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– Next time
on “Vanderpump Rules”… – Tom and I have had
a few little flare-ups. – Flare-ups?
That doesn’t sound good. – Bullsh–.
F— you for saying that. – Leave him the f— alone. He’s a f—ing
battered wife. Look at him. – He basically admitted
to hooking up with that girl. – Like, sex?
– Yeah. – You put a ring
on my f—ing finger, so stop throwing it
in my f—ing face. – I don’t deny the fact
that I cheated on you. – Two in one weekend. – Whoo!
– Whoo! – Tom, where’s my penis? – Oh! Mwah. – Oh, my God.
– Whoo! – Oh, my God.
– Yeah! – To see more
of “Vanderpump Rules,” go to

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