Nigel Farage reveals Brexit party will not stand in 317 Tory seats

The Brexit party will not contest
the 317 seats the Conservatives won
at the last election. But … What we will do is concentrate
our total effort into all of the seats that are held by the Labour party,
who have completely broken their manifesto pledge in 2017
to respect the result of the referendum. And we will also take on
the rest of the remainer parties. We will stand up
and we will fight them all. So we’re not going to fight 600 seats …
[Applause] Well, I have to say I’m pleased
you like it. It’s not easy. It’s not easy but how do we hold
Boris to his promises? That’s the key to this, isn’t it? I have got no great love for
the Conservative party at all but I can see right now
that by giving Boris half a chance, by keeping him honest
and holding him to account by getting people in
and by stopping the fanatics in the Liberal Democrats who’d sign us
up for everything, wouldn’t they? United States of Europe, European Army,
you name it. I mean, they even want to revoke
the result of the referendum. No, I think our action,
this announcement today prevents a second referendum
from happening and that, to me, I think right now,
is the single most important thing in our country.
[Applause/cheering] So in a sense we now have
a leave alliance. It’s just that we’ve done it
unilaterally. [Laughter] We’ve decided ourselves
that we absolutely have to put country before party and take
the fight to Labour. Thank you very much indeed
everybody. Thank you.

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  1. I was a Brexit party voter because of all the corrupt mps , now nigel farage has handed victory it to those corrupt torys nigel im finished with you and your smelly party and I will not ever vote again in my whole life,

  2. i supported the brexit party paid my£25 now he is telling me i cant vote stuff you nigel your just like all the rest currupt mps stuff you

  3. so just like that, Brexiteers support Boris's "treaty" with the EU, which is not Brexit. Somebody, please, mention the Spanish Inquisition.


  5. Сорос в отчаянии делает полит технологию "сенсации"

    The Sunday Times о российских деньгах и спонсорах партий. Нужно выяснить кто заказа эту статью, кто придумал "материалы".

    Ситуация заключается в том, что РФ всегда специально спонсирует кого то через третье или пятое лицо, что бы потом сливать информацию и компрометировать политиков.

    Все мы знаем что РФ делает взносы в ПАРЕ и там с удовольствием обвиняют Украину в сбитом Боинге и то что в Украине нарушаю права российских пропагандистов канала 112.

    По этому подобные акции с деньгами ФСБ, это обычная работа по компрометации неугодных политиков.

    По этому когда русские деньги всплывают, это или вранье Сороса или специальный ход ФСБ для дискредитации.

    По этому вся эта история история с дохлыми кошками, и к Джонсону не имеет не какого отношения. Нацелена на что бы показать Правительство Британии идиотами перед выборами.

    The Sunday Times за разгон фейков, нужно спросить, потому что есть новости а есть фейки. А подтверждает что это новость фейк, ее разгоняет фейковые новости CNN, которые без конца врут о высоких рейтингах демократов и низких рейтингах Трампа.

    И много другого вранья, пытаясь манипулировать выборами в США и Британии.

    CNN как медиа принадлежит Бильдербергскому клубу масонов, а Сорос один из руководителей масонов, а Обама и Сорос КОРБАН Макрон Туск многие банкиры США их члены, потому что такой лузер как Обама из ниоткуда никогда бы не стал президентом если бы его не вытащили за уши и не отмыли от грязи на условиях полного подчинения Соросу и Ротшильду.

    Где нужно искать российские деньги так то в ПАРЕ. Все ПАРЕ в ЕС сидит на российских деньгах, по этому нужно усиливать Брексит.

    The Sunday Times может напишет об российских деньгам в ЕС когда Венгрия заключает контракты на миллиарды с РФ, про Меркель и Газпром или взносы кремля в ПАРЕ перед выборами в Британии, они ведь так любят российские деньги искать ? Не напишут, потому что размещение на своих страницах всякого "доклада" это платная услуга. Осталось только узнать кто оплатил размещение фейкового "доклада" про Дожонсона. И поскорее покинуть упадочный ЕС, который с потрохами скупают Китайцы и сидит на газовой игле у РФ.

