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(pop music) – Hi friends, this is
Alison with Millennial Moms and I post every Friday on food and today I’ve got two little helpers. What’s your name?
– Davis. – And what’s your name? – Lucas. – These are my little guys and we’re going to give you four ideas on little bite sized snacks
for your New Years Eve party. Yep, all bite size, super easy to make and are they gonna be good? – Yes. – Yeah they are. Alright so let’s get started. – [Davis] This is a mint brownie. – [Alison] That’s right,
mint brownies, Davis. Okay on this one you’re just gonna do your typical brownie mix, but the secret sauce is to add Andes mints to the top of the brownie
before you cook ’em and they turn out awesome. – [Davis] Mom, these are my favorite. – [Alison] Yep buddy, they are good. Now, onto number two. – [Lucas] This is the parmesan roll. – [Alison] That’s right,
the parmesan roll. These are actually my favorite. You’re gonna take some parmesan cheese, oregano, parsley, garlic powder, stir it all up and then you’re gonna
get the rolls in a can. You’re gonna pop that can open and then you’re gonna pull them apart so each little biscuit
is into three chunks and then you’re gonna dip
it into the cheese mix and then you’re gonna squish
three little sections together and you’re gonna put
it in your baking pan. Then bake as directed
from the side of the can. – [Davis] This is the wafer sandwich. – [Alison] In the wafer
sandwich you’re gonna need bananas, vanilla wafers, and Nutella and you’re just gonna take
a little bit of the Nutella and just smear it on the
inside of a vanilla wafer and then you’re gonna place
a banana in the middle and then you’re gonna put the top on it. Okay here’s a hint, if you freeze them before dipping them into the
white chocolate and sprinkles, they tend to work a little bit easier and the banana doesn’t slip out. Last one, Luke. – [Lucas] These are frozen bananas. My mom helped me to cut
these straws in half. – [Alison] Yep I wanted to
keep your fingers safe, buddy. The key to this is freeze
your bananas beforehand. If you have frozen bananas,
it’s gonna make this process a lot easier. So just cut the bananas
after they’re frozen and then stick the straw down in it. You might have to cut a
little hole with your knife to get the straw down in there. And then we just use Magic Shell, the stuff at the store that
goes hard on ice cream, and dipped it in and then added just a little
bit of those gold sprinkles, then we refroze them. It was super easy and this
is one of the healthier items on tonight’s lineup. – Are all our party treats ready? – Yep, all the party treats are ready for tonight, New Year’s Eve. Are you boys so excited? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Yeah? Okay, what does everybody need to do that’s watching this video? – Subscribe below. – Subscribe below and give us a what? – Thumbs up. – A big thumbs up, don’t forget. Michelle was on yesterday,
so check out her video, and then there’s a video on tomorrow. So stay tuned to see what’s coming up. And boys, what do we
have to say to everybody? – Happy New Year.
– Happy New Year. – Happy New Year’s.

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