NEXTINIT – Fostering innovation by making it fun

Describe the idea and why it’s important to people describe how it fits with the company values
and goals Publish it and make it visible! Do you know amazing people with good ideas? Invite them and build your team Do you really like an idea? Invest in it! The sooner you invest, the more return your receive Leave your toughts and help make the idea better Is not all about invesments, you can improve any idea by asking the owner if you can join the team Is your company facing a problem or do you see an opportunity? Make it public with challenges and see what your people can do Are you a modern day Rockefeller or is 1930 just around the corner? Check your balances and see how your investments are doing Discover the TOPs! Discover who and what is the hottest at the moment If you are the best, make it visible! Win medals and badges by publishing ideas, being the first invest taking risk with large investments and much more Convert your ideas into pilot projects Attach documents, business plans or both Create KPIs and mesure your success Control the application with a full set of options Personalize colors and logo Change economics settings And you are all set

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