Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition – Announcement Trailer | PS4

GIRL: Are you with me, control? We’re going in. [CHEESY 80s HORROR MUSIC] KELLY: (Screaming) WOMAN: Sarah, we’re in this huge
house with all your friends. We have telephones. We have a car. Your parents are gone, and you
say, “so.” WOMAN #2: Come on, Sarah. What’s the first thing you think
of? ALL: Party. ♪ Night trap ♪ ♪ The bad boys will find you. ♪ ♪ Night trap ♪ ♪ Watch out behind you. ♪ ♪ Night trap ♪ ♪ The bad guys will find you. ♪ ♪ Night trap ♪ ♪ Watch out behind you. ♪♪ [MAN LAUGHING]

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  1. Cool! But i hope not with this incorrect Aspect Ratio like the FullScreen Videos on this Trailer, this is not ok!! Are the Music in Stereo or was this produced in Mono? Whats with the Videoquality, recorded on 35mm an new in 1080P scanned or only a SD Videomaster available that used for the PS4 Version?

  2. Big three of videogame violence controversies – Mortal Kombat, Doom, Night Trap – and now, all of them have returned.

  3. 98/100 Ogg captures from memory. I require you to beat me. Best vidya ESRB rating ever. You had nothing in me.

  4. Feminists: This is the patriarchy raping our minds and encouraging violence against women, even though male and female are social constructs and don't really exist. Give us money and attention and ban this reactionary populist garbage.

  5. Hmmm am wondering what's different those two edition the blue and the orange…. Anyone know what's different those two ???

  6. Any news about #SegaCD's #Snatcher & #SegaSaturn's #Policenauts remastered versions on #PS4?! @giocorsi @PlayStation

  7. Loved this game, spent hours writing down the times the blips occurred when missing an enemy and then hunting them all down for a perfect playthrough. It definitely wont be contender for game of the year but the cheesy 80s B-Movie style bad campy acting made this game one of the 'so bad it's good' games. Spring is almost over though so when is the release date? Day one buy for me, hopefully with the trickle of FMV games we are getting means they are being resurrected again… Now if only the next episode of casebook gets released on PC to get past the cliffhanger ending it got years ago I shall be a happy man.

  8. One of the most controversial games that started the ESRB…and now it's rated T. Man we've come far.


  10. Limited run need to double the amount of copies there offering this is my game of the year move over Horizon zero dawn and the whatever Zelda game

  11. So does that mean the game is limited release or the old cover that looks like it came from the sega cd is limited release? Either way, I'm gonna snag me a copy before those Augers do!!! =)

  12. Wow. This is awesome! I'm going to buy more than one copy, something tells me it be worth it. I hope there a rip to Dana Plato in the game ending.

  13. I wonder if this version will have the rescanned master tape to be remastered in 4K or will it be just extracted from a vcr tape and then cleaned up ,denoised,sharpened ,smooth scaled to 4K??

    I am really curious about this.

  14. When your able to get all version's of the games with a help of your friend and you come back and read all the comments of the people that couldn't get a copy fast enough. I guess it's safe to say that this game is going to be a rare one like " Haunting Ground, Rule of Rose, Sega Saturn's Panzer Dragoon Saga" Hellllzzzz Yea! Ebay HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Wow i remember when this game was banned back in the 90's.. Copies were being sold on the streets for about 500 bucks. I still have mine lol

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