Nicola Sturgeon filmed celebrating Jo Swinson’s defeat to SNP’s Amy Callaghan

Well, she joins me now live. Nicola Sturgeon, I take it you were
pleased about that result. Didn’t look very magnanimous though,
did it, your reaction? Look, I’m delighted for Amy Callahan. She’s one of the bright young stars
of this election and I predict great things ahead for her. But can I say notwithstanding that
understandably excited reaction, commiserations to Jo Swinson. I understand more than most the pressures
and the challenges of leadership. And to lose her seat today, which has led
her party through this campaign, it will be a bitter blow for her. On a personal level, I really do feel for
her. But of course, I can’t help but be delighted
by the performance of my party this evening.

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  1. UK general election 2019: Jo Swinson loses seat as Corbyn says he won't lead Labour into next election – live news ►

  2. Relax peepz she is celebrating as an SNP won. People would do the same if they are a Tory or Labour and see their candidate win.

  3. I think the Conservatives should help SNP have another referendum about as much they helped UK get it's Independence …
    NOT AT ALL !!!

  4. Sturgeon: I am very happy for Amy, she's one of Britain's young rising stars…

    Translation: We have crushed the Lib Dems and thank goodness for that.

  5. I remember this happening when her old boss'the rapist Alec salmon lost his seat'. The S. N P have only gained 1%.scotland has 5 million inhabitants. London has 10 million. Do the maths.

  6. I love the fact Wee Jimmy turns around to celebrate and there is no one there. It’s like “Who’s with me ? …..Lads?”

  7. Nae Liz the Twa, nae Lilibet the One
    Nae Liz will ever dae
    We'll mak' oor land Republican
    In a Scottish breakaway

    Noo Scotland hasnae got a King
    And she hasnae got a Queen
    How can ye hae the Second Liz
    When the First yin's never been

  8. This was a nasty reaction. I had thought a lot of Nicola Sturgeon hitherto, but this showed a lack of any humility in victory. Really bad.

  9. I sincerely hope Scottish people vote for independence and this country falls into ruin. It's what Britain deserves for electing Boris Johnson.

  10. So Kelts against Celts, I can hear the Romans laughing from their graves. She dont understand heritage or history, lets divide our Keltik nations even more. Keltik is bigger than British , lets stay united not divided, thats exactly wat the Romans did to us.

  11. ​'The leader of the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon, was caught on Sky celebrating as the Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson, lost her seat to the SNP. She later said she commiserated with Swinson on a personal level' – What a hypocrite and now she claims a mandate for 'indyref2' when only 45% of those who voted, voted SNP with 55% on the night voting for other parties. So more people voted against her than for her and not everyone eligible to vote even bothered to vote.

  12. I must say she seems extremely happy that Steven Gerrard has just signed a new contract to stay with Rangers up to 2024!

  13. These vertically challenged menopausal bints should not be in charge of anything !
    Hopefully when salmond goes down at his sexual assault trial ,that other cold fish 🐟 sturgeon disappears into the ether along with him .
    In fact sturgeon 🐟seems to be morphing into salmond 🐟.she's looking and sounding like him more every day!

  14. All the class of a deep fried mars bar. What else could yoou expect from the jumped-up leader of 5 million who think they are 50 million. Perhaps now the electoral map can be changed so there are not 2 or 3 times as many MPs for such a tiny, insignificant part of the UK.

  15. No time for either of these harridans and, as a Born again Chauvinist, I consider that
    bringing women into politics has been, very nearly, a total failure, sometimes
    with catastrophic results.

  16. Does seem a bit weird to cheer about a fellow female remainer mp losing their seat but I suppose they are all against each other really

  17. "Was caught" way to create drama where there was none. It was a celebration worthy moment for her party and the camera was not exactly hidden. Nonsense.

  18. Any sort of nationalist politician is effectively an awful unlikeable individual here you have a great example in Nicoka Sturgeon

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