New Year Celebration In Different Countries

In every country people celebrate New Year, but in each of them it looks different, depending on their culture and tradition. Let’s look at some countries. Italy Italians used to throw old junk through the windows on the New Year’s night to get rid of troubles of the old year. Japan In Japan on the New Year you can hear 108 Belles strokes for
different vices. There are greed, stupidity, anger and
others. Once the New Year arrives Japanese laugh out loud as laughter is
believed to bring good luck. Venezuela New Year has to be met wearing
yellow underwear as it is believed to bring good luck. Venezuelans write down all their wishes. When midnight is closed they gather
their wish notes and burn them. France There is an old belief that noise chases
bad spirits away so French cities are extremely noisy on New Year’s night. The French believe that the first person to enter the house symbolizes what that
year will be like. Philippines Children in Philippines have to jump 10 times at the New Year’s midnight if they want to grow tall. Denmark The Danish collect dishes for the whole year and then throw at their friends doors. If a Dane finds a
lot of broken plates at his door on the New Year morning,
he is happy. His life is good and he has a lot of friends. If you know interesting New Year traditions in these or other countries, feel free to share them in the
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