New year celebrations in China (Tianjin) 2020 – International students | Vlog 1 | Shais ul Haq

Hello, Assalam o Alaikum and Nihao 你好 So today I will hopefully upload my first vlog And who is excited for this… We just made a sudden plan to go Tianjin But before going there, we should eat some Pakistani food first Let’s head to the “Pakistani Food” So hungry..!! don’t even know what to do Didn’t eat the whole day, got headche Let’s check what we find here Fawad is recharging the balance then we will move towards Tianjin This is the metro station and here we transfer to next subway Till then I will tell you guys about plan Our plan was full and final before we ate food but then they changed it they said that we will not go to Tianjin now but again the made the plan OK because we have told all the Pakistan and Bangladesh that we are going to Tianjin And I will also tell you that we heard there will be fireworks in Tianjin so that’s why we are going there but actually we are not sure and people say, Beijing has some good fireworks than Tianjin we are not sure also as we heard that it is banned in Beijing Let’s see how’s the Tianjin firework hopefully we will find some interesting thing Fawad just spoke some words, Say it.. Wo weishenme bu kaixin (Why I am so sad) wo meiyou nu pengyou (I don’t have girlfriend) He just now spoke about girlfriend first he said he doesn’t have boyfriend and he said no problem boy friend girl friend both are okay after third subway we will reach at train station and will buy train tickets Let’s go with me now we are going to Line 2 (Subway) and then we will reach at railway station and will go to Tianjin What we are going to do in Tianjin, We don’t even know and what I expect is, fool we are just going to experience -5 cold And at the end it will be like We will come back to where we start from (Urdu proverb) (urdu proverb) Going to ticket office, it’s 10pm right now and we have to take train at 10:20 let’s see we will get it or not Time is too short and we running to catch train don’t know how’s the vlog going on there is just sitting in the train Let’s go simran Finally we have reached Tianjin after 30 minutes And now we are going towards Tianjin Eye or may be anywhere else, I don’t know Let’s ask our teacher, to which place she is leading us Teacher… It’s Tianjin Guys 30 minutes remaining Where ever we go, we waste a lot of time We just asked the people around they said, no fireworks here in Tianjin, just the bell will ring we have come from Beijing to here just to see “The Bell????” and all the poeple gathered here just to see the bell 8 minutes remaining to ring the bell and we are here with a lot of people Assalam o alaikum (Hello) Insult very nice new year celebrations..!!!!! Guys! we were here to see buildings only? We came here to celebrate new year And it seems we came here to be fooled on international level :p Ice on lake Xin nian kuai le (Happy new year) fast fast fast where are we going? I don’t know too…. where are we actually going? don’t know let me show you guys their food till now our plan was after we saw the bell, we went to Tianjin Eye because it was after 12 what happened is the lights of Tianjin Eye were off and we could not make any photos So basically this Tianjin tour tells us that Enjoyment is what you do with buddies place is nothing to do with it This is today’s vlog. I hope you enjoyed it tell me in comments section that what do you want to see in next vlog and subscribe the channel see you in next vlog

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  1. Fantastic Try! And vlog was absolutely Fantastic😍😍 Continue this work InshAllah AllahPak help u more❤️

  2. Wish Uh Best of Luck Broh❤
    AGLY Vlog main ap about china study k bary main btayn k kis trha other countries k log china mai scholarships py study krny askty hain….

  3. Shaisi yr tum ny start py jo chiryan cheh chahaie hain wo manzar galt hai ku k rt hai us wqt or vlog basic ays hi hota pr thora short krty time ko travel k. Baki sb awllla tha khas kr music, editing……… Sb.

  4. Shais ul Haq
    Best ov luck , I hope in very short duration u will be known as a Shaisi Vloger…Personality + Action + Style , 10/10
    just need my presence😊😊

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