  6. Only the undemocratic left who refuse the majority would dispute Farage is a true leader our establishment with never allow us to have. Massive move great man. CORBYN and the rest may as well throw the towel in now. A 52% easily majority is on its way

  7. I now have no one to vote for in my local area, how is this democracy?
    As a traditional conservative voter, i will not be voting for my current conservative MP, because this deal is not leave.

    We will still have no fishing territory's restored.
    we still have the EU dictating our trading.

    Our military is separately being joined with the EU outside of this deal.
    We could be forced into 3+ years of subjection in our laws.

    At the end of the day many conservative voters have lost faith and wont vote conservative anymore. This gives labour the win for sure!

  8. Can someone please help me i am having a huge financial crisis ,left with my last penny need to pay rent and survive for food. Never felt so hopeless in life before 🙁 not from a very well to do family so cant ask back home for fund

  9. Farage says Brexit party will not stand in 317 Tory seats. BAD NEWS for the Lib Dems, who will be the main losers from this
    Those Brexit Voters that were inclined to vote for the Brexit Party are certainly not going to vote for Swinson's Revoke Article 50 plan, but they may well vote for Boris
    So, the Main beneficiaries will be Tory Candidates, and that could ensure that the Tories get enough votes in these 317 seats to beat the Lib Dems. A BIG BIG helping hand for Boris

  10. This following that fact that even Farage won't risk his useless self to stand for a seat .
    Brexiteer chickens! Bwarrrk, bwarrkkk-kk! Cowardly to the last
    What are you and your party of cowards actually for Nigel? Why do you exist? Other than to rant, blow out hot air and use up oxygen

  11. How much money has Putin's oligarchs riding on brexit crashing the pound?
    brexit is the biggest attack on UK sovereignty in hundreds of years.

  12. Let’s hope who ever gets in just gets Brexit done, do we really want 2020 to be about Brexit? When there other issues to adredd

  13. This is fantastic news. This means that the Brexit party can offer a true working class Eurosceptic alternative in the north. If Parliament reflected the country on Brexit then things would move much much quicker.

  14. I think this is a huge Mistake no one will bother voting Brexit Party if there just there to support the Tories what a huge scam.

  15. I do hope the liberal Democrats, Greens etc now realise how high the stakes are for this election! That BS Corbyn this, Corbyn that, must stop or else……divided they fall!


  17. Starting to feel sorry for hardcore Brexit voters, being scammed by the Tories for years with their false promises and bad deals, and now Farage supports a bad Brexit deal. LOL And they will still vote Tories though there is a 100% chance of Boris selling the NHS to America…..MUGs must be written across their foreheads.

  18. Haha that’s corbyn the terrorist lover finished! Brilliant news, goodbye labour hello Boris and Brexit!!!. Nigel wants a knighthood!.. get that up you lefty soy boys 😂😂

  19. I DON'T like this one bitl!!! Boris Johnson lied about his awful deal, which was not remotely Brexit. He cannot be trusted! Only the Brexit Party will deliver what we voted for. We all know this by now surely!!! What about the leavers who don't want to vote for the Tories??? They either don't have anyone to vote for as there are no Brexit candidates standing or feel pressurised to vote Tory because Labour is so dire. I feel like leavers in those 300+ constituencies have been denied their voice by being told to vote tactically! Many won't bother I'm so sure of it. If there is no Brexit option they won't turn up. What a slap in the chops that is after this whole betrayal nightmare! This feels very iffy to me!!!! Nigel doesnt even sound 100% about what he's saying. Uuuuuuurgh!!!! How long will be caught in this web! 🕷️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️

