New Year’s Celebration on Copacabana 2020

New Year’s Eve Copacabana. We came to the
beach tonight with our friends. Here’s how we did it. We drove our car to the
subway and then we took the subway in to Copacabana because they closed off the
streets. You can’t drive in here. We drove, took the subway and then walked
to the beach. The beach is packed with people. They’re supposed to be about 2
million people here today. We’re all dressed in white. Everybody’s dancing,
drinking, having a good time and it’s amazing. There’re kids, there’re people
playing in the ocean. It’s a beautiful summer night and I’m really enjoying it. We just got back from the beach where we saw
some amazing fireworks. They blew my mind. So so beautiful. What did you guys think?
I liked the part at the end. It was really loud and your heart was like
pumping so loud and it all went off. It was crazy!
Yeah, the finale was incredible. I loved it. What did you think? You could feel the.
Concussion of the explosions. It exceeded my expectations by far. I feel like the
fireworks went on forever. They just kept coming and coming and exploding and
all these different colors and I was just like in awe, just in the moment and
grateful to be there and thinking of the year in the past and the year ahead and
just feeling like super excited with all these beautiful fireworks and colors and
beautiful people around. I thought the beach was great. I felt safe. Everyone
was dancing and singing. I thought it was good. The sand was good the
water was actually kind of warm. I was surprised. Yeah. We did dip our feet in so
it was awesome we had a great night. All right. Thanks for joining us on
another video. Tchau.

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