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  1. Not a millennial but I walked back when I 1st found out Hilary & Bill were treasonous,, corrupt, lying, vindictive, felonious swamp creatures with blood stains leading to their door. Also no women's rights leader would ever represent a rapist and smear the 12 year old victims reputation the way Hilary did, saying the 12 yr old introvert wanted it. Lock em all up.

  2. People under the 1st amendment have the right to choose their belief, including political identity. Corruption affects the right just as much as the left.

  3. There are 45% registered independents in the US, 30% dems and 23% reps. What does that tell you. The right and the left cannot be trusted.

  4. I was a life-long moderate Democrat until recently. All this false stuff they have been spewing since Trump was elected has nauseated me and the crap the MSM puts out on the news everyday is disgusting. The far Left, which seems to be many Democrats these days, have become treasonous and completely delirious, filled with nothing more than hate and rage that has brainwashed them. And all of this is not getting any better. The only Democrat that can speak logically and honestly appears to be Tulsi Gabbard and she is only garnering about 1% in the Dem polls. I think you can make a conclusion about how far the Democrats have sunk based on that statistic.

  5. Thank you Ms. Owens, for your insight and your courage. And also congratulations on your engagement, and to the lucky young man as well.

  6. I will never walk from my party just because Candice open her mouth. Republicans are the radical voting for an insane president

  7. The Left's Plan for America:
    Donald Trump is Racist.
    Illegal Aliens are more important than Legal Immigrants and American Citizens.
    Donald Trump should be impeached.
    Donald Trump.

    I can't support a party that has NO plan for our country's future.

  8. Candace is a pariah for the black community I love what she is doing….Unfortunately she is the only one brave enough to speak out..

  9. Honestly, the 2016 election just gave me way too much liberal extreams that it made me take a break from politics all together.

  10. Mean conservatives? The ideas here will seem insulting, but Democrats and liberals will generally not be able to see the general truth of this video, because (according to Michael Savage) liberalism is a mental disorder! BUT! Liberalism isn't as bad as Leftism. Leftism is even more extreme and insane!

    The MainStreamMedia is public enemy #1, propagates bias (overt and subtle), is simplistic, lacks facts, fails to present any of the good that President Trump is doing, appeals to emotion, and fuels negativity. And emotionally-based people float along the breezes of their soundbites.

    To those idealists who say that we can work things out if we just are reasonable, good luck! Unless they change some of their ideas, assumptions and premises, they won't see the light.

    I invite all liberals and Leftists to check out the @ movement.

  11. Be brave and strong. I applaud your stance for values and principles. One day the Democrat party and leftists media might regain their sanity. Trump 2020!

  12. "Walkaway" movement hopefully will make the Democrats change, before all their moderates are all gone, otherwise I see the development of a extreme party that will not have any power, other than violence to influence the population.
    Even if they don't take ownership of them, they have antifa as their hate (terrorist) social media group who have sealed Trumps victory for 2020.They scare everyday folks. And they can not see their effect, is polar opposite, to their ends. A conspiracy nut, could believe, they are the paid puppets of a conservative Soros.

  13. I wish we had more like Candace Owens ! Not only smart but hot ! The woman knows what she talking about . And she speaks
    her mind and tells it the way it is. Great job young lady .

  14. On February 25, 1870, Hiram Rhodes Revels was seated as the first black member of the Senate, while Blanche Bruce, also of Mississippi, seated in 1875, was the second.


  16. committee. Movement, fundraising pac for Donald Trump and Candace Owen's very own personal bank accounts she draws money on to take vacations, buying expensive luxury homes off shore, luxury automobiles, and expensive furnishings…

  17. Late to this, but I walked away from bipartisanship. This whole "You're on the other team so I'm going to immediately stop listening to you" is completely ridiculous. A black and white mentality in a multicolored world. I hate the establishment democrats/Republican lites, because that's all they are, lite Republicans. All you people saying the Dems are "too left" are insane if you haven't realized how complicit they have been with the Republicans to deregulate Wall Street, cut back social programs, cheerlead imperialist interventionism, etc etc. Stop listening to propaganda and form your own opinions, stop letting corporate news influence you with suggestive thinking

  18. The Dems manipulated and lied to all college students and baited them, brainwashed them to vote for Obama. Dangerous to abuse our young adults

  19. Iโ€™d rather vote for someone whoโ€™s not going to do anything for me at all (a corporate democrat) than someone whoโ€™s going to try to pass laws that make it legal to discriminate against my community (Republicans).

