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Hey Mouni! Sit down! Hey I saw you last year! but you just saw me a day before yesterday! That was last year! This is a New year! Happy new year! Alright, What were you doing for New year yesterday?! I went to beach with parents! Wow! To beach! I had snacks too! Wow! Snacks also?! Happy new year dad! Go away! Happy new year mom! So what were you doing?! I went to beach alone! without parents! ate snacks! Even Kamal Hassan uncle came! By bike! Really?! super! (Sagalakala vallavan new year song plays) (Recalling Cartoon character-Lion King) We can’t siniging dude, let’s go! God! Take care of my health! please take care! Darling! Dude, Let’s get drunk and wish everyone exactly by 12.00 at their door step! (screaming new year wishes) I’ll kill you ! (blabbering) Happy pongal! you crazy! It’s diwali dude! Oh! Is it?! Grandma, Happy new year! Nuu year! It’s NEW! uncle! Don’t drag me! We are being decent! Hope no one mistakes us to be drunk! We are not of that type, you see! Look who is that! TASMAC employee! Opened the shop so soon today! This is your dad! Oh, your dad! you crazy! that’s your dad man! Is that your dad? are you drunk? Dude, you found that you are drunk! bad boy uncle! I am from a decent family, I have no such habits! You take care of your son! Uncle, I am not of that type! Dude, what’s wrong with your dad!? What are you doing guys?! We are going to rock the road! Check me out! Why would I need this?! It’s 12.00 ! Happy New Year! Bro, Happy new year! Uncle, Is aunt inside? Happy new year! Hey bro, Came to rob ? fine, Happy new year! Tea shop owner! Happy new year! aunty, Happy new year! (shouting with damaged throat) Still the same song?! jobless fellows! As if they are going to acheive this year! This new year, I am going to take 5 resolutions! First, I am going to control my temper. next no lies. next I am going to quit drinking. importantly, No junk foods and no bad words! I should keep up this! Where were you last night? I was at home! You are lying! You were drunk and roaming with your friends, right? No baby! Alright, Where are you now?! I am at home now! With whom? No one here! Don’t keep lying me! Don’t you have any sense? Why are you doing this? (continues..) Stop it! yeah, I was drunk and roaming with my friends yesterday! Now with your friend Swetha! Not in home, At park now heading to beach later! What will you do?! get lost! &*$% Is it 12.00? Valli, bring those silver utensils! I need to go to temple now! Dear, stop using your laptop. come soon, let’s start the prayer! What my daughter would be doing? My cute angel she is! Let’s drop her a New year wish message! It’s 12.00. What she would do?! Huh! we have been there! Let her enjoy! Let me drop her a new year wish! Hey! It’s 12.00! Happy New Year dude! Hey what about poornima? Where she would be? Where else you would be!? At least let her enjoy! Drop her a new year wish! yeah dude! It’s 12.00 where she would have been without me? Hey how long dude, Were you talking with your boy friend? just go! Hello Deepika! Yeah, I am coming,just a minute dear, I am coming! Let’s drop a new year wish! Happy new year dear! At least this year try to pass your subjects! Happy new year my daughter! Try to be good this year! Happy new year baby! I miss you alot this new year! Happy new year dear! Is your boy friend next to you?! (flooding with new year wishes) Hey dude! Where are you heading at this time dude? It’s New year dude! Going out! Where? Bessy beach! What will be there?! Huh?! Lights, Fireworks, church..Half of the Chennai will be there dude! It will be nice! Can we go? Let’s go dude! Okay I told you! Look at there! What are you looking at?! This is how it will be if you are in beach at this time! What happened dude? They are disturbing me dude! May be by mistake, due to the crowd! I don’t think it’s by mistake! they are doing it purposely dude! Nothing such, come! Hey, are you here just to disturb them? get lost! Not everytime someone will talk for you! you have to talk for yourself ! Adingaaaaaaa Hey folks! Comment about your new year celebration experience too! If you like this video, like, share and comment! and do subscribe to our channel Araathi!

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  1. Haiyooo seichchu seichchu vajiru valikkuthu akkaa 💕💞💞❣️💓💕❣️💞💓💕❣️💞💓💕

  2. if anyone wishes you a happy new year … just say "adinggggguuuuuu"…… bgm rolls 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. அராத்தி… நல்லாத்தானே பண்ணிக்கிட்டு இருந்தே…. ஏன் இப்புடி மொக்க போடுறே….

  4. Actually play girl sa iruthalum epadi yarum iruka matanga ok.unga videos like comments.share nu . society ku thaba panitu irukiga

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