  20. Why I hate the EU & Europe so much… 😝 There's this huge dog I pass on the way to the local shops, every time I pass he barks like a maniac, he's becoming increasingly more vicious each time he hears the sound of my feet… Lately, he is foaming at the mouth to get to me, he has built up such a hatred for me, I know if he ever got loose he would do me in…

    Well, I've gotta tell you folks – I'm starting to feel just like that mad dog every time I hear the word EU, or, the word Brexit mentioned… Frankly, I'm fuckin sick of it, I have built up such a hatred for the EU and everything it stands for… I can't read the newspapers or watch TV anymore because I start bleeding from the eyeballs with anger, it's on every fuckin page and channel… After I voted to get out of the EU with 17.4 million other voters, it has come to this. Please someone, just pull the plug and take us out of the EU… I wonder, how many others feel this way? 👀 😆 💪 😠 🤢

  21. If we, the 2,5 million Europeans that live here were allowed to vote it would be over the first time and the UK would remain in the EU and all of the hundreds of businesses would have stayed here, but hey ho……

  22. Farage is a history. Labour will win albeit not with an absolute majority. Corbyn will get a different deal with the customs union and the single market. It will be put in a referendum with the remain on the ballot. The former will be chosen. Get ready for the shock!

  23. This must have been the hardest political decision taken by Nigel Farage in 25 years. It takes a strong person to stand up and make that speech in front of the world's media. But he delivered it with dignity and political professionalism. Metaphorically, he fell on his own political sword in order to guarantee UK Brexit, freedom & democracy for 17.4million ppl.Putting his country before his party. He has all my admiration & respect …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    We all know this is not just another General Election. We all know that this is the final battle between Brexit v Remain. Farage has taken this wise tactical manoevour to ensure that the fewest possible seats are won by the Remainers. Imagine the horror of being faced with a coilition of Lab & Lib Dem MPs in charge post election.

  24. Fool Farage! You cannot possibly trust Boris Johnson on his word alone. Already what is on the table is a deliberate stitch up!

  25. Farage has done exactly the right thing here. We cannot risk splitting the vote at this very crucial time. Corbyn is hoping for that. There are plenty of seats to contest apart from Conservative seats. Well done again Nigel!

  26. Some significant threat must have been made for him to do this at the last minute. Keep that in mind. We don't know the stress and threat levels that he's living with.

  27. Farage’s decision to stand down in Tory seats – snap analysis ►

  28. He pocketed £30000 by not returning lost deposits to Brexit party members GENIUS 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  29. He's being smart. Boris has now loosened ties with the EU and willing to leave sooner rather than a long delay still tied to the EU post brexit. And even in WTO grounds, which is what Farage said would be for the best to avoid a deal too similar to May's. Now Farage is happy to stand down from conservative seats because most will vote cons, some will vote labour, less (but still probably a generous amount) will vote brexit party. It's no use to anyone or brexit if either brexit party or conservatives don't come above labour. But hopefully Boris sticks to what he says..

  30. the brexit party will just concentrate on splitting the leave vote in labour seats !!!

    that's a smart thing to do if you want to deliver brexit

    farage the phoney working hard for Brussels to keep GB in the eu !!!

    vote for Boris the British bulldog and have brexit delivered

  31. Please do not let us down Nigel … are our last hope please please please don't let us down……so many people are counting on you

  32. Great to see how the remoaning media are reacting to this latest Brexit Party move…
    This proves it was the right choice.
    Well done, Nigel.

  33. I only came here for the comments. And the level of intelligence from the guardian readers never disappoints! The level of intelligence is low!

  34. Nigel's true colours revealed
    he won't challenge the Tory, even those who support Remain.
    But he'll challenge Labour MP's even the one who backed Leave

    I will say, I understand why he's doing this, he's wants to make sure Brexit is delivered whatever the cost, but if he hates the Tory's as he claims, his Brexit party would stand in all seats.

    He's a coward.. A smart coward, but a coward regardless.

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