New Year In POLAND! – 2020 Celebration in WROCLAW 🎆🎆🎆 (ENG Sub)

Do we have anything to prepare for the cig kofte ?(Turkish food) I mean for packing the food. I will prepare for them once we get there. Check it. Shoes look weird right? No they are fine, why? They did not fit with my dress I think. Are we going out later on? No. Are we using cab to go? Yes. Then I can wear these shoes. Hello! We are getting ready for the new year’s eve party. I promised my friend to make a surprise so I brought baklava and cig kofte from Turkey. I wrapped the cig kofte like this. I mentioned about cig kofte before but seems they never tasted it. So that will be my surprise. Are we going to buy alcohol as well? Everybody is bringing some alcohol so yes we should bring ours as well. They don’t have buy alcohol for all of us. Okay, then we are buying a gin and a wine right? Yes, it is fine. Okay. We are buying a gin and a wine as you heard. Everyone knows baklava but bringing cig kofte could be marginal. They asked for the traditional food. Yes, I can’t be more traditional than that. We wish you happy new year from this very moment. See you at the party soon. What’s your new year wishes? Not right now 😀 I am drunk already! When did you drink that much? I have been drinking since the morning. 2020 Yes Gokay. What do you think about 2020? My expect lot of things happening in 2020. God is great. Oh it’s pretty cold outside. Fireworks everywhere. Happy new year everyone. I will cut it for now but be back soon. Gokay do you afraid of cameras? Yes. You didn’t let me know beforehand. I had that too but now it’s fine. Okay but it’s sudden. Leave him alone at least in the new year. Right! I didn’t expect you to record anything with a tripod today. But I had to get a Vlog from today you know. What do you expect from new year? Something you never done before bu you hope to do that this year. Tell us something. I asked the same question to Gokhan as well. I would like to have a goal in my life. A realistic goal that I can reach. Hello again. We are out of the party now. In fact, I couldn’t record anything inside so It could be a bit disconnected. Sorry about that 🙂 Tried to pass the atmosphere at home as much as possible. Now we are going home. Waiting for Uber. We wanted to wish you the best in this new year. Wanna say something? Happy new year 🙂 I hope you reach all of your goals in 2020 I see you on the next video. Bye for now.

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