New The Last Jedi Details, Talking Thrawn with Timothy Zahn & the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars

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Happy Birthday dear Star Wars, Happy Birthday to you! This week, on The Star Wars Show! Andi sits down with the creator of Thrawn,
Timothy Zahn! We celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star
Wars and much, much more. Now from the Lucasfilm Headquarters it’s
The Star Wars Show! Hi I’m Anthony Carboni
And I’m Andi Gutierrez, welcome the The Star Wars Show, a show that is celebrating
the 40th anniversary of A New Hope! And the 50th episode of this show! (crickets)
Let’s go to the news. This morning, Vanity Fair released a slew
of brand new-never before seen images from the set of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The images are packed inside of 4 different
collectors covers, the first of which feature Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill, with Mark showing
off Luke’s fancy new leather glove for his metal hand. Next there’s BB-8, with Oscar Issac, John
Boyega, and Star Wars newcomer Kelly Marie Tran who plays Rose in The Last Jedi. The First Order is unmasked on the other cover
with Adam Driver giving us a closer look at Kylo Ren’s new facial scar, while Domhnal
Gleeson grimaces in the corner and a helmetless Gwendolin Christie clutches Captain Phasma’s
new staff. The final cover is a solo shot of Carrie Fisher
in a cloak with a fashionable high collar. Inside there’s over a dozen more photos
shot by Annie Leibovitz like our first look at the wealthy creatures who inhabit the opulent
casinos of the new Star Wars city, Canto Bight. Plus, looks at Daisy Ridley in the Millenium
Falcon with Chewbacca, played by Joonas Sueatamo. Another photo shows Writer/Director Rian Johnson
holding court with Carrie Fisher, Mark Hammil, his dog millie, and Kathleen Kennedy in the
shadow of a Resistance transport. We’re also given our first looks at Benicio
Del Toro’s character DJ, who is described only as an “unscrupulous grifter” as well
as Laura Dern’s new character, Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo. There’s also shots of Kylo and Rey with
their sabers ignited, Billie Lord with her mother Carrie Fisher, and a behind the scenes
look at the droid department with Anthony Daniels in his fully golden C-3PO outfit. The special Star Wars themed issue hitting
store shelves tomorrow is filled with loads of articles, first looks, behind the scenes
stories, interviews with the cast and crew, and exclusive reveals! AC: Like, this quote about Anakin’s lightsaber
from Joanna Robinson’s interview with the Lucasfilm Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo which
says, “Either way, the blade is no longer considered
Anakin’s lightsaber by the Lucasfilm marketing department. It has now been officially been dubbed “Rey’s.” You can read all about it tomorrow when the
special Star Wars: The Last Jedi issue of Vanity Fair hits store shelves. Marvel recently announced that they’re bringing
two brand new Star Wars comics to shelves this August. The first, a 5-issue mini series entitled
Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu, is about, you guessed it, Mace Windu, while
the other is one-shot about Anthony’s perfect, beautiful space boys, Cassian and K-2SO in
the appropriately titled Star Wars: Rogue One- Cassian & K-2SO. So many adventures! For more information check out
And speaking of Star, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of A New Hope which premiered
in theaters 40 years ago this Thursday, May 25th with a week full of awesome 40th anniversary
content. We’re talking interviews with filmmakers
like Dennis Muren and Paul Huston, Kenner toy designers, listicles, looks back, and
much, much more. And you can read it all, all week long on
Star You are watching the Star Wars Show! Guys! Say hello to Timothy Zahn who’s kind
enough to join us this week! Hi! Well thank you for inviting me down
We are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of A New Hope this year and your work has been
a big part of what people associate with their love of Star Wars. What does that mean to you to be coming up
to something like this? There are times where it still doesn’t feel
real that I’m involved with all of this. And why me? I get a lot of the “Thrawn Trilogy” is
what got me into Star Wars as much as the movies”. And my favorites are those who say, “These
were the first books I read for fun, until then I didn’t know that reading could be
fun.” The impact goes far beyond what I could have
ever anticipated and it’s just wonderful to see some of this happening. I remember one time specifically saying to
myself, if George Lucas can come out of nowhere and make a success of himself, maybe I can
too. And little did I know that connection was
going to be made much stronger in 1989 when I was offered the Thrawn Trilogy. What was the process like creating this character? The original premise for Thrawn was Vader
rules by fear, the Emperor rules by manipulation, a more dangerous opponent is the one who rules
by loyalty. I think what’s so great about Thrawn is
that he’s not like mustache twirl evil, nut he’s a true believe in what he’s doing. That’s really fun. And I really like how they brought that out
in Rebels with the character. Speaking of Rebels, have you been happy how
they represented him? Very much so, I like the interactions that
they’ve done, as I read the scripts I could see this meeting with Pryce doesn’t feel
like a first meeting, this meeting with Ultram doesn’t feel like a first meeting so lets
go back into the book and have those first meetings set up so by the time Season 3 of
Rebels comes along they know each other and try to make it as seamless a transition and
connection as possible. Are there any stories that you’re early
want to tell? Any characters that you want to tackle? 30-40 of them probably, I’ve got premises
for 30 Star Wars books. Once you start down the Star Wars path forever
will it dominate your destiny. But if there is anything to be associated
with, I’m glad it’s Star Wars because I’ve always appreciated the work George
did and all the other people who have taken up the torch. You know sometimes in my office I persuade
myself while I’m writing in this little tide pool and then I get a glimpse of the
ocean, wow. And I’m a part of this. He must be heading towards that small moon! That’s no moon. It has been 40 years and I can’t believe
it. I remember it like it was yesterday. It totally influenced everything I do creatively. Dead pool is a guy that could have been fighting
beside Jyn in Rogue One. Star Wars had a profound effect on me and
has brought me so much happiness. Happy 40th Birthday Star Wars! You rock. You are my everything. Thank you for all the entertainment and joy
you bring me. Happy Birthday Star Wars and Haply Birthday
Darth Vader, the seminal birthday boy because he always sounds like he’s trying to blow
out a birthday candle. Just give the guy his cake. 40 Years of Star Wars! Makes you feel old. Yeah, what was it like seeing Star Wars when
it was first released in theaters? WOW
You’re almost that old. Sorry, the teleprompter made me do it. But I would like to talk about our special
birthday cake here for Star Wars, which is an homage to the original 1st anniversary
of the films release complete with the 40th anniversary versions of the original Kenner
action figures. Minus the Jawa. Minus the Jawa…which was also missing from
the original poster. Wow, you just actually’d a cake. Bravo! Thank you. Last week we asked you to send us your favorite
memories of seeing A New Hope for the first time, and you flooded our feeds with memories
like Brian M. Sims who shared a photo of himself with an X-Wing and the opening weekend clipping
for his local theaters screening of the film in 1977. hoarlion and R11Jango who like us, were too
young to see A New Hope in theaters so they experienced it for the first time on VHS. Dewbacked shared a video of himself in front
of the theater he waited in line at in 1997 for the Special Editions, and Kaiti Christmas
shared that she discovered Star Wars completely by accident on TV when she was 9. Life would’ve gone a whole different direction
if Howard the Duck was on instead. Too soon. Whatever, kids love him in Guardians. SPOILERS! Whatever that movie is 3 years old. Thanks for watching, and thanks to everyone
who sent in birthday messages, and as always, May the Force be with you. That would have been cool if that worked
(high pitched) Welcome to the Star Wars Show! She sounds like me!

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