New Lunch Boxes are BACK! 🍎 Fun Lunch Ideas

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  1. Pirate booty hmmm… ai thought this channel was kids freindly what ir parents are watching this with kids ya idiot

  2. I looked at your amazon store front but I couldn’t find those squeezies you used for the sour cream. Were they discontinued? Or do you get them somewhere that isn’t Amazon.

  3. I don't know what y'all are talking about, I've always know Walking Tacos to be made with Fritos. I've never seen Walking tacos made with Doritos.

  4. how long is the kids lunches?! my lunch is 20 minutes and id only be able to eat like half of that lunch and im in 8th grade 😂

  5. Your kids are lucky they get a perfectly packed lunch ……while my mom just throws in the food and then. We go 😂😂😂

  6. Im not being rude at all i love you alot but mabye hold back on the picks because your kids could chock, (love you lots)

  7. I’m allergic to sugar so what are usually just get a salad for lunch and I love salad so I don’t mind but this is really good so I can you know have funSo I prefer watching this so I can get a little bit of ideas for school so yeah

  8. Jen is an amazing mom. She didn't care about her cold but she filmed anyway and she wanted to make sure her kids didn't get sick, she does so much for her family. 💗💗💗💗

  9. wow this was a wonderful video hope the person that reads this get all blessing in the big beautiful world

  10. Mom does the same stuff :DD But sometimes we dont have time but..
    Idc bc mom is working hard and her food doesnt have to look cool to taste good bc anything she makes is the best

    Why am I starting to get emotional :/

  11. Lmao when I was little I got a jam sandwich for lunch, then snack was rare to get but usually just a freezer bag of cereal (my mum didn't let us have sugary cereal for breakfast, it was a snack) sometimes a half rotten apple.

    Safe to say I now have an eating disorder and have always been worried about what I eat. Yahoo

  12. Wow your amazing my daughter is very picky at mealtimes and ever since I have been watching all the amazing tips you have done it’s brilliant and so Organised healthy I really love watching you and I literally got a notepad 📝 and started to bullet point all the new beautiful foods and how to present them to my daughter thanks 🙏 so so much

  13. This so perfect especially because in my country we eat soooooooo much , we honestly have no choice , we don't have light breakfasts, lunches or dinner,. We only leave breakfast , lunch , and dinner if we are extremellllllllllllllly full , so this is the perfect lunch not only fullfilling but very healthy and yummy too ! ,😊

  14. Imagine how organized her pantry must be to make these lunches
    Idk how she does it. My mom thinks it’s so cool but she’d never do it (she’s busy)

  15. Wouldn’t it be sad for you to go to school and see them have an amazing lunch when all you have is some gross lunchables

  16. I wouldn’t ❌ have time to eat all this. How much time do your kids have to eat lunch 🥙 ??? Just wondering ❓

  17. Yeah I definitely like the way we have lunch in my country more… we can choose if we want to go in the cafeteria but we can also go off "campus" to go to a bakery or to get pizza or something… (we can go since grade 5 so)

  18. Hi! I know I am quite late 😅, but I wanna say something: In the churros (from the last lunch box) you said the chocolate was very thick, that is totally normal in Spain, they take the dark chocolate, they melt it and then they add a little bit of milk to do it a bit thinner and easier so eat with the churros, and I am sure you would DEFINITELY LOVE the homemade churros. They are so good! I love you guys, bye 💕😘

    Btw, I actually am from Spain and I am living in Spain, if you were asking 😂❤️

  19. Can I please get a shoutout I’m subscribed and have my post notifications on. Lily is so cute and Mackenzie is so smart Jackson cares for is siblings,omg and griffin is so cute

  20. You should do some more tacos with peanut butter and strawberry again with carrots and for drink water and for snack milky way

  21. Where I live we all call them frito pies they are really just a snack tbh like when you go to a party or to the movies they give those at a little treat.

  22. I LOVE these lunch ideas, but isn’t this wayyyy to much for those kids..? I’m 22 and don’t even pack that much 😅

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