the edamame and every dumpling. – [Jackson] I like the
juice and also the meatballs and also the sandwich. – [McKenzie] I really like the sandlings. The Nutella’s the best. – [Mom] If you enjoyed this video today, don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and go ahead and hit
that red subscribe button if you haven’t already. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you next time.

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