Nightmare Cruise On Voyager Of The Seas 1300 Males Party For 3 Straight Days Crew Terrified

everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce I got a story for you today about the Voyager of the Seas from Royal
Caribbean ship was built in 1999 refurbished in 2014 she can handle 30
100 passengers 1,100 crew and she’s designed for a fantastic relaxing
getaway the cruise line was operating the cruise a few days ago from Singapore
up the Malaysian coast and back on a three-day getaway 3,100 passengers were
expected 17 to 18 hundred people showed up families and husbands and wives and
grandmas and grandpas and children and then thirteen hundred males showed up
from a tobacco company out of India on a three-day bender and all my goodness it
got out of control real fast the entire upper deck of the
ship was taken over by 1300 guys who were enjoying the entertainment what was
the entertainment women dressed up in Playboy bunny outfits with loud music
for three days it didn’t stop it was out of control
it was so bad for the other passengers that the buffet area was shut down only
the 1300 men could go in here because all their food was brought in especially
for them and prepared for them in the buffet area so all these passengers not
knowing a thing were relegated to the rest of the ship they were not happy and
they saw stuff they didn’t want to see the cruise line did an investigation
after all the complaints came in they refunded the fare for all 17 1800
innocent victims of this entire debacle how the company allowed this to happen
in the first place with a 1 billion dollar asset is still a mystery but what
can we say it’s kind of like Mad Men meets the 21st century it was out of
control and that’s what happened just a few weeks ago out of Singapore on this
ship anyway join me Monday to Friday 5 o’clock for news and cruise ships
stories and keep you updated on what’s going on take
everybody we’ll talk to you later

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  1. OMG 😲 what!!!! No way 😱😱😱 those poor families biscuits 🍪 boys 3.0!!!😆😆 Great Video Bruce👍🏻⭐️🚢❣️🌴

  2. Sounds like the NCL Sky all the time – the all you can drink ship – everyone gets the alcoholic beverage package & everyone is drunk by the time the ship sets sail (the Sky’s the limit)!!

  3. What happened? How is this possible? The ninth Ferengi Rule of Acquisition clearly states: "Instinct plus opportunity equals profit". RCCL had an opportunity to sell 1,300 tickets in one fell swoop, and they did. But they transgressed against the first RoA: "Once you have their money, never give it back". What a Ferengi I would have been! Where was security? Probably partying with the guys.

  4. What a nightmare, but at least the cruise line refunded the passengers. BTW, your background music is kind of funny for a talk about a nightmare cruise. 🙂

  5. What a nightmare for all the other innocent passengers! I'm surprised dozens of people didn't end up in the sea – to escape the madness, 'accidentally', of course. (Imagine if that was your first experience on a cruise.)

  6. The royal Caribbean is partly to blame. They allowed the special food and fixed the men's food for them. They may not know how the men was going to act, but they knew and did not advertise the meal planning. You just don't sneak on board enough specialty food for 13000 men, and not know about it.

  7. I watch this in The Current Affairs Australia in more details. (In you tube) They were groping and staring at women in the ship. What you can expect men from gang rapist country India.

  8. The smell of horror of those 1,300 indian males. You need to bring your own gas mask and oxygen tank if you don't wanna die.

  9. What’s the problem? You teach other cultures how to act like rich snobs when they acquire wealth, then you get pissed when you find yourself immersed in the results!

  10. The Royal Caribbean should be forgiven for this oversight. This cruise line has impeccable standards and the Voyager of the Seas is one of the most beautiful ships I've ever sailed on.

  11. The 1300 men are the working class employees of a tobacco company. Remember that the company had paid a fortune for this cruise and the least they could do is enjoy it. And how would they enjoy it? The way Hollywood and Bollywood showed the "rich white male fun" with girls, songs and dancing.

    I really cannot see how else this could've turned out considering the class of workers brought in. Also remember this is once-in-a-lifetime for these guys and of course they would want to make the most of it.


