New Māori Party leadership open to ideas

Will the Maori Party’s
injection of young blood see it return to parliament in 2020? At its AGM, the party elected
Che Wilson and Kaapua Smith in key executive roles. But according to political reporter
Eruera Rerekura, the future of the party leadership
roles is yet to be determined. A new president,
new co-vice presidents. And they will lay down
a new direction. We have three plans
– listening, looking and uplifting
– we need to listen to the people, we need to listen to individuals and we need to listen
to our membership, and by doing that we will have
an understanding of where we need to go. This political commentator says it’s
good to have new blood at the helm. But she says they need to form
a relationship with Labour. However, Ms Smith says neither National nor Labour
are the priority. The executive positions
have been filled, but what about the new co-leaders? We need to reach out and listen
to what individuals have to say. By going out and about on the road
and reaching out to every corner, every township and hearing
what the people have to say. There’s a lot of work ahead of them
to keep the Maori Party alive. Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere.

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