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  1. the entire conversation has been posted on utube. its over an hour long. he was aware,as well as all others present,that it was being recorded. do people actually think hes going to say anything out of the way?why is the media trying to put so much emphasis on this conversation when he has every right to hire and fire the ambassadors? just another bunch of bs fake drama that means NOTHING. lmao. #TRUMP2020🇺🇸

  2. The Smoking Gun tape of 2020.
    He is so going to be convicted in the impeachment trial. If not, he will be aquitted.

  3. Bro USA isn’t a prestigious as it was before what a joke. Y’all trump supporters just support for the sake of hating on other minorities don’t come at me with a BS.

  4. Democrats are going to leak to their medias all the evidence they werent allowed to present in the trial. Just as predicted. Dems have no quailms to use their corrupt medias in such dirty way.

  5. Really! So what! If the president wants to fire an ambassador for any reason that's his prerogative. People get your head out of the sand. Every ambassador can be fired right now if the president wishes too! Get it.

  6. He has the power to take her job away folks. What kind of commie son a b!-:; are you. Packing your phone and filming dishes and to chicken shot to sit still five seconds to prove it trump. I feel like all this is made in a Hollywood basement. I still see no wrong in wanting your own ambassadors and doing as you wish. No high crime. If you look at the big picture it’s the new world order against the man. Still has my vote.

  7. Trump is like a typical mafia boss, he has his cult and his goons by his side also. Hmmm didn't somebody that behaved like this start WW2?

  8. why can't trump discuss this virus and ban any Chinese from this country that recently traveled back home so it doesn't spread.

  9. Twitter Troll tRump caught in his 16k lie. I don’t know Lev. DonTheCon is a corrupt crusader to root out corruption around the world🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
    It’s harder to defend Twitter Troll tRump than OJ. Witnesses and documents needed.

  10. Criminal Trump have go court and Respond for
    Killed people!
    Not paid Tax
    Sexsual Harrassment
    For helping Dictator Vladimir Putin!

  11. Criminal and Angry Trump is Enemy of USA !!! His place in Jail or Every body will do everything Criminal Trump did!!!


  12. Are all you people so stupid that you don't realize a president has the right to hire/fire ambassadors at will. Ambassadors are chosen by the president. They are not elected officials. If they do not support and propagate the presidents foreign policy they should be fired. Look it up presidents firing ambassadors is nothing new.

  13. Ambassadors work for the President, he can fire them whenever he wants. The video clearly shows that he wanted her gone because Parnas told him that she wants him impeached.

  14. He didn't say dismiss her, he would have to do that himself, not these guests. He said "get rid of her" and "take her out". At least be accurate in the title! Mob boss.

  15. Not 1 minute of his life has this Trump person EVER done something the right way or the correct way. That was already known before 2016. Everything he does is based on lying, cheating, bluffing, manipulating etc. His only legacy will be scorched earth, chaos, destruction, debts.
    And yet, 63 million people saw him as 'their' saviour.
    Like people, like government. Alas.
    Time for America to get a grip, your nation is about to crumble…..

  16. The mob ain't nothing nice, watched godfather movie the other day and Washington in this administration bout the same. What happened to this place?

  17. The whole thing is disgusting and brings great shame to our country. The saddest thing is there are Americans betraying their own country and will continue this treachery!

  18. I just listen to the whole audio- It proves that even before there was an aid package, the president was talking about the EU and Germany, doing more for Ukraine and how the U.S., shouldn't shoulder the whole responsibility. Also shows why the president, was informed that there might be a problem, with an ambassador, in-regards to her not doing enough to stop the EU from doing trade with Russia. And that the ambassador, was telling everyone, "Just wait he will be impeached". Since she is apart of that in the impeachment, before there was even aid, one has to think this whole thing, was a set-up by this group of insiders and it has backfired badly.

    CNN and others including Fox left out "the context" before the clip "they played". Was about EU-Germany buying from Russia- helping Russia, against Ukraine.

    They told Trump and why he said, fine just get rid of her. Was that she was helping Russia, because she was working on behave of the European Union and helping the EU do trade with Russia.. Which makes sense, she was backed by George Sorros. Even a mild investigation into Yovanovitch, would reveal she did nothing to stop the EU from doing trade with Russia. This was a year before she was fired and before this happen "I have only one qeustion- who were involved in leaking "the hold of aid" to Politico?? Was it Adam Shiff and his staff with coordination with Vindman and the Whistle-Blow-heart-others to try to set up the president, for this impeachment??" which makes sense she was part of this group of insiders, that set-up the president, but failed because they didn't think he would release the phone call transcripts or frankly even that this video-audio existed proving, what his true motives in aid holding were EU and Germany contributing more.