  20. Broke college and high school students love being democrats… until they get that good paying job and see how much money gets taxed without socialism.

  21. I walked away when Maxine Waters was using her all-black freemason Prince Hall members to go around an beat people up that she an her California street shiters are prone to do to their own Democratic party members when they do not like the color of your skin or none liberal Berkeley students, some very old an some so young that wanted to experiment with drugs and flag burnings and beat up people who wear red caps!!!! So I ran away becuse most looked like Socialist night street walkers with Gestopo high heels that looked to me like Kamala Harris an knowing what she had done to her boss to become a Senator I ran very very fast !!!!!!

  22. I got a walkaway video to upload soon. I know I will lose so many friends and family but that's alright, I would rather be on the right side of human history. Trump 2020!

  23. When Trump wins a historic landslide in 2020,the group mind sickness of the Democrats will be there as plain as spilled milk,for the world to see.

  24. Candace is a great American leader we are so lucky to have her leading the way to join all Americans to make our country great.

  25. Our black Americans are well educated the Democrats can no longer pander to them for votes this is a happy day in America.

  26. Candace is a smart lady she gets it. Radical dems are in panic they lie and use fake news we the people want our country back. We will have it they are done love you

  27. Trump, Biden, Obama, Peloski all use socialized meidcal insurance. They
    use tax payer funded insurance plans. IF they dont support the rest of
    us using it they need to get off the free health care plans and use
    what everyone else uses. To many lobbyist handing out money to these politicans.

  28. most of the Democrats agenda is helping everyone else but the voters, besides they almost want to take everything away from the citizens, their defense, their money, to give it away, and shred all the citizen civil rights. who need the Democrats we most, vote to make them disappear once and for all. they want everything from us, but they have nothing in return, but to make us even poorer. keeping taxes to go up, every 4 years, by charging even for the air we breathe.we are penalized for essential living necessities. it feels like we must forcibly work, but we do not deserve anything, from the effort of our work.

  29. YES!!! AMEIN ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’™ Democrats are killing off the black population. Iโ€™m so thankful others are waking up with us!!

  30. If you walk away from the democratic party best not go to the republican party, they are for the rich and people that don't know what they are all about. candace, she's about two or three weeks old she knows nothing, she just talk with a nice voice. She's either dating a white guy or married to one. Don't listen at the garbage she talks.

  31. After Trumps Third term as president , lol, and Pence's 3 terms as president ; I think Jim Jordan for president and Candace Owens as vice president would be a winner. After President Jordans 3 terms, then Candace Owens for president ! 3 terms ! I hope to see the destruction of the democRAT terrorist organization/party in my life time. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  32. It has nothing to do with them feeling bad for the kids or the parents, that are separated, I would venture to say all of these children that are not with their rightful parent are at some point trafficked!!

  33. Dems are violent aggressiveness is totally unleashed and are never held accountable and are CRIMINALS whom need to be sued and charged for there crimes.

  34. Candace Owens is a true Patriot!! We love you Candace!. The walkaway movement is for the smart people who want freedom and the Constitution which represents them!

  35. This is a very interesting, inspiring and hopeful commentary on what the Dems are doing but how do they not understand? Pelosi must go…3rd in line? Too close, Too scary!
    Iโ€™m very impressed with how well this young person sees the big picture and articulates the situation! Refreshing! Thanks very much!

  36. Schiff Pelosi and Nadler. Your all loosing points very fast and the republic's are really gaining momentum. Demos , you and your lie are your all finished and all you did was made trump even stronger. IDIOTS ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ƒWay to go Donald. Keep up the good work Donald โ˜บ

  37. Candace, it's great to see intelligence in certain people. Your opinions are concise and on point across the board. I'm hoping those qualities you're sharing are contagious! Incidentally, i walked away from the democrats during the Clinton administration and have never been happier!

  38. Coke bros talking points mean to keep the poor fighting against their own interests. Both parties do nothing

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