Nightwing and Poison Ivy Celebrate the Spring Equinox

[ ♪ Ivy League theme song ♪ ] Hello there, saplings! I’m SO excited to see you all! You see, as I’m sure you’re aware… The Spring Equinox is upon us and of course I expect you’re all very excited with your Mother’s Day Tradition! Something to honour the plants… You have something planned of course… Anyway, I must admit, as I’m sure you all know, the Spring Equinox is an exciting time… It is filled with new creations, budding romance… And speaking of new creations… I happen to have something right here, that I must admit… …I’m more than a little excited to try out! [alarm ] It couldn’t be that easy, could it? Did I catch a little bat in my trap? [alarm]
Oh! Not about a bat, a little birdie. I guess that’ll have to do… [ ♪ ♪ ] [music fades out] [ ♪ sinister music ♪ ] [ ♪ ♪ ] Nightwing: You know there are better ways to get the big guys attention, right? Ivy: Really? [ ♪ ♪ ] Ivy: You see, because I’ve learned that killing a little birdie can be the best way to garner his attention! Ivy: Now, hold still. [ ♪ ♪ ] Nightwing: You’re losing your green thumb, Ivy. Ivy: Stubborn little birdie, now aren’t you? Ivy: Come on! Open for Mama Bird! [ ♪ ♪ ] [Nightwing coughing]
Ivy: That should do the trick. [ ♪ ♪ ] Nightwing: You’ll never get away with this. Ivy: How original. Ivy (sighing): I’m bored. Ivy: Why don’t you just be a good little birdie and die? Nightwing (drugged): As you wish, Ivy… [ ♪ ♪ ] Ivy: …Say that again… [ ♪ ♪ ] Nightwing: As you wish, Ivy… Ivy: Oh, this is gonna be fun. Ivy: I do so love a man in black! [ ♪ ♪ ] Rogue: Ready? Scott: Yup. I’ve already started. (chuckling) Rogue: Hey! No! Stop it! Rogue: So I hope you guys enjoy the latest installment of Ivy League! Rogue: Uh, Nightwing here, as you can see, is trying to get out cause he wants to subscribe SO badly! Rogue: And you should too! Rogue: We’ve got a lot of fun episodes coming out with a lot more interesting… Rogue: …uh… Rogue: …Situations for these two characters. Rogue: So…
Scott: It’ll be a lot of fun! Rogue: Yeah! Make sure you hit that like button, leave a comment, and we’ll catch you guys later! [ ♪ ♪ ] [Scott laughing]
Rogue: Nailed it! [ ♪ ♪ ]

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  1. wow I love it , can't wait to see what happens next to nightwing . I'm gladly to die for poison ivy , seduce me my queen

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