  12. This was and only was rcb fault. They have smaller shops that they rent out in full. All they was trying here was to save some cash. All its done is given them a bad name. But let's be fair the brand that big it will not affect them.

  13. This is not the first time it has happened on the Voyager.
    Four years ago our embarcation was delayed by approximately four hours because the ship had been on a private charter and the company chartering the ship gave everyone access to an open bar. There were people who were too drunk to wake up, some were running rampant around the ship trying to avoid the crew, yet others took to hiding in the lifeeboats/tenders.
    Naturally, the passengers scheduled for the next cruise couldn't embark until everyone from the private charter had been disembarked.
    Within a few short hours there were over 2,000 paying passengers stuck harbouside in the Singapore heat. There was not enough seating for everyone in the terminal, neither water nor refreshments were provided. Minimal explanation was offered.
    Before we could eventually board, everyone was randomly handed a coloured card. Any priority boarding went out the window as people were only allowed to board by the colour of their card and to top it all off, no-one was offered any form of compensation.
    When will RCCI learn?

  14. This incident is overblown by vested interest. One must understand Thirteen Thousand Indians in a cruise ship occupies larger space and tend to inconvenience to others.

  15. I blame the greed of the cruise ship for allowing this to take place. Arrangements had to be made in advance. I would want a complete refund.

  16. I was on the same cruise with my wife and being and Indian myself was very dissapointed with the behaviour of my fellow Indians. Even though they were middle class employees at least their organization should have taught them basic ettiquetes and manners as they were representating our great nation on an international arena. But I did enjoy my cruise as I tried to avoid them on board as well as the crew was very helpful in the sense

  17. My gawd to be on a ship with 1300 Indian men that's a nightmare at best.
    They are not exactly respectful of women or anyone especially on holiday.
    Here in Thailand they act horribly

  18. I would’ve been beyond mad. People wouldn’t have brought their families to this had they know. I watched an interview where not even fully grown 20 year old women felt uncomfortable walking about alone because of these men. They were rude taking things without asking and making people move their seats. The other accommodations on the cruise were also closed down to the other passengers. They paid money for a nightmare basically. That’s soooooo not ok.

    If I was there with my kids thinking we were gonna have a fun lil getaway and that happened I don’t even know how I would’ve reacted. My daughter is about to be 9 my boys are following close behind, I would not have wanted them to experience that.

  19. Hi ! I just got on that ship on Sept 17th and I had a blast ! All the passengers and the crews were very nice, I would go again anytime anyday if given the chance.

    Really sorry you had to go through that Sir.

  20. I hope RCL took note of this video and refused more booking of the people of the same nature otherwise I will bring my lawyer on my next RCL cruise which come up in December 2018 in the same ship ( horror)

  21. I was there in that same ship same trip. Was somewhat disturbed. But since I'm not the party type person, I slept through the mayhem.

  22. I'm an Indian and I'm not surprised to see the way the men behaved on the ship. But I have a question to those who complains.
    What if everytime a white person farts we blame it on your race?
    OMG these white people, when will they learn to use the toilet when they need it!

    I feel terribly sorry for those who had a bad time on that cruse. Maybe on behalf of the Indian community all I can say is sorry!

    But a sincere request to those who generalize Indian Men I feel sorry for your ignorance and hope that one day you'll see the world outside of your own little bubble.

  23. These were all cheap labors! It was once in a life time for them! They hardly earn 200$ a month! They cant even afford a plane ticket!

  24. Cruise line should have foreseen this as a sure disaster in wait. They took the money hoping it would not. But it did.
    Shame on them.

  25. i used to think it would be cool to on a cruise but i keep hearing about these horror stories party animals a huge fire on board or a really bad storm that threatens the safety of the ship
    i think i have given up on the dream of flying or going on cruise ship vacation because if it isn't
    on thing its another or half dozen of another

  26. Royal Caribbean over the years has sunk to a low class cruise line. I'd put them at the bottom of the list of reputable cruise operators. Too many bad things have happened in the past, and each time we read something, it's always named Royal Caribbean as the ship bad things have happened on.

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