NIGHT ROUTINE | Married couple edition! ✨

Hello friends I’m super excited to share
this night routine with you all it’s definitely more special now that I am
married so you will see how my husband and I spend a night together so I filmed
this on a Monday and I usually work from home so I was just wrapping up work my
little desk and I usually dress up even though I work from home so that’s why
I’m in like a little romper and blazer because I have a lot of virtual meanings
so once Brandon got home of course we create each other and you seen each
other since love after being separated all day I mean we are newlyweds after
all then I just head into the closet to take off my blazer sometimes I change
into PJs or workout clothes but this romper is so comfortable that I just
decided to keep it on today and Brennan gets his comfy clothes on
and we just get nice and cozy once we’re all comfy we just kind of
chill on the couch for a little and catch up and talk about our days then
Braden usually starts making his lunch for the next day and I just do some
computer work usually just answering emails and I’m actually planning a
little trip right now for me and me once Brandon’s finished winking his
lunch he usually spent some time on his
computer and we usually have stuff we have to do together like this night we
were just talking about our budget and you know doing adult things and then
most exciting my hellofresh got delivered and so excited to be
partnering with hellofresh on this video you guys may know I
forgive them in the past and I absolutely love their meals so if you’re
unfamiliar with hella fresh it’s a meal kit delivery service and it truly just
makes your life so much easier they do all the meal planning shopping and
prepping so you can focus on just being a healthier and happier you and I really
love this because Brynn and I always try to eat as healthy as possible but
sometimes like when you’re working all day it’s just hard to make it happen so
we’re so thankful for hellofresh for making my life easier and all of the
yummy food provided is fresh pre-measured ingredients with
easy-to-follow steps and that’s my favorite part it’s just so easy to
follow the directions because they also have pictures on their recipe cards
which is just so helpful and I like having the actual tangible picture so
that I don’t have to keep like pulling out my phone for a recipe so with hella fresh there are three
different plans you can choose from you can choose the classic veggie and family
so we actually chose the veggie because we primarily eat vegetarian food so I’m
so thankful they have that option and all of these meals sounds so delicious
so this week the veggie plan included creamy dreamy mushroom Gemelli which
sounds heavenly and then we have the gorgeous greens
horrible which is actually in the Hall of Fame for hellofresh so I’m super
excited to try this one and we have the Southwest stuffed poblanos which both
sounds super amazing and I let Brandon pick which one he wanted to have first
and he chose the Southwest stuffed poblanos which I wasn’t surprised about
because he loves anything with some Mexican flavor so if you’re wondering
how much hellofresh costs it actually is now from $6.99 per
serving which is such a great deal and much cheaper if you’re trying to save
money and not eat out all the time as I was cooking our meal our poblano pepper
I noticed it had a little smiley in the middle of it and that just made my day so if you’re interested in trying
hellofresh for yourself you can get started with eight free meals which is
amazing like yes I would love to eat for free
and that’s $80 off your first month at Pella fresh so to do that you can go to
hell fresh calm and enter my promo code Allison s80 I’ll also have that linked
in the description for you all hope you all enjoy and have much fun with hella
fresh as we did it is such a fun little delivery and absolutely delicious these
stuffed Southwest poblanos were so yummy
Brandon had to get seconds after he finished his first round so once our yummy meal was all ready we
just set the table and brought everything over sometimes we’ll eat in
front of the TV and watch my favorite show but we like to have some meals at
the table together just so we can have some nice conversation once everything was all set we just said
grace and began eating after jr. was over I didn’t want it to
end but I’m excited to try the other two meals he just cleaned up the kitchen and
wash the dishes after that it’s time to get cozy we lit
a candle and just cuddle on the couch and you know just did some Netflix and
chill now it’s time to change to my pajamas I
actually took a shower that afternoon on my lunch break so I was pretty clean um
so I just washed my face any excess makeup and then put on my moisturizer
and branded and did everything he needed to do floss and then brush her teeth Brendon always showers in the morning
and at night also so he did that now it’s time for one of the best parts
of day is just getting comfy and going to sleep I hope you all enjoyed this
video thank you for watching and I will see you soon

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  1. Hey Allison, I am considering starting my own youtube channel but I am struggling trying to find an app that will allow me to create a banner, intro or outro. Any suggestions to help me get started?

  2. I’m getting married soon and I can’t wait until I can have my own little night routine with my husband!❤️

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    God bless you all❤

  8. Just found your account and I’m in love!! If your guys wake up at 5am what time do you go to sleep? Im thinking of starting my day around 5am from now on

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  11. You are a beautiful couple. May God bless and protect your union. May it last a lifetime and beyond. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Congratulations for your marriage

  12. You are so right about Hello Fresh. My family and I have been having it and it’s just amazing 😉 we love to have all the meals and it just so easy 💞

  13. HelloFresh isn't very environmentally-friendly. It's such a pity that people want to take care of their bodies but they don't care much about the environment. 🙁

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