  19. Can we stop pretending they're talking about firing her?! They were FOLLOWING her. Tracing her calls. They watched her every move. They are VERY clearly talking about murdering her. The only reason she didn't get killed is because they NEVER got the chance!!!!! She was protected….from her OWN President.

  20. Just like most of his blunders, SOMEBODY told him something… without vetting their story, he just show how tough he is. Anyone can manipulate him, by using the right phrase

  21. Lev Parnas, is "releasing real time potential evidence" that every individual Senate Republican should consider within the Donald J. Trump Impeachment trial.
    Parnas is exposing Trump's … lies, lies, lies, and more mega lies to the maximum.
    This seems to be, "direct material evidence" which refutes Trump's statements, "I've done nothing wrong and it's all a hoax."
    Lord knows, how many other potential evidence tapes will be released.
    This current President, who's being investigated by several law enforcement agencies & now Ukraine for alleged breach of security violations/criminal corruption, seems to have …
    "NO REGRETS" in brazen violations of his sworn oath to the US Constitution.
    America, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Senate Republicans, Trump attorneys, can not deny, ignore, or defend Trump's assertions … "I've done nothing wrong."
    Parnas's tapes are "proof positive" …
    Trump was discussing national security sensitive information concerning Ukraine and Russia currently at war.
    Why would President Donald J.Trump discuss … any … national security sensitive information with this well known, alleged corrupt criminal former Ukraine Russian mobster?
    America is watching!!!
    The Senate Republicans … should remember, not forget … their loyal conservative constituents are watching their representation, based on voting decisions …
    to help, not hinder them from successfully moving forward into the future and vote within the 2020 presidential elections.

  22. Trump either lied, and knows Parnas, or trigger fired Yavanovitch on a one sentence rumor from someone he doesn't know, or both.

  23. So….since this was way before Biden was running doesn’t it mean that trump wasn’t looking to discredit a political rival, which is the cornerstone of the dems argument?

  24. Ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the president who can remove and replace them as he sees fit. Nothing wrong with that, she didnt like him so he got rid of her.

  25. President Trump can't even relax and have dinner, talk over political affairs, without someone trying to secretly record him, is that Adam Schiff pretending to be a waitress.

  26. One of the men brought Yovanovich up as a backstabber…and Trump has every right to fire ambassadors who arent loyal! The Dems try to make everyone think everything he does sound like he is breaking the law! I listened to the segment…they claim "it is presumed he is talking to Parnas" yet I dont see him in the faces at the onset or hear his voice!!! More propaganda! And the person making this tape without everyone's consent is a spy! There was nothing scurrilous about this conversation and Parnas wasnt there!

  27. Spineless Repubs have their nuts in a sling now and there is much more out there. T the e Republicans need to think about protecting themselves.

  28. Listening to the whole audio was incredibly enlightening as to who the policies benefit and why they do so.

  29. How about you clowns start covering the real story about how this virus has escaped the biohazard level 4 facility in Wu Han China?

    Hello fockers wake up already!!!.. Designated at Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4), the Wuhan lab can hold the world's most dangerous pathogens at maximum biocontainment levels and was already studying ebola and sars. In 2004 sars escaped from that facility … Buuuutttt I guess nobody's talking about that now are they😏🤦‍♂️🤬

  30. Now play the recording of creepy Joe threatening to withhold Ukraine's funding if they didn't fire the prosecutor investigating his crooked son. Let's hear that one.

  31. Tape shows 1) Trump knew Parnas. 2) He knew Russia would mow Ukraine down immediately without our aid. Trump decided to threaten Ukraine and make them do Trump's dirty work.

  32. No dual citizens in government. No senator or REPRESENTATIVE or supreme court judges can be dual citizens. We need pass law in every state and in Washington. No dual CITIZENSHIP in office.

  33. And the Russians lawyer said there is more footage, a new video to come from the godfather and thief, I didn't know the Russian wink wink 😂😉

  34. CNN is only releasing his because he FULL audio shows trump saying if Bernie was running he would lose he said so him self

  35. Nothing has done more Injury to politics in the United States than the play of imagination subject to no control on the part of men who enjoy in the public press the rank of political authority

  36. So when trump heard Ukraine wouldn't last long with Russian that stuck in Trump's mind and the opportunity came up to use that information, trump had the opportunity to put his months of scheming into practice

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